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11 AS IN ADVERSARIES - The Full Intrepid Experience of Light 2010 (Excellent Psychedelic black metal with Glorior Belli members.) FRA (10,-)

A DREAM OF POE - The Mirror of Deliverance digiCD 2011 (Dark doom metal.) POR (10,-)

A WINTER LOST - Weltenende 2010 (Sun & Moon Records) CAN (12,-) 

A WINTER LOST - Die längste Nacht 2013 (2nd full length album, Cold Canadian Black Metal, Sun & Moon Records) CAN (10,-)

AABSYNTHUM – Inanimus 2011 (Solemn and majestic Funeral Doom for lovers of bands like SKEPTICISM, EA, PANTHEIST.) ROM (9,-)

ABHOR - Ab, Luna Lucenti, Ab Noctua Profecti 2012 (Cavernous black metal art, with a feeling of antiquity, sorcery and demonic suggestion.) ITA (10,-)

ABIGOR - Leitmotif Luzifer A5 digipack 2014 (brand new album from this Austrian legendary Black Metal band) AT (14,-)

ABSCESS - Damned & Mummified 2004 (ex-Autopsy/Von members playing excellent punk death metal, the 4th full length album) USA (10,-)

ABSENTIA LUNAE - Historia Nobis Assentietvr superjewelcase CD 2009 (Essential Italian Black Metal, in the mysterious and arcane vein) ITA (10,-)

ABSTRACT SPIRIT - Horror Vacui 2011 (The new creation of the masters of funeral orchestra!) RUS (9,-)

ABSTRACT SPIRIT - Tragedy And Weeds 2009 (Totally epic, entrancing funeral doom. Formed by members of Comatose Vigil and Twilight Is Mine.) RUS (10,-)

ABSURD / GRAND BELIAL'S KEY / SIGRBLOT - Weltenfeind 2008 (one of the best split albums ever released, exclusive songs from each band!) GER/USA/SWE (12,-)

ABSURD - Werwolfthron 2001 (the 2nd full length album, reissue, a classic release!) GER (10,-)

ABYSMAL DARKENING - No Light Behind 2011 (Depressive and torturing black/doom/dark metal fro those into Bethlehem, Urafust, Celtic Frost!) HOL (9,-)

ABYSMAL GRIEF - Feretri CD 2013 (3rd album from the masters of gloom! Occult mystical doom!.) ITA (12,-)

ABUSUS - Lichter Gedanken und Lieder… digisleeve CD 2005/2010 (Black/Doom Metal with Nagelfar, The Ruins of Beverast, Kermania, Graupel members) GER (12,-)

ACACIA (ex- Livsnekad) – Tills döden skiljer oss åt 2013 (Livsnekad changed the name to Acacia, 1st album, Atmospheric Doom/Black Metal) SWE (10,-)
ACARUS SARCOPT - The First Day With No Sun 2CD 2012 (Black Metal inspired by DISSECTION, BATHORY, old EMPEROR.) FRA (12,-)

ACEDI / GRIMLAIR / BLACK HATE / BLODARV / NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - Shadows of Tragedy split CD 2012 (depressive black metal, nice booklet!) INT (10,-)

ACHERONTAS - Theosis 2010/2014 (2nd album reissue by WTC) GRE (10,-)

ACHERONTAS – Black Blood Ceremony CD 2014 (Live recording of the band’s 2014 gig in Arnhem, The Netherlands.) GRE (10,-)

ACHERONTAS / SLIDHR - Death Of The Ego / Chains of the Fallen DigiCD 2016 (new songs from both bands!) GRE/IRE (12,-)

ACHERONTAS / HORNA - Atavistic Resurgence 2015 (special split album with exclusive tracks by both bands) GRE/FIN (10,-)

ACHERONTAS / ARDITI / PUISSANCE / SHIBALBA - Pylons of the Adversary Digi CD 2014 (Golden CD packaged in a 6-panel digipak) GRE/SWE/SWE/GRE (12,-)

ACID WITCH - Witchtanic Hellucinations 2008/2012 (first album, Psychedelic Doom/Death Metal) USA (10,-)

ACROSS TUNDRAS – Dark Songs Of The Prairie (Heavy majesty carved massive riffs and space melodies, mysterious 70s country rock meets post-metal) USA (9,-)

AD HOMINEM - Dictator - A Monument of Glory 2009 (Militarian Black Metal, the great new album) FRA (10,-) 

AD HOMINEM - Climax Of Hatred 2005 (3rd album French genocide Black Metal) FRA (10,-)

AD NOCTUM - Arrogance 2006 (Black metal with members from well-known Dannish black/death metal bands, Undercover Records) DEN (10,-)    

ADUMUS - To Heed The Call of War 2004/2011 (Satanic, war, Black Metal from Texas with Thornspawn, Temple of Wrath, etc members) USA (10,-)

AGALLOCH - Pale Folklore CD 1999 (Bleak, nature-inspired atmospheric folk black/doom.) USA (10,-)

AGALLOCH - The Mantle CD 2002 (Atmospheric metal/neofolk.) USA (10,-)

AGALLOCH - Ashes Against The Grain CD 2006 (Atmospheric metal/neofolk.) USA (10,-)

AGATHOCLES - Theatric symbolisation of life + Live Aalst '90 1992/2007 (a grindcore masterpiece from the godfathers of the genre!) BEL (12,-)
AGATUS - The Eternalist 2016 (fantastic epic heavy metal album with Zemial members, 3rd album, a must release) GRE (10,-)

AGUA DE ANNIQUE - Air 2007 (Debut album of Anneke V. Giersbergen. Soft rock.) HOL (10,-)

AIDS - Syndrome of the end approaching 2007 (Crude, filthy black metal. The soundtrack of the apocalypse + Autopsy cover) USA (10,-)

AKERBELTZ - Tabellae Defixionum 2001 (Excellent cult & grim BM from Spain.) SPA (10,-)
AKERBELTZ / KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR - War & Hell 2015 (old school Spanish black-thrash metal split) SPA (9,-)

AKHLYS – Supplication 2009 (Methodical continuum of pure black ambience with an opressive aura of death) USA (7,-)
AL-NAMROOD / DARKESTRAH - Tajer Al Pundqia / Akyr Zaman 2016 (folk-black metal from Saudi Arabia meets folk epic black metal from Kyrgyzstan) SAU/KYR (10,-)

ALDAARON - Nous Reviendrons Immortels 2010 (A killer debut of pagan/nature-inspired black metal from this French band.) FRA (10,-)

ALKERDEEL - Luizig 2008 (Raw Sludge/Black Metal from Belgium with Thee Plague of Gentlemen/Leng Tch'e/Welkin/Headmeat, etc members) BEL (10,-)
ALIEN DEVIANT CIRCUS - Ananta Abhâva 2015 (industrial black metal with best French traditions) FRA (10,-)

ALL THE COLD - One Year Of Cold 2009 (Cold, wintry black metal for those into Paysage D'Hiver) RUS (10,-)

ALPTRAUM - Cacophonies From Six Nightmares 2011 (Nightmarish Black Metal from Germany.) GER (10,-)

ALTAR OF PERVERSION / MORDAEHOTH / DER BLUTHARSCH - TRIBUTO A DER BLUTHARSCH split CD 2005/2011 (A Black Metal tribute to Der Blutharsch) ITA/NED/AT (12,-)

ALTERNATIVE 4 - The Brink 2011 (new band of the ex-Anathema mastermind Duncan Patterson, 1st album, Doom Metal/Rock) UK (10,-)

AMESOEURS - Ruines Humaines mCD 2007 (Melancholic black metal, project of Neige of Alcest/Peste Noire/Celestia/etc.) FRA (8,-)

AMMIT - Armageddon Cobra 2009 (Bestial, Old school black/thrash from Chile! including G.G. Allin & WASP covers) CHI (10,-)

AMOCOMA - Go To Hell (Twisted, hypnotic, gruby and grimey warp black metal from SF.) USA (10,-)

AMORAL - Beneath 2011 (Dark Metal from Finland.) FIN (10,-)    

AN AUTUMN FOR CRIPPLED CHILDREN - Everything 2011 (Experimental, post-black metal, one of the best bands!) HOL (10,-)

ANAEL - From Archane Fires 2010 (Occult, gloomy Black Metal with a very dark and original sound. Excellent stuff.) GER (10,-)

ANAL VOMIT - Gathering Of The Putrid Demons 2009 (the 3rd album, total old school Thrash / Black Metal in the classic South American way) PER (12,-)

ANATHEMA - We're Here Because We're Here CD 2010 (Alternative rock/metal.) USA (10,-)

ANATHEMA - We're Here Because We're Here CD + DVD + 7" vinyl 2010 (Alternative rock/metal.) USA (22,-)

ANATHEMA - Weather Systems CD 2012 (Alternative rock/metal.) USA (10,-)

ANCESTORS BLOOD / HUNOK - Split MCD 2009 (Finnish-Hungarian pagan collaboration) FIN/HUN (8,-)

ANCIENT - Eerily Howling Winds-The Antediluvian Tapes 2005 (comp. of the "Eerily Howling Winds" demo + early, unreleased material) NOR (10,-)

ANCIENTBLOOD - The Profane Hymns of the Sovereign Darkness MCD 2007 (satanic old school Black Metal cult from Brazil, a must!) BRA (10,-)

ANGMAR - Cénotaphe (Lost Tracks) 2012 (Quality French Black Metal.) FRA (10,-)    

ANIMUS - Hallucinations: Ideals Surrounding Water, Sand, and Clouds of Dust 2008 (Despair, Depression, Suffering, Suicide Black Metal) ISR (10,-)

ANIMUS MORTIS - Atrabilis (Residues from Verb & Flesh) 2008 (long time active Black Metal band from Chile, the first album) CHI (10,-)

ANKRISMAH - Dive in the Abyss 2010 (Cavernous black metal with primeval and alien atmopshere!) FRA (10,-)

ANNIVERSARY CIRCLE - Saturated Feathers 2010 (Sun & Moon Records) UK (12,-) 

ANNTHENNATH - Bridges to Nothingness 2010 (Outstanding Anti-human Black Metal from France! Feat. Shaxul of HIRILORN / DEATHSPELL OMEGA.) FRA (10,-)

ANNTHENNATH - States Of Liberating Departure 2010 (Rare material from this Anti-human Black Metal band. Feat. Shaxul of HIRILORN / DEATHSPELL OMEGA.) FRA (10,-)

ANTIMATTER - Lights Out UK (10,-)

ANUBI - Mirties Metafora 1995/2016 digi CD (Six-panel digipak with 8-page booklet. reissue of this Lithuanian black metal-avantgarde masterpiece) LIT (12,-)

ANVIL - Strength of Steel digiCD 1987/2012 (Classic heavy metal.) CAN (10,-)

ANVIL - Pound for Pound digiCD 1988/2012 (Classic heavy metal.) CAN (10,-)

ANVIL - Past and Present digiCD 1989/2012 (Classic heavy metal.) CAN (10,-)

ANVIL - Worth the Weight digiCD 1992/2012 (Classic heavy metal.) CAN (10,-)

ANVIL - Plugged in Permanent digiCD 1996/2012 (Classic heavy metal.) CAN (10,-)

ANVIL - Absolutely No Alternative digiCD 1997/2012 (Classic heavy metal.) CAN (10,-)

ANVIL - Speed of Sound digiCD 1999/2012 (Classic heavy metal.) CAN (10,-)

ANVIL - Anthology of Anvil digiCD 2000/2012 (Classic heavy metal.) CAN (10,-)

ANVIL - Plenty of Power digiCD 2001/2012 (Classic heavy metal.) CAN (10,-)

ANVIL - Still Going Strong digiCD 2002/2012 (Classic heavy metal.) CAN (10,-)

ANVIL - Back to Basics digiCD 2004/2012  (Classic heavy metal.) CAN (10,-)

ANVIL - Monument of Metal CD 2011 (Classic heavy metal.) CAN (10,-)

ANVIL - Juggernaut of Justice CD 2011  (Classic heavy metal.) CAN (10,-)

ANVIL - Hope in Hell digiCD 2013  (Classic heavy metal.) CAN (10,-)

ANWYNN - Voices of Perdition 2008 (Traditional French Black Metal, Gallic Metal) FRA (10,-)

AORLHAC / DARKENHÖLD / OSSUAIRE / YSENGRIN - La Maisniee du Maufe - A Tribute to the Dark Ages split 2011 (Medieval type of black metal) FRA (10,-)

APATHIA / INFAMOUS – Celebrating the Fall of Humanity 2016 (Italian Black Metal split) ITA (9,-)
APOLION - Death Grows Into Sperm 2009 (Misanthropic Black Metal Art from Italy for those into grim acts like Armagedda, Tsjuder, Craft, Khold) ITA (9,-)

APOSTATY - Recluse from the Northern Hill CD-R (atmospheric black/doom with many well-worked acoustic passages) HUN (5,-)

APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE - Last Sunrise 2010 (Doom metal taking the listener even deeper into these beautiful cold depths of sorrow & ruin.) UK (10,-)

ARC - Arkchangelsk 2008 (Tribal guitar drone with post-rock elements, Canada. Digisleeve CD, ltd. edition 600 copies, Epidemie Records) CAN (12,-)

ARCANA COELESTIA - Le Mirage De'L Ideal 2009 (A superb merging of funeral doom with dreamlike guitar riffs, evocative singing.) ITA (10,-)

ARCANE ART - Nightly Terrors digiCD (Industrial noise rock vs dark ambient.) NOR (10,-)

ARCANUS TENEBRAE - Odium in Homines 2008 (misanthropic Greek Black Metal) GRE (10,-)

ARCH ENEMY - Doomsday Machine CD 2005 (Melodic death metal.) SWE (10,-)

ARCKANUM - Helvítismyrkr 2011 (the 7th full length album, anti-cosmic satanic black metal legend from Sweden) SWE (11,-)

ARES KINGDOM - Veneration CD 2013 (Excellent US Thrash/Death.) USA (10,-)

ARFSYND - Arfsynd 2010 (traditional Satanic Swedish devil worship Black Metal with Orcivus member) SWE (10,-) 

ARGHOSLENT - Incorrigible Bigotry DIGI CD 2002/2009 (Re-released with different cover art and the bonus track "Mob of the Howling", 2nd album) USA (12,-)

ARGHOSLENT - 1990-1994: The First Three Demos 2008 (CD with the first 3 demos. Essential for Arghoslent maniacs!) USA (10,-)

ARGHOSLENT / MARTIAL BARRAGE - Send Forth the Best Ye Breed 2009 (great split CD with special songs from both band, death metal) USA (10,-)

ARKONA - Raw Years 1993-1995 2005 (2nd edition of 500 copies with corrected cover and released by Garazel exclusively) POL (10,-)

ARKTHOS - Knights of the Eternal Sun 2006 (ex-Tenebrous, Benighted in Sodom member playing USBM) USA (12,-)

ARMAGEDDA - Only True Believers 2003/2011 (occult Darkthrone worshipping traditional Swedish Black Metal, the 2nd full length masterpiece) SWE (10,-)

ARMAGGEDON - I.N.R.I. DigiCD 2009 (true elitist black metal + Isengard cover, the new album) FRA (12,-)

ARMOUR - Armour 2009 (great heavy metal 80's with style, debut full-length, a must for Accept, Running Wild, Exciter maniacs, European version!) FIN (10,-)

ARPHAXAT - Loudun la Maudite 2008 (ex-Deathspell Omega, Hirilorn member doing excellent Black metal, like early Deathspell Omega!) FRA (10,-)

ARS MANIFESTIA - The Enchanting Dark's Arrival 2007 (Raw but emotional Black Metal with bloodfreezing riffs and a dark mysterious feeling) ITA (10,-)

ARS MANIFESTIA - The Red Behind 2009 (the 2nd album, Over 70 minutes of dark and cold Black Metal) ITA (10,-) 

ARS VENEFICIUM - The Abyss MCD 2014 (the first MCD, Satanic Black Metal) BEL (8,-)

ARS VENEFICIUM - The Reign Of The Infernal King 2016 (first full length album Belgian high class Black Metal) BEL (10,-)

ARSONIST LODGE - Perkele, Antikristus ja väärä profeetta 2007 FIN (10,-)

ASCENSION - The Dead of the World 2014 (2nd opus of this mighty horde) GER (11,-)

ASCENSION - Deathless Light Digi MCD 2014 (new Ep with 2 tracks) GER (10,-)

ASCENSION - With Burning Tongues 2009/2010 (first demo on CD, great Black Metal!) GER (10,-)

ASH POOL - World Turns On Its Hinge 2007 (Raw Black Metal by Dominick Fernow from Prurient, Cold Cave, Hospital Prod, etc, 1st album) USA (10,-)

ASH POOL - For Which He Plies The Lash 2010 (One of the best black metal albums of 2010! Eight songs of big bang black metal!) USA (10,-)

ASHES - Hymn to a Grey Sky 2005 (Raw Black Metal/Ambient, 1st album) UK (10,-)

ASHES - Yggdrasil 2007 (Raw Black Metal/Ambient, the last album) UK (10,-)

ASSAULTER - Salvation Like Destruction 2008 (great Australian Blackened Thrash metal, the 1st album) AUS (10,-)

ASTROFAES - Dying Emotions Domain DIGI CD 1998/2011 (re-mastered version, new artwork and an 8-page booklet. The 1st album with  Blood of Kingu, Drudkh, Kladovest, Hate Forest member) UKR (12,-)

ASTROFAES - Knowing No Dawn digiCD 2015 (a compilation of their two 1997 demos: "Ad Infinitum" and "The Attraction: Heaven & Earth") UKR (12,-)

AT THE GATES - Purgatory Unleashed CD 2010 (Great live testimony of this classic Swedish Death Metal band.) SWE (10,-)

ATMAN - l'Assassí de Venus 2009 (Sun & Moon Records) SPA (12,-) 
ATMAN - Djirli Ika 2005 (Very unique and varied Black Metal hailing from Catalonia. Personal sound landscape based on raw Black Metal!) SPA (10,-)

ATMAN - Psy Atman + Like Pure Unawaited Magic 2009 (first 2 albums on one CD with brand new artwork, essential release!) SPA (10,-)

ATOMIC AGGRESSOR - Rise Of The Ancient Ones 2008 (ancient RIFF-ORIENTED death/thrash in vein of old Sepultura, Mutilator, Sarcofago!) BRA (10,-)

ATOMIZER - Caustic Music For The Spiritually Bankrupt 2008 (farewell album of this great Thrash/Black metal band, essential release!) AUS (10,-) 

ATOMIZER - Death Mutation Disease Annihilation Slipcase CD 2002/2008 (legendary Thrash/Black Metal re-release with bonus stuff!) AUS (12,-)

AXIS OF ADVANCE - Strike 2001 (Canadian war metal it's best, a must for Revenge, Blasphemy, Conqueror fans, 1st album) CAN (12,-)

AXIS POWERS - Pure Slaughter 2005 (Suicidal Winds members playing old school type Swedish Death Metal!) SWE (10,-)

AU SACRE DES NUITS - Anti Humain 2009 (Black funeral ambient doom from Brazil.) BRA (9,-)

AUGRIMMER - Nothing Ever Was digiCD 2012 (New album of Northern-style / dark black metal with a few 80s metal influences.) GER (10,-)

AURIGA - Chains Of Despair MCD 2007 (Killer German raw black metal!) GER (8,-)

AUTUMNBLAZE - Bleak CD 2002 (Melancholic trip-rock.) GER (9,-)

AUTUMN VERSES - Tunes of Disconsolation 1997 (Finnish Black Metal with Thromdarr member) FIN (10,-)    

AVENGER - Godless 2003 CZ (10,-)

AVENGER - Feast of Anger / Joy of Despair 2009 (the 4th album, one of the long active black/death metal bands from Bohemia) CZ (10,-) 

AVERSE SEFIRA – Battle’s Clarion 2001 USA (10,-)

AVERSE SEFIRA - Advent Parallax 2008 (the 4th album, Orthodox USBM) USA (10,-)

AVULSION - Indoctrination Into the Cult of Death 2003 (This CD will please fans of INCANTATION, NECROPHOBIC and AUTOPSY) USA (10,-)

AZAGHAL - Codex Antitheus 2005 (traditional Finnish Black Metal, the 5th full length album) FIN (10,-)

AZAGHAL - Omega (Essential Finnish Black Metal.) FIN (10,-) 

AZAGHAL - Teraphim (Essential Finnish Black Metal.) FIN (10,-)

AZAGHAL - Nemesis (Essential Finnish Black Metal.) FIN (10,-)

AZAGHAL - Mustaama 2CD (Double album on digipak!) FIN (12,-)

AZAGHAL / OATH - Azaghal / Oath Split CD 2015 (underground Finnish Black Metal from both bands!) FIN (10,-)

AZRAEL - Into Shadows Act I: Denial 2003 (Misanthropic Black Metal composed by dark flame.) USA (10,-)

AZRAEL - Into Shadows Act II: Through Horned Shadows Glimpse 2004 (Misanthropic epic black metal!) USA (10,-)

AZRAEL - Act III: Self + Act IV: Goat 2CD (Enigmatic, mysterious black metal from USA. Double album.) USA (13,-)

AZRAEL - Obdurate / Unto Death 2008 (Post-modern USBM!) USA (10,-)

AZRAEL RISING - Azrael Rising MCD 2008 (new band of Witchfinder from Reverend Bizarre! suicidal black metal in the vein of Shining and Silencer) FIN (10,-) 

AZRAEL RISING - Anti-Gravity 2014 (Armanenschaft, Opium Warlords, Reverend Bizarre mastermind playing excellent Black Metal, one of the best in '14) FIN (10,-) 

AZURE - Moonlight Legend 1998 (Swedish Black Death Metal from 1998 with member from Naglfar) SWE (10,-)    

BAHIMIRON / UNCHRIST –  Last of the Confederates split CD 2009 (malignant vile whiskey drenched hate squad, meets raw & ugly black metal!) USA (10,-)

BAHIMIRON - Rebel Hymns of Left Handed Terror 2011 (Deep into the most primitive, primeval black metal!) USA (10,-)

BAPTISM - V: The Devil's Fire 2016 (the 5th album, true satanic Finnish Black Metal) FIN (12,-)

BARASTIR – Under The Banner Of Hate CD-R 2007 GER (5,-)

BARBATOS - Straight Metal War 2015 (5th album, sex Black/Thrash Metal/Punk with best japanese traditions) JAP (10,-)

BARDO - I. EP CD-r 2008 (Deep, sad, catharsistic underground metal with an excellent sound, and influences from depressive black metal) HUN (5,-)

BARSHASKETH - Sitra Achra DIGI CD 2013 (Death, Misanthropy, Occult Black Metal from New Zealand, relocated now in Europe, 2nd album) NZ (12,-)

BATTLE DAGORATH - Eternal throne 2008 (An Opus of Cold Bleak Atmospheres and Intense Glorification of Darkness. Epic, dark black metal.) USA (10,-)

BATTLE DAGORATH - Ancient wraith 2011 (Arcane Black Metal Winter Art. Recommended!) USA (10,-)

BATTLE DAGORATH - I - Dark Dragons of the Cosmos digiCD 2016 (the 4th album, astral black metal ambient with Vinterriket) USA/CH (12,-) 

BE PERSECUTED - I.I A5-digiCD 2010 (Chinese black metal, a5 digipak.) CHI (10,-)

BEASTCRAFT - Dawn of the Serpent 2006 (featuring 3 Beastcraft's demo tapes and 2 new tracks. True Norwegian Black Metal) NOR (10,-)

BEASTCRAFT - Baptised In Blood and Goatsemen DIGICD 2007/2013 (2nd album, Black Metal - DigiCD Reissue under DRAKKAR Productions) NOR (12,-)

BEATRIK - Requiem of December 2005 digi CD (Supreme funeral black-doom metal from italian masters, the 2nd album) ITA (12,-)

BEFORE THE RAIN - Frail 2011 (Portuguese death doom metal band formed in 1997, the 2nd album) POR (10,-)

BEHEADING MACHINE - Stillbirth Civilization MCD 2009 (Technical Death Metal with Neolith & Garroter members) POL (10,-)

BEHERIT - Electric Doom Synthesis 1996/2016 (KVLT reissue of this classic album) FIN (10,-)

BEHERIT - H418ov21.C 1994/2016 (KVLT reissue of this classic album) FIN (10,-)

BEHERIT - At the Devil's Studio 1990 2011 (the lost and found album, a piece of Finnish Black metal history) FIN (11,-)

BEHEXEN / HORNA - Split 2005 (CD reissue of an earlier LP-only release. Essential Finnish bands.) FIN (10,-)

BELLICISTE - Sceadugenga 2014 (with Barshasketh member! Black Metal from New Zealand, relocated now in Europe) NZ (10,-)

BELOW THE SOUND - More Like A Gunshot Than A Car Wreck (Minimalist desert punk.) USA (9,-)

BENEATH THE FROZEN SOIL & NEGATIVE REACTION – Split CD 2007 (Unforgiving struggle between this raw Swedish Blackened Doom band and the well-known hateful sludge of 
New York's gods, Negative Reaction) SWE/USA (10,-)

BERGRAVEN - Dodsvisioner 2007 (Total Holocaust Records) SWE (12,-)

BESATT - Black Mass 2006 (cult, satanic black metal from Poland!) POL (10,-)

BESATT - Sacrifice for Satan 2004 (cult, satanic black metal from Poland!) POL (10,-)

BESATT - Hail Lucifer 2002 (cult, satanic black metal from Poland!) POL (10,-)    

BESATT - Demonicon 2010 (the new album,cult, satanic black metal from Poland!) POL (10,-)

BESATT - Hellstorm 2003 (cult, satanic black metal from Poland!) POL (10,-)

BESATT - Unholy Trinity / part I 2011 (Part I "Unfather" contains special (version) tracks from all years of activity. Limited to 666 copies) POL (10,-)

BESATT - Unholy Trinity / part II 2011 (Second part of the triology. A celebration of Besatt's horde 20th anniversary, "Unspirit" was catched Live 17th May 2008 in Campinas, Brazil) POL (10,-) 

BESATT - Unholy Trinity / part III 2011 (Part three "Unson" contains only coversongs) POL (10,-) 

BESATT - Nine Sins 2014 (9th album from the Polish Black Metal veterans) POL (10,-) 

BESATT - Impia Symphonia MCD 2015 (the latest Besatt MCD) POL (8,-)

BESATT - Hail Lucifer / Roots Of Evil 2013 (Re-release of the groundbreaking Besatt material with EP on one CD! new master + new artwork) POL (10,-)

BESTIAL SUMMONING - The dark war has begun 1992/2011 (a piece of BM history, 1st time on CD by Supremacy Through Intolerance! classic '90s Black Metal) NED (10,-)

BESTIAL WARLUST - Storming Bestial Legions Live '96 2017 (Australian black/death metal, war metal legend, live album) AUS (12,-) 

BETHLEHEM - Stönkfitzchen MCD 2010 (brand new Ep with Kvarforth on vocals) GER (10,-)
BETHLEHEM - A Sacrificial Offering To The Kingdom of Heaven in a Cracked Dog's Ear 2009 (Re-recording of S.U.i.Z.i.D. with Kvarforth on vocals) GER (12,-)

BETHLEHEM - Reflektionen auf's Sterben 1998/2006 (re-release of the 1st Bethlehem Ep with one bonus track!) GER (10,-)

BETHLEHEM - Profane Fetmilch lenzt Elf Krank mCD 2000 (Dark Metal with the typical sick and depressive character.) GER (9,-)

BEYOND DAWN - Bygones 2009 (the early out-of-print ep's, demos and unreleased tracks from the period 1991-94, Norwegian Avantgarde Metal!) NOR (10,-)

BEYOND LIGHT - Eclipsed Sun Path 2010 (Sun & Moon Records) NED (12,-) 

BILSKIRNIR - In Flames of Purification / Totenheer 2002/2010 (great German NSBM) GER (10,-)

BLACK ALTAR - Death Fanaticism 2008 (true Satanic Black Metal, the 2nd album) POL (10,-)

BLACK AUTUMN - The Advent October MCD 2013 (Doom, Ambient Black Metal, the perfect soundtrack for a solitary travel in the Autumn rain and cold) GER (9,-)

BLACK CRUCIFIXION - Faustian Dream 2006 (Ten years in the making results a Dark Metal classic from the Finnish Black Metal pioneers, highly recommended!) FIN (10,-)

BLACK CRUCIFIXION - The Fallen one in Flames / Satanic Zeitgeist Digi CD 2011 (the 1st Ep + live album on one CD, a piece of Finnish Black metal history) FIN (11,-)

BLACK CRUCIFIXION - Coronation of King Darkness 2013 (the 3rd full length album, the longest active Black Metal legend from Finland) FIN (10,-)

BLACKDEATH - Chronicles of Hellish Circles 2009 (songs from LP bonus, split 7"EPs with HORNA & BLOODHAMMER + Darkthrone & Summoning covers) RUS (10,-)

BLACKDEATH - Satan Macht Frei 2004 (Disease filled Black Metal hell.....Satan makes you free.....the 4th album) RUS (10,-)

BLACK DEATH RITUAL - Profound Echoes Of The End 2005 (excellent Finnish Black Metal with Baptism, Prevalent Resistance, Behexen, etc members) FIN (10,-)

BLACK ELK – Always A Six, Never A Nine  digiCD (Weird crushing noise rock for those into Jesus Lizard, Melvins, Black Flag and Hammerhead.) USA (9,-)

BLACK FUNERAL - Vukolak 2010 (legendary, obscure Black Metal/Dark Ambient since 1993! The 8th full length album) USA (10,-)

BLACK FUNERAL - Vampyr - Throne Of The Beast / Journeys Into Horizons Lost / Of Spells Of Darkness And Death 2016 (legendary debut album with the 2 early demos are available on one CD, Black Metal classic!) USA (10,-)

BLACKMASS - Gloria Diaboli 2006 (This is raw, filthy and nasty black metal) BRA (10,-)

BLACKWIND - Demain, l'Apocalypse 2008 (Quebec Black Metal! Features Monarque on guitar) CAN (10,-)

BLACKWINDS - Origin 2008 (Arising from Sweden, Kraath and Mysteriis of Setherial plays grim black metal with an odd feeling!) SWE (10,-)

BLACK PROPHECIES - Descent Into Hell CD 2012 (Cult black/death from the 80s in Von, Profanatica, Blasphemy style.) ITA (10,-)

BLACK WITCHERY - Desecration Of The Holy Kingdom CD 2013 (Classic blasphemous black metal.) USA (10,-)

BLAZE OF PERDITION - Reincarnations 2016 (Compilation of mini- and split albums, available for the first time in CD) POL (10,-)

BLAZE OF PERDITION - Incarnations 2016 (Rare previous materials from Perdition era Re-mastered & Re-mixed) POL (10,-)

BLAZE OF SORROW - Echi 2012 (Sun & Moon Records) ITA (12,-)

BLAZE OF SORROW - Fulgida Reminiscenza Digi MCD 2014 (Sun & Moon Records) ITA (10,-) 

BLAZE OF SORROW - Eremita del Fuoco digi CD 2015 (Sun & Moon Records) ITA (12,-)

BLAZE OF SORROW - Eterno Tramonto 2011 (the second album, Atmospheric Black/Folk Metal from Italy) ITA (10,-)

BLEEDING FIST - Bestial Kruzifix666ion 2009 (Dangerous combination of nuclear Thrash, bestial Black Metal and morbid Death Metal) SLO (10,-)

BLESSED IN SIN - Eritis Sicut Dii 2013 (After 12 years of silence here the brandnew studio album of the mighty french black metal band!) FRA (10,-)

BLESSED IN SIN / ORDO TEMPLI AETERNAE LUCIS - Tu Fui Ego Eris 2013 (brandnew split cd of these both french black metal legends) FRA (10,-)

BLIZZARD - Les Litanies De Satan 2006 (Occult Carpathian black metal Demonamancy!) HUN (10,-)

BLIZZARD - Fuck the Universe 2012 (Black'n' Roll/Speed/Thrash Metal masterpiece, the best Blizzard album to date, the 4th album) GER (10,-)

BLIZZARD - Rock'n Roll Overkill 2011 (Alcoholic Speed/Thrash Metal, the 3rd full length album) GER (10,-)

BLIZZARD - The Roaring Tanks Of Armageddon 2009 (the great new album after 8 years, german thrash metal it's best!) GER (10,-)

BLODARV - Linaria Amlech CD 2006 (Latest Blodarv output featuring material recorded in 2002, a King Diamond cover) DEN (10,-)

BLODSKALD - Vidundret 2008 (Swedish Black Metal with Sorgeldom, Kaos Sacramentum member) SWE (10,-)

BLOOD DEVOTION - Defile of Innocence CD 2008 (10,-)

BLOOD STAINED DUSK - Dirge of Death's Silence 2001 (great, traditional black metal with Pest from Gorgoroth on vocals) USA (10,-)

BLOOD RED FOG - Death Cult 2012 (The two "Death Cult" tapes on one CD. Expect true Finnish black metal the Blood Red Fog way.) FIN (10,-)

BLOOD RED FOG / FUNERARY BELL - Split MCD 2009 (typical excellent finnish black metal from both bands) FIN (10,-)

BLOOD VENGEANCE - Iron Warfare 2004/2015 (Brazilian re-release comes with the Panzerschlag EP and End All Life demo as bonus tracks) GER (10,-)

BLOODHAMMER - Post-Apocalypse Trilogy 2006 (extremely dirty, frantic raw black metal with old school influences and thrashing vibes, 2nd album) FIN (10,-) 

BLOODHAMMER - Passion of the Devil MCD 2005 (old Finnish bestial Black Metal) FIN (10,-)

BLOODHAMMER / RIDE FOR REVENGE - Chords Of The Left Hand 2010 (total Finnish madness from these fine underground acts) FIN (12,-)

BLOODOLINE - Storm & Brilliance 2005 (Black metal misery filtered through nihilism, misanthropy & hate.) SPA (9,-)

BOHEMIA / MORAVIA / NORTHEMIA - V nesvate anti-humanní... 2008 (5way split of Sekhmet, Moravska Zima, Sator Marte, Svartskogen, Darkearth.) CZE (10,-)

BOSSE - Echoes of the Forgotten 2008 (emotional rendition through the bleakest form of acoustic funeral folk, nostalgia & voluntary isolation) USA (12,-)

BRANSTOCK - BRANSTOCK MCD 2005 (German black metal with pagan metal touches, good song structures) GER (8,-)

BROCKEN MOON - 10 Jahre Brocken Moon 2CD (Reissue of the first album + the 2 demos on the 2nd CD. Unique German Black metal!) GER (12,-)

BROWN JENKINS - Death Obsession (Crushing Lovecraftian doom.) USA (10,-)

BRUTAL MASTICATION - Underground 2003 (half-live, half-studio CD "Underground" its an energic death metal bomb!) USA (10,-)

BUNKUR - Nullify 2009 (Grim torturous ultra doom! 2nd full length! A must release!) NED (10,-)

BURIAL HORDES - 12 years of war and revenge 2012 (The band consists of founding member Necro (Enshadowed), Psychaos (Dead Congregation) & Cthonos (ex-Ravencult). Brutal black metal with a death-oozing aura performed the old school way.) GRE (10,-)

BURIED GOD - Dark Revelation 2003 (Thrash Metal from below!) GER (10,-)

BURMESE / FISTULA – Burmese | Fistula CD (Noisy doom music for those into KHANATE, EARTH and MERZBOW.) USA (9,-)

BUTCHER ABC - Butchered at Birth Day MCD 2003 (japanese Death Metal/Goregrind, sick as hell!) JAP (10,-)

BUTCHER ABC - Butchered Feast of Being MCD 2006 (japanese Death Metal/Goregrind, sick as hell!) JAP (10,-)

BUZZOV•EN - ...At a Loss digiCD    1998/2010 (Legendary sludge metal band!) USA (10,-)

CAGES - Folding Space 2009 (Dreamy experimental soundscapes, post-rock shifts.) USA (12,-)

CAINA - Will Over Worlds (Demos, Miscellany & Juvenilia 2004-2007) 2011 (UKBM, all demos and split releases on one CD) UK (10,-)
CAINA / WHITE MEDAL - Split 2011 (The last ever recorded work of Caina. First CD release for White Medal, UKBM) UK (8,-)
CAÏNAN DAWN - Nibiru DIGI 2011 (excellent French black metal with Nehëmah members!) FRA (10,-)

CALDERA - Mithra digiCD 2011 (Doom Metal, Black Metal, Industrial, Stoner, the 2nd album) FRA (10,-)

CALVARIUM FUNESTUS - Opus Domine Satanus CD 2008 (Professional yet bestial and diabolic Mexican Black Metal ceremony!!!) MEX (10,-)

CAMPO DE MAYO / PERMAFROST - A Blindfold Stained With Blood / Haunting The Forgotten Split CD 2009 (NSBM from Argentina) ARG (10,-)

CANIS DIRUS - Anden om Norr (Opressvie black metal.)  USA (10,-)

CARPATHIAN FOREST - We're Going to Hell for This - Over a Decade of Perversions 2002 (True Norwegian Black Metal!) NOR (12,-)  

CARPATHIAN FOREST - Defending the Throne of Evil 2003 (True Norwegian Black Metal, the 4th album) NOR (10,-)

CATACOMBS - In the Depths of R’lyeh (Essential funeral doom metal release.) USA (10,-)

CATTLE DECAPITATION - Humanure CD 2004 (Great US death metal.) USA (10,-)

CELESTIA - Dead Insecta Sequestration Slipcase CD 2008 (inlcudes 7 bonus tracks from a live in Holland 2002, Apparitia Recordings) FRA (12,-)

CELESTIA - Retrospectra Slipcase CD 2009 (Including "A cave full of Bats" Mcd, "The Awakening of the Dormant Fiancée" Demo, "A Dying out of Ecstasy" Demo, also material from the split tape with EVIL(Bra) and other material recorded for the SABBAT LP tribute) FRA (12,-)

CELESTIA - Archaenae Perfectii DIGI CD 2010 (the 3rd full length album! Fantastic French Black Metal with the best French traditions) FRA (12,-) 

CELESTIA - Delhys-Catess mCD 2011 (Cold ethereal black metal from France.) FRA (9,-)

CELESTIA - Delhÿs-cätes digiCD 2007/2012 (Released as digipak with embossed silver print) FRA (9,-)

CHAOS DEI - Arising From Chaos 2012 (Insane and unique black metal from France.) FRA (9,-)

CHAOS INVOCATION - In Bloodline With The Snake 2009 (satanic German black metal, 1st album) GER (10,-)

CHAOS INVOCATION - Black Mirror Hours 2013 (satanic German black metal, 2nd album) GER (10,-)

CHAOS MOON - Languor Into Echoes 2007 (obscure black metal with funeral doom touches) USA (10,-)

CHARNEL VALLEY – The Dark Archives 2006 (Raw, epic, and imaginative Black Metal)  USA (10,-)

CHASMA - Declarations of the Grand Artificer 2011 (Cascadian black metal.) USA (10,-)

CHELMNO - Horizon of Events 2010 (Sun & Moon Records) ITA (12,-)

CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY - Future Decay 2014 (2nd album, Speed/Thrash Metal/Punk) ITA (11,-)

CHRISTFIGHTER - Satan's Perversion (The Best of The Ultimate Greatest Hits Collection) 2012 (porno, lo-fi Black Metal with the Heretic mastermind Tom Goat) NED (10,-)

CHRISTIAN DEATH - American Inquisition digiCD 2007 (Cult goth rock / batcave.) USA (10,-)

CIANIDE - Death, Doom And Destruction 1997/2015 (reissue 3rd album with "The Truth EP" and "Rage War 1996" as bonus tracks, fine US death metal doom) USA (10,-)

CLOSED ROOM - Closed Room digi CD 2012 (Valse Sinistre Productions) BLR (12,-)

CLOSED ROOM / LUNACY / LA VILLE DES REVES - Triangular Cinema digiCD 2014 (Spectacular atmospheric/ambient/shoegaze.) BLR (12,-)

CONFUSION - Demos'lition 2007 (Colombian Kult Grindcore! legendary demo collection. For NAPALM DEATH, SORE THROAT, FEAR OF GOD, Carcass fans!) COL (10,-)

CONSPIRATOR - Exorcism 2008 (Witchburner members playing Death/Thrash Metal) GER (10,-)

CONTRA IGNEM FATUUM - Detritus MCD 2005 (Nietzschean, Cynicism, Environmental purity, Black Metal) UK (10,-)

CORPUS CHRISTII - Tormented Belief 2003 (Melancholic, aggressive and grim Black Metal from Portugal) POR (12,-) 

CORPUS CHRISTII - The Torment Continues 2005 (Melancholic, aggressive and grim Black Metal from Portugal) POR (10,-) 

CORPUS CHRISTII - PaleMoon 2015 (legendary portugal black metal band, the 7th full length album) POR (10,-)
CORPUS CHRISTII - Delusion 2017 (long time active Portugal Black Metal, 8th full length album!) POR (10,-)

COSMIC DESPAIR - Celebration of the Wake splicase-CD 2012 (Excellent funeral doom submerged in Lovecraftian depths.) POL/NOR (10,-)
COSTIN CHIOREANU - The Quest For A Morning Star A5 digi CD 2016 (Limited to 300 copies, this A5-sized digipack features 8 beautiful art works by Costin Chioreanu on a 7 pages booklet. With Attila Csihar, David Tibet) ROM (15,-)

COUNTESS – The Gospel of the Horned One 1993/2014 (re-issue the band's legendary first album, black metal) NED (10,-)

COUNTESS – Fires of Destiny Digipak CD 2016 (the 15th full length album of this long time active Black Metal band from the 90s) NED (12,-)

CRADLE OF FILTH - The Principle of Evil Made Flesh digiCD 1994/2012 (Symphonic BM.) UK (10,-)

CRADLE OF FILTH - Vempire or Dark Faerytales digiCD 1995/2012 (Symphonic BM.) UK (10,-)

CREBAIN - Night of Stormcrow 2007 (USBM) USA (10,-)

CRIMSON - Fading 2009 (Grief, solitude and autumn skies in crimson blossom, Total Holocaust Records) SWE (12,-)

CRIMSON MOON - Oneironaut 2016 (the long awaited 3rd album from this USBM legend!) USA (12,-)

CRIPTA OCULTA - Ecos dos Dólmens Esquecidos 2010 (Excellent Black Metal with Lusitanian Pride, War, Death, Ancestral Honour, the 2nd album) POR (10,-)

CYANOSIS - Conceiving Abhorrence CD 2008 (Excellent Gore/Death Metal.) USA (9,-)

CULT OF DAATH - Slit Throats And Ritual Nights 2005 (great USBM, the second album, recommended!) USA (12,-)

CULTES DES GHOULES - Spectres Over Transylvania MCD 2011 (one long track, one of the best CDG song ever recorded!) POL (9,-)

CULTES DES GHOULES - Coven, Or Evil Ways Instead Of Love 2xCD 2016 (new album, Released as hardcover digibook. Includes 32-page booklet. European version) POL (19,-) 

CULTUS - A Seat In Valhalla 2006 (the 1st full length album, minimal, primitive black metal with pagan influences) NED (10,-)




DAPNOM - Verklart Nacht 2006 (One track, one hour of mental and spiritual black noise torture, Black satanic ritual ambient-project) FRA (10,-) 

DAPNOM / KENJI SIRATORI - Nhir-otkiv Yima'k split CD 2008 (Ritual Dark Ambient, France. Hyper Modern Harsh Electronics, Japan) FRA/JAP (12,-)

DAPNOM / EWE / STIGMA DIABOLICUM - Mind Control 2008 (Black Ambient injections of utter darkness and mind raping waves of chaos) FRA (12,-)

DAPNOM - Paralipomènes à la Divine Comédie 2011 Digipack CD (Dark Ambient, Noise, Experimental, electronic, 4 panel digi) FRA (12,-) 

DARK AGES – Twilight of Europe digiCD 2009 (Great Drudkh side-project, majestic & esoteric medieval ambient. Beautiful 6-pannel digipack) UKR (10,-)

DARK FORTRESS - Profane Genocidal Creations 2003 (german melodic black metal, the 2nd album) GER (10,-)

DARK FUNERAL / INFERNAL – Split 2001 (Classic split from two evil bands.) SWE (10,-)

DARK FURY - Semper Fidelis 2013 (compilation of old demos, never released songs, promos, split tracks, NSBM) POL (10,-)

DARK FURY - W.A.R. 2012 (the 7th full length album, one of the best NSBM band!) POL (10,-)

DARK FURY - Saligia 2010 (the 6th full length album! NSBM with Thunderbolt, Thor's Hammer, Ohtar, Selbstmord etc members) POL (10,-)

DARK FURY - Fortress Of Eagles 2008 (NS Black Metal with Thor's Hammer, Ohtar, Thunderbolt members, highly recommended, the 4th album!) POL (10,-) 

DARK FURY - This Story Happened Before 2016 (great new album, the soundtrack of our era, twilight of Europe) POL (10,-)

DARK FURY - Synningthwait 2014 (the 8th album with power and force!) POL (10,-)

DARK FURY / EVIL / PAGAN HELLFIRE - We Know How to Hate 2012 (pagan metal meets NSBM from the masters of this genres!) POL/BRA/CAN (10,-)

DARK SANCTUARY - Dark Sanctuary 2009 (Electro/EBM/FOlk/Darkwave with Kristallnacht, Sacrificia Mortuorum, Bekhira, Black Dementia, etc memebers) FRA (12,-)

DARK TRIBE - Archaic Visions 2010 (after 6 years of silence, here is the 3rd album, sick, morbid total Black Metal madness, masterpiece!) GER (10,-)

DARKSPACE - Dark Space -I Digisleeve CD 2013 (Re-release of the band's first demo, entirely re-recorded) CH (12,-)

DARKSPACE - Dark Space I 2005 (the 1st album in elegant cardboard slipcase edition, black polycarbonate CD) CH (12,-)

DARKSPACE - Dark Space II 2006 (the 2nd album in elegant cardboard slipcase edition, black polycarbonate CD) CH (12,-)

DARKSPACE - Dark Space III 2008 (the 3rd album in elegant cardboard slipcase edition, black polycarbonate CD) CH (12,-)

DARKSPACE - Dark Space III I 2014 (the new album in elegant cardboard slipcase edition, black polycarbonate CD) CH (12,-)

DARKSTORM - Hell Satan Blasphemy 2006 (uncompromising and purely Czech Black Metal, featuring ex-members of the legendary Maniac Butcher) cz (12,-)

DARKTHRONE - Goatlord digiCD 1996/2006 (Essential Black Metal album.) NOR (12,-)

DARKTHRONE - Plaguewielder 2001/2006 (Essential Black Metal album.) NOR (12,-)

DARKTHULE - Beyond the Endless Horizons 2007 GRE (12,-)

DARVULIA - L'Alliance des Venins 2005 (2nd full length of fascinating Grim Black Metal) FRA (12,-)

DARVULIA - Belladone MCD Digisleeve 2003/2013 (Luxuous 6 panel-Digisleeve MCD edition, limited & handnumbered to 499 copies. 3 trackz of Grim & Occult Black Metal) FRA (10,-)

DARVULIA - L'Ombre Malicieuse 2002/2007 (first masterpiece of this obscure, grim and raw Black Metal band) FRA (10,-)

DAUGHTERS OF SOPHIA - (2.0°) Sœurs de Sagesse 2015 (Occult French Black Metal) FRA (10,-)

DAVID GALAS (LYCIA) – The Happiest DayS Of My Life digiCD 2009 (Fantastic haunting & gloomy music!) USA (10,-)

DAVID GALAS (LYCIA) – The Ghosts Of California digiCD 2011 (Fantastic haunting & gloomy music!) USA (10,-)

DAWN OF AZAZEL - Sedition 2005 (First studio album to feature Martin Cavanagh on drums, death metal from New Zealand!) NZ (10,-)

DEAD - Whorehouse of the Freaks 2006 (long time active Death Metal/Grindcore trio from Germany! 3rd album) GER (10,-)

DEAD HEAD - Kill division 1999/2008 (classic Thrash Metal, reissue of the 3rd full length album + 9 bonus tracks!) NED (10,-)

DEAD RAVEN CHOIR - Cast Strength Black Metal 2XCD 2006 (A collection of all the black metal releases, Raw Black Metal, recommended!) POL (16,-) 

DEADLY CARNAGE - Sentiero II: Ceneri 2012 (Modern black metal, in vein of Rebel Extravaganza-era Satyricon.) ITA (10,-)

DEADMAN - Spirito di Pietra 2011 (Ambiance black metal / post-rock.) ITA (10,-)

DEATHGATE ARKANUM - Stillhallen 2008 (Black Metal creativity, individualism, consequence without compromise. To say it short: a real Masterpiece!) GER (10,-)

DEATHHAMMER - Evil Power 2015 (3rd album, Thrash Metal Speed with the best german traditions, a must for the fans of the genre) NOR (10,-) 

DEATHMOOR - Opus Morte III 2012 (Cold Russian Black Metal.) RUS (9,-)

DEATHSPELL OMEGA - Drought MCD digisleeve 2012 (USA & Canada version) FRA (10,-)    

DEATHSPELL OMEGA - Fas - Ite, Maledicti, in Ignem Aeternum digipack 2007/2012 (the 4th full length with impressive 20 pages booklet) FRA (13,-)
DEATHSPELL OMEGA - Paracletus digiCD 2010/2011 (Season of Mist version for USA & Canada markets) FRA (12,-)

DEATHROW - Gateways To Oblivion 2008 (traditional Black Metal by Thorns from Ad Hominem, Arcana Coelestia, Glorior Belli, Hiems, etc) ITA (10,-)

DECAY - Mutilating... Gutting 2002 (Compilation of Mutilage and Gutting albums with a bonus track on the end) FIN (10,-)

DECAYED - Chaos Underground 2010 (new album from this Portugal Black Metal Legend, active since 1990!) POR (10,-)

DECAYED / THUGNOR - Satanic Blast / At the Gates... 2007 (one of the first Black Metal band from Portugal, active from 1990!) POR/POR (10,-)

DECEASED - Supernatural Addiction 2000/2012 (reissue 4th album with bonus demo tracks, US Death/Thrash Metal legend) USA (10,-)

DEEP-PRESSION - The Critical State of Loneliness CD 2007/2010 (Re-release of the 2nd album.) POL (8,-)

DEEP-PRESSION - 4: Void of a Morning CD 2009 (Valse Sinistre) POL (12,-)

DEEP-PRESSION / BLACK HATE – Split 2008 (Ambiance-based post black metal meets Depressive BM) POL (10,-)

DEEP-PRESSION - Post-mortem pro CD-R 2011 (Morbid audial experience, a tribute for the deceased ones, claustrophobic music! Lim. to 78) POL (6,-)

DEEP-PRESSION - Blunt Razor CDr 2010 (Black ambient / drone.) POL (6,-)

DEEP-PRESSION & KOLDVOID - Treasures from the Dead Seas CD-R 2010 (Cinematic ambient meets dronish soundscapes.) POL/ROM (6,-)

DEEP-PRESSION - Atlantis' Emerge CD-R 2011 (New opus of black ambient. Pro CDr.) POL (6,-)

DEFLESHED - Royal Straight Flesh 2002 SWE (10,-)

DEIPHAGO - Filipino Antichrist 2009 (Hi-Speed Satanic Bestial Metal, FOR DIE HARDS OF: Blasphemy, Sarcofago, Profanatica, Beherit, Archgoat) FIL (12,-)

DEMOGORGON - Naenie 2008 (German Black Metal with Paria, Ignis Uranium members as session members!) GER (10,-)

DEMONCY – Enthroned Is The Night digisleeve 2012 (the last album of this long time active USBM band! the 4th full length) USA (11,-)

DEMON'S GATE - Demon's Gate mCD (Obscure Heavy Doom Metal influenced by Witchfinder General, Pagan Altar.) OZ (8,-)

DEMONIC SLAUGHTER - Cold Disease of Reality 2009 (1st album, Satan, Evil, Death, Destruction, Black Metal with XAOS OBLIVION member) POL (10,-)  

DENOUNCEMENT PYRE - Hells Infantry MCD 2006 (Fucking Oztralian War Metal in the vein of Destroyer666, Bestial Warlust!) AUS (8,-)
DESASTER - Brazilian Blitzkrieg Blasphemies 2003 (German Black/Thrash gods! Mutilaton Records edition.) GER (12,-)

DESASTER - Angelwhore 2006 (German Black/Thrash gods! Mutilaton Records edition.) GER (12,-)

DESCENDING DARKNESS - Gevatter Hein 2008 (mixture of old Gorgoroth, Ildjarn, Von and Profanatica with a totally cruel and overdriven 'production') AT (12,-)
DESTROYER 666 - Defiance 2009 (the 4th album) AUS (10,-)

DETHRONED CHRIST - Roots of Ancient Evil 2010 (old Motorhead meets Mercyful Fate, Bathory, Venom, Hellhammer, Sodom, Bulldozer, Possessed and early Darkthrone! An evil masterpiece and important chapter in the Brazilian Black Metal history) BRA (10,-)

DETONATOR666 - At The Dawn Of Sadistic infernal Holocaust 2004 (Black Metal Holocaust...featuring members of Maniac Butcher, Agmen and Dark Storm) CZ (10,-)

DEVASTATOR - Morbid Force 2007 (Blackened Thrash Metal, the 3rd album) USA (10,-)

DEVASTATOR / BLASPHEMER - Split CD 2005 (Black-Thrash Metal attack for old school maniacs) USA (10,-)

DEVILISH ERA - The Deiphobic Syndrome 2006 (Melancholic, desperate black metal, somewhere between BURZUM, SILENCER and ABYSSIC HATE!) FRA (10,-)

DIAMATREGON - Crossroad 2009 (sick French Satanic Black Metal with Blacklodge, Sentinel members, the 3rd album) FRA (10,-)

DIABOLIC - Chaos In Hell/Possessed By Death 2008 (2 Eps on one CD, bone-crushing Satanic Death Metal like Morbid Angel/Monstrosity) USA (10,-)

DIES ATER - Hunger For Life 2012 (new masterpiece from this german cult Black Metal act! the 5th full length album) GER (10,-)

DIMMU BORGIR - In Sorte Diaboli - CD + DVD Digibook (Norwegian Melodic Black Metal, luxurious packaging.) NOR (15,-)

DISFORTERROR - Impalement and Holocaust Stench MCD 2008 (old school brazilian brutal death metal) BRA (10,-)

DISINTER - Desecrated 1997 USA (10,-)

DISJECTA – De Marmorea Lapide Ombratt 2007 (One of the best Italian black metal underground bands) ITA (10,-)

DISSECTION - Live the witchwood,Ashton,Uk,03.02.1996 (raw rough and fans only live cd, pro CD, a must release for die hard fans) SWE (10,-) 

DISSECTION - The Somberlain 2CD 2006 (The classic debut + demos, 2 x CD.) SWE (13,-)
DISSECTION - Storm Of The Light's Bane 2CD 2006 (The classic 2nd album + EPs, 2 x CD.) SWE (13,-)
DISSECTION - Reinkaos CD 2005 (Last album of the legend!) SWE (10,-)

DIVANITY – Demo CD-R 2007 (Claustrophobic Extreme DOOM! Rough. Dirty. You were warned…) ISR (5,-)

DIVINE EVE / VEX - Split 2010/2012 (1st time on CD, Doom/Death Metal with Grindcore influences meets Death Thrash) USA (10,-)

DO SKONU – Womb Of Primeval Darkness 2011 (1st album, satanic occult black metal madness) UKR (10,-)

DODHEIMSGARD - Supervillainoutcast 2007 (Cinematic avant-garde chaos and innovative black metal.) NOR (10,-)


DODSFALL - Djevelens Evangelie 2013 (the 3rd full length album, true Norwegian Black Metal) NOR (10,-)

DODSFERD - Denying with Arrogance your Pathetic Existence 2008 (2nd demo on CD with special live tracks + Burzum cover, great black metal) GRE (10,-)

DODSFERD - Spitting With Hatred The Insignificance Of Life 2011 (Black'n'Roll machine returns with a macabrous bleak suicidal black metal album!) GRE (10,-)

DODSFERD / CHRONAEXUS - Desecration Rites 2013 (Dodsferd plays excellent thrashing black metal. Chronaexus reminds me very much into Agalloch!) GRE/USA (10,-) 

DOM DRACUL - Devil Dedication digiCD 2016 (Sun & Moon Records release) SWE (12,-)

DOM DRACUL - Cold Grave digiCD 2016 (Sun & Moon Records release) SWE (12,-)

DOWNFALL OF NUR – Umbras De Barbagia 2016 (third press in jewelcase format, atmospheric black metal, wall of sound) ARG (10,-)

DOWNFALL OF NUR / SELVANS - Split digiCD 2016 (atmospheric black metal from Argentina meets Italian black metal) ARG/ITA (12,-)

DöG - Ancient Crypt Metal 3" CD 2009 (Maniacal hymns of pure evil genius black thrash!) HUN (7,-)

DRACHENFELS - Bow Down Before Death 2008 (Excellent french elite black metal in old traditional way!) FRA (10,-)

DRACO HYPNALIS – Imagination CD 2007 (Finally a full length CD of this interesting and experimental metal band uniting elements of black metal) CZE (10,-)

DRAUGAR - From Which Hatred Grows 2003 (main band of Hildolf from mighty Twilight, USBM on high level!, 1st album) USA (10,-)

DROWNING THE LIGHT - An Alignment of Dead Stars 2009 (black metal, new album on Avantgarde!) AUS (10,-)

DROWNING THE LIGHT - Lost Kingdoms Of A Dark Age MCD 2013 (Cruel, melancholic and hateful black metal in the vein of the old cults) AUS (9,-)

DROWNING THE LIGHT - The Land of the Dead Sun MCD 2011 (special MCD with full members from Finland) AUS (10,-)

DROWNING THE LIGHT - Oceans of Eternity 2011 (the last full length album, Black Metal from Australia) OZ (10,-)

DYING FETUS - Descend Into Depravity 2009 (Brutal death metal at its best! Mutilaton Records edition.) USA (10,-)

DYSTER - Fallen, Suicided & Forgotten 2006 (depressive, suicide Black Metal with the best French Black Metal traditions) FRA (10,-) 

DYSTER - Phase Terminale 2012 (2nd album, Dirty, urban, melancholic, Gaspard Noé inspired Black Metal) FRA (10,-)

DYSTER - Le Cycle Senescent 2010 digiCD (the long waited 1st full length album, depressive, suicide Black Metal) FRA (12,-) 

DUSK - Deathgate CD 2006 (True Carpathian Black Metal) HUN (10,-)

DUSK - Pray For Death CD 2007 HUN (10,-)

EA - Ea 2012 (4th album of this great funeral doom band.) RUS (10,-)

ECHOES OF SILENCE - Beyond the Crimson Gates 2009 (Experimental USBM with a thick, dark and professional sound. Pro CD-R lim. to 100.) USA (5,-)

ECLIPSE - Grind, Suffer, Dreams 2009 (one of the oldest death metal bands from Ukraine, 1st album with C. Corpse, Slayer, Morbid Angel covers) UKR (10,-)

EGONOIR - A New Philosophical Thunder digiCD 2009 (Excellent cold & grim German Black Metal! Very special Handmade limited 6-pannel digipack!) GER (10,-)

EGONOIR - Der Pfad Zum Fluss 2007 (Excellent German Black Metal art with cold and dark atmosphere.) GER (10,-)

EGONOIR - Die Saga Fluss 2008 (Excellent German Black Metal art with cold and dark atmosphere.) GER (10,-)

EHNAHRE – Taming The Cannibals digiCD (Avant-garde but brutal death/doom for those into DISEMBOWELMENT, PHLEBOTOMIZED, GORGUTS.) USA (9,-)

EHNAHRE – Old Earth digiCD (Sinister avant-garde death/doom.) USA (9,-)

EIBON- Eibon 2008 MCD FRA (9,-)

EIDULON - Idolatrie digiCD 2008 (tracks of ultra bleak, abstract atmospheres, with sounds that seem to seep from catacomb wall) (10,-)

EIKENSKADEN - 665.999 (Excellent French black metal!) FRA (10,-)

EINDIG - Doodschrift 2008 (Depressive, Hate, Suicide Black Metal, the great 1st full length album) NED (10,-)

ELDRIG - Mysterion 2008 (the 3rd album, Epic, Orchestral Black Metal with Nietzschean Philosophy, Aryan Mythology) USA (10,-)

ELIMI - Summoned From Ashes 2008 (great continuation of SNÖTARAR, 1st album, fine Satanic Black Metal) SWE (10,-)

ELIMI - The Seed MCD 2012 (brandnew mini cd of this unique swedish black metal band) SWE (8,-)

EMBRACE OF THORNS - Prevalence (A Decade Of Atomic Genocide) 2009 (Comp. CD featuring the demo songs from the 1st decade of this War Metal Terror Machine) GRE (10,-)

ENDLESS JOURNEY - Endless Journey / Melancholy 2009 (Doom-metal/Post-metal.) RUS (9,-)

ENDLICH - Was einst war 2012 (A concept album using classic and acoustic instruments to cover several of the most well-known songs by Burzum) GER (10,-)

ENDWARFMENT - The Paralympik Sessions 2006 (sick grindcore with Dodheimsgard, Ved Buens Ende, Aura Noire members!) NOR (10,-)

ENFEUS LODGE - Enfeus Lodge MCD 2008 (excellent epic and elitist black metal with Xaphan from Seigneur Voland/Kristallnacht/Finis Gloria Dei) FRA (10,-)

ENSAMHET - Les siècles se sont écoulés digipack 2005 (French black metal with Aguares from Bael) FRA (12,-)

ENSEPULCHRED - The Night Our Rituals Blackened The Stars 2006 (Ambient / Black Metal in the vein of Xasthur and Leviathan) USA (10,-)

ENTARTUNG - Krypteia 2012 (“mid nineties feeling” Black Metal with a few hints to bands like Sargeist, celebrating the true Luciferian spirit) BEL (10,-)

EPITIMIA - Faces of Insanity CD 2012 (Atmospheric black metal with experimental music elements.) RUS (9,-)

ERAZOR - Erazor 2010 (German Black/Thrashing War, the 1st album) GER (10,-)

ERAZOR - Dust Monuments 2015 (2nd album, fine German Blackened Thrash Metal) GER (10,-)

ESSENCE OF EXISTENCE - Tome III: Terra Mentis 2007 (Dark & atmospheric black/death from Slovakia.) SLK (10,-)

ESSENZ - KVIITIIVZ Beschwörung des Unaussprechlichen 2010 (ESSENZ likes to paint a hole in your heart. Transcend into meditation, black-doom) GER (10,-)

ETERNITY - Funeral Mass 2007 (2nd full length album, destructive German Black Metal) GER (10,-)

ETHELYN - Traces Into Eternity 2008 (Death/Black Metal with Nomad guitarist) POL (10,-)

EVIL - Arktogaa MCD 2006 (New MCD from the legendary Brazilian NSBM band!) BRA (10,-)

EVIL - Pure Black Evil 2011 (old songs recorded during the years of 1996 to 2008, mostly released as 7eps, Split Eps, True Black Metal) BRA (10,-)

EVIL - Ashes of Old slipcase CD 2015 (brand new opus from this Brazilian legend) BRA (10,-)

EVIL - To the Fallen and Free MCD 2013 (Ep from 1994 re-recorded version) BRA (9,-)

EVIL - Twilight and Mourning/Where the Sun was Never Born 2013 (This work is a compilation of two splits) BRA (10,-)

EVILNASTY - Necromaniac Blood CD 2007 (Black/Speed Metal from Italy.) ITA (10,-)

EVOHE - Annwynn 2011 (French pagan black metal, 2nd album) FRA (10,-)

EX CALIGA - First Visions 2002 (Summoning, Mysticism, Sorcery, Anti-Christian Black Metal) FIN (10,-)    

EXTINCTION - Down Below The Fog 2006 (High-quality obscure black metal.) UK (9,-)

EWIGES REICH - Nur Frei Bei Nacht DigiCD 2015 (forceful and vigorous Black Metal, the 6th full length album) GER (10,-)

FDS - XII.07 MCD 2009 (Cssaba, Furia, Massemord, Arkona, etc members playing excellent Black Metal with Depression, Misanthropy, Hatred, Decadence) POL (8,-)

FEAR OF ETERNITY – Light of the Night 2010 digi (The new amazing melancholy and depressive opus, a great album full of sad and desperation) ITA (12,-)

FETID ZOMBIE - Vomiting in the Baptismal Pool (CD + Zine) 2010 (death metal band by the legendary graphic artist Mark Rddick, release contains the 2nd album + a special zine with Mark's illustrations) USA (14,-)

FEUERSTURM - Apokalypse 2007 (Amazing german Black Metal. Pure 90's Black Metal style, lim. to 500 copies) GER (10,-)

FIEND - Freezing Funeral Serenades MCD 2006 (Hateful cold Black Metal from Germany!) GER (8,-)

FINNR'S CANE - Wanderlust 2009 (Nice piece of ambient black metal from Canada.) CAN (10,-)

FISTULA - Goat digiCD (Thrash/Death rot in vein of AUTOPSY and WINTER.) USA (10,-)

FJORD - Vor Tru 2009 (Great Northern Folk Metal with Vjohrrnt V. Wodansson from Black Sun Rising, Nacht und Nebel, Sombre Chemin, etc.) CAN (10,-)

FLAME - March Into Firelands 2011 (the 2nd album after 6 years from the Into the Age of Fire! Black/Thrash Metal with Urn, Barathrum members!) FIN (12,-)

FLUISTERWOUD - Laat Alle Hoop Varen 2009 super jewel box (second and last strike of the Dutch old school Black Metal maniacs) NED (12,-)

FOLKVANG - Six Stories Without Keys 2011 (the 4th album, fantastic Pagan Black Metal, Incarnatus playing drums from Pagan Hellfire) BLR (10,-) 

FOLKVANG - Atmospheric Black 2009 (the 3rd album, fantastic Pagan Black Metal, Incarnatus playing drums from Pagan Hellfire) BLR (10,-) 

FOLKVANG / PAGAN HELLFIRE - Firmament Eclipse 2009 (one of the best split albums ever, great atmosphere and songs both bands! black metal) BLR/CAN (10,-)
FORCE OF DARKNESS - Absolute Verb Of Chaos And Darkness MCD 2014 (occult Black/Thrash Metal madness from Chile, a must release) CHI (10,-)

FOREST OF IMPALED - Rise And Conquer 2007 (Black/Death Metal, 3rd album, with Vital Remains, Nachtmystium, Judas Iscariot, Krieg, etc members) USA (12,-)

FOREST OF IMPALED - Demonvoid 1999 (fine Black/Death Metal with ex- Krieg, Nachtmystium, Broken Hope, Vital Remains, Dying Fetus, etc members) USA (10,-)

FORGOTTEN SOULS - Nine Syndromes 2008 (dark death doom metal) POL (10,-)

FORGOTTEN TOMB - Negative Megalomania 2007 (the 4th full length album, depressive, suicide Black Metal, Doom) ITA (10,-)

FORLORN WINDS - As the Wolf Swallowed the Sun 2013 (NS Black Metal with Pantheon & Dark Fury members) INT (10,-)

FOUDRE NOIRE - The Dark Gods 2008 (brilliant black metal project from finland/england with Shatraug from Horna!) FIN (10,-)

FRAILTY - Melpomene (Latvian doom/death.) LTV (9,-)
FRANGAR - Trincerocrazia 2015 (Italian black metal band with thrash metal and hardcore punk influences, masterpiece!) ITA (10,-)

FROM THE VASTLAND - Darkness vs. Light, The Perpetual Battle (Iranian Black Metal.) IRA (9,-)

FRONT BEAST - Wicked Wings of Wartjalka 2009 (Black Metal projekt by Avenger from Nocturnal, Szarlem, etc, including Belketre cover) GER (10,-)    

FROSTFLAME - Memories From The Life CD-R 2008 (Black Metal of the whispering forests and the freezing winds. pro-printed booklet and inlay card.) HUN (5,-)

FROZEN SHADOWS - Dans les Bras des Immortels 1998/2009 (classic, Québécois Black Metal opus, remastered + Burzum cover) CAN (12,-)

FUNERARIUM - Valley of Darkness 2006 (Black Metal from Luxemburg!) LUX (10,-)

FUNERARIUM - Nocthule 2008 (Black Metal from Luxemburg! the 2nd album) LUX (10,-)
FUNERARY BELL - The Second Manifestation MCD 2009 (excellent occult finnish black metal + Mortuary Drape cover) FIN (8,-)

FUNERARY BELL - The Coven 2011 (excellent occult Finnish black metal, the long awaited 1st album!) FIN (10,-)

FUNERARY CALL – Fragments From The Aethyr digiCD (New album of ritualistic black ambience and black industrial.) CAN (10,-)

FUNERAL MIST - Devilry MCD 1998/2012 (exclusive for USA & Canada markets with 4 bonus tracks!) SEW (11,-)    

FUNERAL MIST - Maranatha 2009/2013 (Season Of Mist reissue, 2nd album Swedish Black Metal masterpiece) SWE (12,-)      

FUNERAL MIST - Salvation 2003/2012 (1st album, For the US and Canadian market exclusively Season of Mist version) SWE (12,-)

GALLHAMMER - The Dawn Of... 2007 (Female Black/Doom Metal, Crust, compilation of demos, rehearsals, etc) JAP (10,-)

GAUNTLET'S SWORD - Theosophy 2006 (Hellenic Black Metal with some northern taste, extremely nasty voice, raw, straight-forward songs) GRE (10,-)

GAUNTLET'S SWORD - And Nigth became darker, wilder 2005 (Cold black metal with a depressive vision.) GRE (10,-)

GEIMHRE - For the Blood of Hinterland/Cogadh 2015 (two early demos on one CD and an extra bonus track) CAN (10,-) 

GEIMHRE - Mollachd 2005/2014 (long time sold out 1st album re-release with new artwork + bonus stuff) CAN (10,-)

GEISHA – Die Verbrechen Der Liebe digiCD (Violent noise rock combined with psychedelic.) USA (9,-)

GEISHA - Mondo Dell'Orrore CD (Beautiful noise and crushing riffs, a new kind of noise rock!) USA (9,-)

GENERAL SURGERY / BUTCHER ABC - Split CD 2009 (great old school death metal/goregrind split release, exclusive stuff from both bands!) SWE/JAP (10,-)

GENGHIS TRON – Cloak Of Love mCD (Grindcore meets synthpop. Yes.) USA (7,-)

GENGHIS TRON – Dead Mountain Mouth CD (electronic bliss, and futuristic metal riffage!) USA (9,-)

GENOCIDE - Apocalyptic Visions 2007 (Old School Black Metal, Van Records!) GER (10,-)

GHREMDRAKK - Je m'exalte 2007 (Satanic Devotion, Death Worship black metal) BEL (10,-)

GNAW THEIR TONGUES – L'arrivée De La Terne Mort Triomphante digiCD (Punishing extreme doom!) USA (10,-)

GNAW THEIR TONGUES – All The Dread Magnificence Of Perversity digi CD (Blackened orchestral chaos and abstract horror.) USA (10,-)

GOAT SEMEN - En Vivo En Lima Hell 2007 (Peruvian terrorist black death metal live!) PER (12,-)

GOATFIRE - Sacrophobic Initiation 2001 (Re-issued by Total Holocaust Records in 2005 with The Fifth Fulmination 7" as additional tracks) ITA (12,-)  


GOATMOON / DER STÜRMER - Kansojen Hävittäjä / Crushing the Macabees MCD 2016 (a must release for the band's fanatics) FIN/GRE (8,-)

GOATPENIS - htaeD no tabbaS (1992-1996) 2015 (compilation of all demos + live material from early years) BRA (10,-)

GODHEADSCOPE - A City Out of Sight 2007 (Dead Raven Choir side projekt) POL (12,-)

GODLESS NORTH - Fimbulvetr (Anthology) 2009 2xCD (essential comp. with Summon the Age of Supremacy album + the rest of the discography!) CAN (16,-)

GORESOERD – Nekromantik MCD 2007 (Viciousm inhuman and tongue-in-cheek extreme grind!!!) EST (8,-)

GORGON - The Lady Rides A Black Horse 1995/2010 (Considered as the first French black metal band, 1st album) FRA (10,-)

GORGOROTH - Destroyer + Incipit Satan CD 2008 (Two classic albums one one CD.) NOR (10,-)

GOSPEL OF THE FUTURE - s/t 2007 (Sludge / hardcore / metal, Czech Republic. Digisleeve CD, limited edition. Epidemie Records) CZ (10,-)

GRAND BELIAL'S KEY - Mocking the Philanthropist 1997/2012 (USBM classic debut album reissue on Drakkar, essential!) USA (10,-)

GRAND BELIALS KEY - Judeobeast Assassination 2001/2012 (2nd album, one of the best Black Metal albums ever recorded, contains "I Kill Everything I Fuck" by G.G. Allin) USA (10,-)

GRAUPEL - Auf alten Wegen 2005 (Strong Black Metal in vein of Nagelfar with ex-Nagelfar members.) GER (10,-)    

GRAUEN PESTANZ / MIASMA - Into the Fire of Isolation split 2007 (Occult magickal spiritual black metal) USA (10,-)

GRAV - Dit inget ljus kan nå 2011/2014 Digipak CD (anti-cosmic Black Metal, the first EP) SWE (12,-)

GRAVE DESECRATOR - Unblessed Bootleg Live in Bressuire - France 2012 (Sun & Moon Records) BRA (12,-)

GRAVE DESECRATOR - Deathspells Rising 2011 (10 years of Antichristian Artillery! Demo 01, Cult of Warfare and Darkness 7", rehearsal + Bathory cover) BRA (10,-)

GRAVE DESECRATOR – Sign Of Doom 2008 (bestial black-death metal attack, the 1st album) BRA (10,-)

GRAVE DESECRATOR - Insult 2010/2013 (great South American bestial black-death metal release, a must for the fans of the genre, 2nd album) BRA (10,-)

GRAVE DESECRATOR - Dust To Lust 2016 (3rd album, infernal Brazilian black-death metal attack) BRA (10,-)

GRAVELAND - In The Glare of Burning Churches 1993/2013 (Reissue, Remastered, Slipcase edition new artwork and lots of bonus, Warheart edition) POL (12,-)

GRAVELAND - Celtic Winter 1994/2013 (First time use other mix nowhere to be published for 20 years with alternative versions of the tracks. new artwork, slipcase edition, Warheart release) POL (12,-)

GRAVELAND - Prawo Stali / Creed Of Iron 2014 (Warheart edition, Creed Of Iron Polish version) POL (12,-)

GRAVELAND - Pamiec i Przeznaczenie / Memory And Destiny 2014 (New Polish version of "Memory And Destiny" album) POL (12,-)

GRAVELAND - Ogien Przebudzenia DIGIPACK 2014 (Re-recorded version of "The Fire Of Awakening" with new vocals of Lord Wind members) POL (12,-) 

GRAVELAND - Immortal Pride 1999/2017 (Slipcase with new graphic design and 20-page booklet featuring the original black and white 4 panel booklet) POL (12,-)

GRAVELAND- Following The Voice Of Blood 1997/2017 (Slipcase with new graphic design and 20-page booklet featuring the original black and white 4 panel booklet, remastered for the first time!) POL (12,-)

GRAVEN - Reborn Misanthropic Spirit 2015 (Of Misanthropic Spirit demo + Graven demo on one CD, German Black Steel) GER (10,-)

GRAVFERD - Demonized (72 minutes of pure Northern Black Metal, maintaining the pure old atmosphere!) NOR (10,-)

GRAVEWURM - Funeral Empire 2009 (5th full-length album of this Morbid Metal Cult, a must for Cianide/Nunslaughter/Profanatica, etc maniacs!) USA (10,-)

GRAVEWURM / HEKSERI - Split CD 2007 (Gravewurm's side features Jim Sadist of Nunslaughter on drums. old school black/thrash as hell) USA (10,-)

GREEN CARNATION - The Quiet Offspring 2005 (Great dark rock/metal!) NOR (10,-)

GREEN CARNATION - Acoustic Verses 2005 (Great dark rock/metal!) NOR (10,-)

GREY DATURAS – Dead In The Woods digiCD (Amplifier noise and crushing riff splatter, and massive, sky-streaking psychedelic corrosion.) OZ (9,-)

GRIEF - Come to Grief 1994/2010 (Re-release of thus still shrunkwrap killer Doom Metal! Classic!) USA (9,-)

GRIMA MORSTUA - Illustratio per Horribilem Obscuritatem 2007 (killer satanic, occult black metal from Argentina, the 1st album) ARG (10,-)

GRIMA MORSTUA - Magnam Mortem Transcendere 2010 (2nd full length album, Occult, Eerie and Grim Black metal from Argentina) ARG (10,-)

GRIMA MORSTUA - Finis Coronat Opvs 2014 (3rd album, prime occult Black Metal from Argentina) ARG (10,-)

GRIMFAUG – Defloration Of Life’s Essence (A masterpiece of harsh black metal) BEL (10,-)

GRIMFAUG  - Blood Upon The Face Of Creation (Harsh black metal with hellish sound, cold and evil riffs, thundering drums and evil distant vocals) BEL (10,-)

GRIM FUNERAL / SPECTRE - Split 2004 (Great split album for depressive Black Metal maniacs, 2 great Spanish band on one CD) SPA (10,-)

GRIM FUNERAL / GHEESTENLAND - Total Necro Deceased Split CD 2007 (great split album for depressive Black Metal maniacs) SPA/NED (10,-)

GRIM FUNERAL - Abdication Under Funeral Dirge 2013 (Black metal doom, the 2nd full length album!) SPA (10,-)

GRIS / SOMBRES FORETS - Miserere Liminis CD DIGIBOOK 2009 (High-class depressive black metal with cold wave elements, luxurious digibook CD!!) CAN (13,-)

GRISATRE - Esthaetique digiCD 2012 (3rd album, introspective and opressive black metal from France.) FRA (10,-)

GRIVF / SOL - Iss / The Great Plague Imperium split digiCD 2011 (Cult Funeral Doom/Black Metal from Danish masters of Doom, Death and Misery.) DEN (10,-)

GROINCHURN - Fink 1998 (A grindcore masterpiece from South Africa, no grindcore collection is complete without this album, a must!) AFR (10,-)

GROM - We Are True, We Are Hate 2005 (pagan black metal from Russia, second full length album) RUS (10,-)

GULAGGH - Vorkuta Digipack 2013 (Digipack with silver ink on black, Stalaggh changed their name to Gulaggh) NED (12,-)

GUT - The Cumback 2006 (legendary german grindcore, the return album after 11 years since their last full length album!) GER (10,-)

HAEMOTH - Mortuales Delecti (The Demonik Prophecies) 2011 (Compilation of all demos! of this great French Black Metal act!) FRA (10,-)

HAISHA / MIZUKO – Happily Never After CD (Seriously grrotesque grindcore/death/thrash.) USA (9,-)

HAKUJA - Legacy 2008 digiCD (sick Japan Black Metal, solo band by the Funeral Elegy/Cataplexy member Hakuja) JAP (12,-)

HAMMEMIT - Spires over the burial... 2008 (-ex Emit, with Vomit Orchestra, Ofermod, Ante Cryst members, Dark Ambient/Black Metal, THR) UK (12,-)

HAMMEMIT – Mature Mystic CD 2011 (Mysterious medieveal music from England.) UK (10,-)
HAMMEMIT (EMIT) - Nature Mystic DIGI CD 2009 (Hammemit is the continuation of Emit, neo-medieval ambient guitar/organ music) UK (10,)

HAMMERGOAT - Regeneration through Depopulation... 2010 (Bestial War Metal like BLASPHEMY, BEHERIT & SARCOFAGO! with Evil members) BRA (10,-)

HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE - The August Engine 2011 (Epic black metal from SF.) USA (10,-)

HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY - HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY digiCD 2012 (Melodic Black Metal with Postrock parts. 1st album) AT (12,-)

HARESIARCHS OF DIS - Denuntiatus Cinis (Pure Darkness. Black Metal.) USA (9,-)

HARMONY IN GROTESQUE - Painted By Pain (Doom/Death from Russia.) RUS (9,-)

HATE ETERNAL - I, Monarch 2005 (Fantastic death metal album.) USA (9,-)

HATE FOREST - Dead But Dreaming 2009 (Slavonic elite black metal! Contains last unreleased material of this band, 3 studio and 4 live tracks) UKR (10,-)

HATEFUL ABANDON - LIARS/BASTARDS 2014 (3rd album, unique blend of music ranging from Post-Punk, the Industrial pioneers, Black Metal & Anarcho Punk with a wide variety of other influences) UK (10,-)

HATEFUL ABANDON - Move 2011 (2nd album with a nice Cabaret Voltaire cover) UK (10,-)

HATS BARN - Primitive Humans Destructions 2010 (Black Metal From France In Black Legions way!) FRA (9,-)

HAYRAS - Sombre Destin 2006 (Rost from Seigneur Voland, Blessed in Sin, Finis Gloria Dei, Kristallnacht doing excellent Black Metal) FRA (10,-)

HAVOC UNIT - H.IV+ RMSTRD 2008/2012 (Avant Garde Industrial Black/Death.) FIN (9,-)

HEADHUNTER D.C. - In Unholy Mourning 2013 (prime Brazilian Death/Thrash Metal) BRA (10,-)

HEARTLESS - Suicidal Engagement 2008 (Depressive black metal for all fans of Make A Change Kill Yourself and Bethlehem!!!!) CHI (10,-)

HEAVY LORD - Chained To The World 2007 (Brand new album by the Dutch riff masters of sludge/doom! Brutal destructive doom.) HOL (10,-)

HEIDEN - Potomkum pozemskeho soumraku 2004 (fast and raw Pagan Black Metal ala Trollech with great heathen atmosphere, Long Ago Records) CZ (10,-)

HEIDEN - Tinne 2005 (A must for fans of pagan, dark and black metal sounds.) CZE (10,-)

HELCARAXE - Children of Ygg CD 2013 (Death Metal from USA with Tolkien influence.) USA (9,-)

HELDENTOD – Virradat 2014 (debut album, after 3 split and one live album, intolerant, militant Black metal from Hungary) HUN (10,-)

HELEL - A Sigil Burnt Deep Into The Flesh digipack MCD 2009 (Black Metal from the decaying landscapes of the modern age) FRA (9,-)

HELHEIM - Av Norron Att digiCD 1997/2006 (Viking Black Metal classic, reissueon digipak.) NOR (10,-)

HELLBOUND / AMESTIGON - Fatal Illumination / Nebelung, 1384 split 2002 (Black-Metal in the old vein) AUS (10,-)

HELVETE - Warmasters CD 2008 (Obscure and melancholic War Black Metal!) MEX (10,-)

HERETIC - God's Over Humans, Slaves Under Satan 2009 (Satanic Black'N'Roll it's best! the 3rd album!) NED (10,-)

HERETOIR - Heretoir 2011 digiCD (High-class blackgaze / depressive rock from Germany.) GER (12,-)

HIEMS - Worship Or Die digiCD (Black n roll at its best!) ITA (10,-)

HIEROPHANT – The Tome 2007 USA (10,-)

HIGH SPIRITS - You Are Here 2014 (New wave heavy metal, hard rock, 2nd album) USA (10,-)

HIGHGATE - Untitled 2008 (Nasty hybrid of crust, doom and black metal!) USA (9,-)

HINSINDIG - Bak og Forbi 2010 (depressive Black Metal, whose members come from Nyktalgia, Sterbend, Total Hate and Armageddon.) NOR/GER (10,-)

HIRAX - The New Age of Terror CD + DVD 2005 (Thrash Metal attack. CD + DVD.) USA (14,-)

HOLMGANG - Gengangerens Kvad 2007 (Scandinavian Black Metal with Ynleborgaz (Angantyr, Make a Change... Kill Yourself) on drums, 2nd album) DEN (10,-)

HOLOCAUSTIA - The Sacrament Seed MCD 2006 (Anti-cosmic Satanic Black Metal from Sweden, Unholy Horde Records) SWE (10,-)

HOLOCAUSTUS / ODELEGGER - Split CD 2005 (NSBM from Holocaustus meets Widar's (Bilskirnir) Ildjarn worshipped band!) GER (10,-)

HOMSELVAREG – Homselvareg – debut album + demo CD (Elegant and evocative acoustic passages plus the raging fury of Black Metal) (12,-)

HOPELESS - Elements 2009 (Excellent melancholic/depressive black metal from France. Nice packaging & artwork.) FRA (10,-)

HORDAGAARD - Anti Human Anti Life 2006 (One man Norwegian black metal act, Darkthrone meets Isengard! NOR (10,-)

HORDAGAARD - Trollskap digi-CD 2008 (Pure Norwegian Black Metal. Cold, grim and pure!) NOR (10,-)

HORNA / MUSTA SURMA - Vihan Vuodet 2007 (Archival split album between the infallible HORNA and the mysterious MUSTA SURMA!) FIN (10,-)

HORNA - Sotahuuto 2007 (Total Bathory-worship Horna album!) FIN (10,-)

HORNA - Pimeyden Hehku mCD 2008 (Rare live material.) FIN (8,-)

HORNA - Musta Kaipuu-Saatanan Toinen Evankeliumi 2009 (Finnish true black metal.) FIN (10,-)

HORNA - Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne 2005 (Classic album of this essential band!) FIN (10,-)

HORNA - Askel Lähempänä Saatanaa 2013 (the new Horna album, A Step Closer to Satan, 9th full length release!) FIN (10,-)

HORNA - Hengen Tulet 2015 (new album!) FIN (11,-)

HORNA - Musta Kaipuu 2009/2015 (reissue by WTC) FIN (11,-)

HOUR OF 13 - The Ritualist CD 2010 (Occult doom metal highlight!) USA (10,-)

HOUR OF 13 - Hour of 13 digiCD 2013 (Occult doom metal highlight!) USA (11,-)

HOUWITSER - Damage Assessement CD 2003 (Crushing death metal at its best!) HOL (8,-)

HRIZG - Anthems To Decrepitude 2011 (Morbid sepulchral black metal from Spain!) SPA (10,-)

HYADNINGAR - The Weak Creation 2009 (Epic and chaotic French black metal at its best!) FRA (9,-)

HYMEN OF DARKNESS - Unholy Total Hate... Fuck You All! CD 2008 (Ugly raw necro Black Metal to the extreme) MEX (10,-)

HYPERBOREAN DESIRE - V Kruhu Veskerenstva 2006 (Black metal with folk & pagan elements, plus a variety of vocal approaches.) CZE (10,-)

HYPOMANIE - Calm Down, You Weren't Set on Fire digi CD 2012 NED (12,-)

HYPOMANIE - A City In Mono 2011 (Highly anticipated shoegaze/black metal album for those into Alcest, Amesoeurs, God is An Astronaut, lim. to 500) HOL (12,-)

I SHALT BECOME - Poison (Excellent depressvie/oprresvie black metal.) USA (10,-)

IGNIS URANIUM - Azimuth Nuctemeron Frequency 2009 (Chaotic necro black/thrash! A mix of classic black metal with technical thrash aggression!) GER (10,-)

IMAGO MORTIS - Ars Obscura 2009 Slipcase CD (great occult, esoteric Black Metal, the 2nd album) ITA (12,-)

IMAGO MORTIS - Mors Triumphalis 2001/2007 (re-release by the 4th demo with 5 bonus tracks, occult, esoteric Black Metal) ITA (10,-)

IMPIOUS HAVOC - Manifestations of Plague and War 2007 (Cold Northern Finnish black metal, the 4rt full length album) FIN (10,-)

INCRIMINATED - Miracle of Purity 2002 (Killer old school attack, slow and painful tracks and mid-paced lethal attacks. 1st album! 1st press!) FIN (12,-)

INCRIMINATED - Hypocricide MCD 2004/2008 (Pure old school death metal with really ugly and filthy touch) FIN (10,-)

INCRIMINATED - Possessed in Billnas - live CD 2009 (extremely rare lim to 333!) FIN (10,-)

INCRIMINATED - Kings of Misery 2004 (Hellhammer meets Master! Satanic Warmaster drummer! Primitive and depraved with raw coffin sound) FIN (10,-)

INFAMOUS - Of Solitude And Silence 2013 (Re-issue of 2011 debut with different artwork, Italian Black Metal) ITA (8,-) 

INFANDOUS - Blood, the sun and the cosmos DIGI 2013 (Cryptic, crawling, complex black metal. Debut album. 6-panel digisleeve CD) INT (10,-)

INFAUST - Blutbad & Melancholie    2008 (supreme black metal, powerfull with melancholic edges, depressive moments, the new album) GER (10,-)

INFERNAL - The Deepest Emptiness 2009 (Satanic Occult Columbian Black Metal, the 4th full length album) COL (10,-)

INFERNAL / ERESHKIGAL / INFERNAL KINGDOM - Trilogy For Domination split CD (3 way split with true underground black metal) COL/ESP/POR (10,-)

INFERNAL WAR / KRIEGSMASCHINE - Transfigurations split 2010 (Satanic Black Metal, great split.) POL (10,-)    

INFERNO - Stare bezbozne emoce 2006 (Black Metal… demo "Peklo na zemi" and demo "Temna poselstvi davnych predku" on one CD) CZ (10,-)

INFERNO - Nikdy Nepokrteni 2006 (Intolerant Antihuman Black Metal, the 3rd full length album) CZ (12,-)

INFERNO / TUNDRA - Infernal Belief 2008 (great new split album + moonblood cover, Long Ago Records) CZ/ITA (12,-)

INFEST - Onward to Destroy 2009 (old school death/thrash metal, no compromise, 2nd album) SER (10,-)

INFINITY - Back To The Source (Summon The Black Flame) 2012 (5 new and re-recorded tracks as well as covers of Dissection, Immortal, Bathory) NED (10,-)

INHUMANE DEATHCULT - On Behalf of Satan 2009 (Finnish Black Metal with total devotion with Barathrum, Cacodaemon, Death Thrashers Kuopio, members) FIN (10,-)

INPESTAE - Cold & Dead MCD 2007 (Haemoth's new projekt, 5 tracks of Great Harsh & Aggressive Black Metal) FRA (10,-)

INQUISITION - Obscure Verses For The Multiverse 2013 (6th full length album!) COL/USA (11,-)

INQUISITION - Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith 2016 (new album, close to Immortal's Blizzard Beasts) USA (12,-) 

INSANE VESPER - Abominations Of Death 2011 (8 new hymns of a decadent & filthy Black Metal to glorify the dead with the best French traditions) FRA (10,-)

INSANIAE - Outros Temem Os Que Esperam Pelo Medo Da Eternidade (Portugese doom/death.) POR (9,-)

INTOLITARIAN – Extermination Campaign Digipak-CD 2017 (intersection between harsh industrial noise and blasting war metal/grindcore by the legendary Antichrist Kramer, live album) USA (12,-)

IRRLYCHT - Schatten des Gewitters DigiCD 2011 (Traditional German Anti-Human Black Metal with Sorghal from Nahar, Nehemah, Cainan Dawn, etc.) GER (10,-)

IRRWISCH - Irrwisch 2009 (Irrwisch is atmospheric black metal of the highest class. Re-release of Irrwisch's debut demo on pro-CD) NED (10,-)

ISÄNMAA - Yli Peltojen, Vetten ja Tunturien MCD 2010 (Finnish black metal jewel. Some of the tracks were supposed to be on Impaled Nazarene mini album 1996, 
but Sir Luttinen left the band just before the recordings and recorded them by himself under the name of Isänmaa) FIN (8,-)

ISKON - Dok Gnev Proslosti Navire 2007 (great Serbian Black metal, slavonic thunder, recommended!) SER (10,-)

ISKON - Gde krug vecni svoj beskraj nudi 2010 (the 3rd album, great slavonic, pagan black metal) SER (10,-)

ISKON - Tisina usnulih vekova 2008 (the 2nd album, great slavonic, pagan black metal) SER (10,-)

ISRATHOUM - Black Poison And Shared Wounds 2012 (Satanic Black Metal, 2nd album) NED (11,-)

ISRATHOUM - Antru Kald MCD 2015 (Digisleeve CD edition, released by Daemon Worship) NED (9,-)

ISVIND - Daumyra 2013 digiCD (Norwegian Black Metal legend, 3rd album) NOR (12,-) 

ISVIND - Gud 2015 digiCD (Norwegian Black Metal legend, 4th album) NOR (12,-) 

IZMOROZ’ – Na Zakate Bagrovom 2007 (Russian pagan black metal.) RUS (10,-)

JAAPORTIT - Uumenissa (Deep in Below) 2004 (Deeply, dreamy dark ambient, cold, ethereal, beautiful, haunting...Recommended!) FIN (10,-)

JAG PANZER - The Fourth Judgement + bonus tracks 1997/2004 (Re-issue of this classic album with bonus tracks.) USA (10,-)

JANVS - Nigredo 2014 (deluxe 4 panels digipack with 12 pages booklet. Entirely re-arranged and re-recorded, 'Nigredo' debut demo + Enslaved cover) ITA (10,-) 

JE - Un Royaume De Nuit 2012 (Post-punk/black metal from France.) FRA (8,-)

JUDAS ISCARIOT - Heaven in Flames 1999 (USBM classic album, a must release!) USA (10,-)

JUDAS PRIEST – Screaming For Vengeance 1982/2001 (Originally released in 1982, this remastered re-release comes with two bonus tracks) UK (12,-)

JUDAS PRIEST - Angel Of Retribution 2005 (the come back album, heavy metal) UK (10,-)

KAILASH - Past Changing Fast 2009 (Strange and experimental black metal from Italy.) ITA (10,-)

KAMERA OBSKUR - Bildfänger 2011 (New experimental project of ex-Lunar Aurora members. Avant-garde, experimental musical nightmare!) GER (9,-)

KAUAN - Lumikuuro 2007 (Highly atmospheric dark metal that marries elements of black metal, dark rock/metal, doom, shoegazer and darkwave) RUS (10,-)

KAUAN - Aava Tuulen Maa 2009 (Great blend of folk, black and doom metal.) RUS (10,-)

KAWIR - To Uranus MCD 2010 (new extended EP, 3 new songs, + "Eumenides" EP from 1994 and the track from the Sigh split EP, both remastered!) GRE (10,-)

KEEN OF THE CROW - Hyborea CD 2007 (Hymns of reckoning, a collection or culmination of dark harmony - gathered underwatchful expertise! Reminds of early Opeth and Primodial! ) USA (8,-)

KERBENOK - Der Erde Entwachsen MCD 2008 (Harsh and unyielding Black/Pagan Metal terrain) GER (8,-)

KERBENOK – "O" 2008 (deep-structured, creative, emotional and nature-inspired black metal for those into Ulver, Drudkh, etc.) GER (10,-)

KHORS - the flame of eternity's decline / cold 2CD 2012 (Atmospheric pagan black metal from Ukraine! Double CD.) UKR (14,-)

KILL - Burning Blood 2012 (the 4th album, Swedish black death metal massacre) SWE (10,-)

KISTVAEN - Unbekannte 2010 (Great sounding Opressive, Suicidal Black Metal at its best! For all maniacs into Shining, Bethlehem, Craft.) ROM (10,-)


KISTVAEN - Desolate Ways digipak CD 2014 ROM (12,-) 

KLABUATAMANN - Merkur CD 2009 (Enigmatic, epic black metal.) GER (10,-)

KORPERSCHWACHE – Evil Walks digiCD (Droning riffs that veer from hypnotic noise to dismal quasi-black metal buzz.) USA (8,-)

KRAKEN DUUMVIRATE - From the Dying Soil to the Eternal Sea 2008 FIN (10,-)

KRATORNAS - Over The Fourth Part Of The Earth 2007 (Old school black/death from Philippines to warmetal freaks) PHI (10,-)

KRIEG - The Black House 2004 (great USBM, one of the best Krieg albums! the 3rd full length) USA (12,-)

KRIEG - Destruction Ritual 2002 (No bass guitar was used on this recording: nothing but sheer audial torture, the 2nd full length) USA (12,-)

KRIEG – Blue Miasma Digi CD 2013 (Remastered, raw mix that does not include most of the original soundbites. Also includes the original artwork that was not included on the first edition. Painting done by Midgaars Of Lugubrum, the best Krieg album ever! USBM classic) USA (12,-)

KRIEGSMASCHINE - A Thousand Voices mCD 2005 (Old School Satanic Black Metal Terror!!!) POL (9,-)

KRISTALLNACHT - Blooddrenched Memorial 1994-2002 2006 (Full Kristallnacht discography on one single CD! NSBM Classic!) FRA (10,-)

KRODA - Fünf Jahre Kulturkampf CD + DVD Digipak 2009/2011 (the 4th full length, pagan folk black metal, DVD with Documentary, Interwiews, live) UKR (15,-)

KROHM - Slayer of Lost Martyrs / Crown of the Ancients 2001 (Two treasures on one CD, US black metal masterpiece!) USA (10,-)

KROHM - A World Through Dead Eyes 2004 (The legendary debut from this cult depressive/haunting black metal act!) USA (10,-)
KRÖWNN - Magmafröst digiCD 2015 (Sun & Moon Records) ITA (12,-) 

KRUMKACH -  Black Vision of Hatred CD 2008 (Belarusian true black metal.) BEL (10,-)

KULT - Unleashed From Dismal Light 2013 (2nd album, black metal cult!) ITA (10,-)

KUTURLAT - Necroritual 2006 (Morbid and rancid black metal, obscure and evil with influences of Necrophagia, Mayhem!) SPA (10,-)

LACUNA COIL - Karmacode 2006 (Gothic metal with female vocals.) ITA (10,-)

LAID IN ASHES - Bastards from Hell 2006 (Atmospheric, technical well-versed but nevertheless brutal, Thrash emphasized Death Metal at its best) GER (10,-)

LANDFORGE - Servitude To Earth 2012 (Atmospheric doom.) UK (10,-)

LASHBLOOD - Philosophy Of Self-Flagellation: Being and Nothing 2012 (Avantgarde dark black/deaht from Russia.) RUS (9,-)

LATHSPELL - Versus Ecclesia 2006 (Underground Finnish black metal) FIN (10,-)

LEGACY OF BLOOD - Infernal Cult of Blood MCD 2005 (NS Black Metal attack from Poland + Baphomet's Throne cover from Samael, recommended!) POL (10,-)

LEPRA - Tongue Of Devil Prayers 2014 (satanic devil worship black metal) HUN (10,-)

LEVIATHAN - Tentacles Of Whorror (Essential USBM release.) USA (10,-)

LEVIATHAN / CREBAIN - Split digiCD 2004 (raw and uncompromisng black metal we've ever heard, the Xasthur, Leviathan, Draugar, Crebain family) USA (12,-)

LIK - Ma Ljuset Aldrig Na Oss Mer 2003/2011 (Weird, occult atmospheric Black Metal. Re-release.) SWE (10,-)


LIK - Besvärtade Strofer 2005 (Weird, occult black folk metal.) SWE (10,-)

LIK - Lekamen Illusionen Kallet 2007 (Weird, occult black folk metal.) SWE (10,-)

LIKBLEK - Likblek 2010 (Swedish Black Metal with Kill, Necroplasma, Swordmaster, Nightshade, etc members) SWE (10,-) 

LILYIUM - Nothing is mine 2011 (A magisterial earth-shaking journey into War Black Metal!) ITA (10,-)

LIVOR MORTIS - All Hail the Angel of Death 2009 (Infernal black/thrash from France, Nocturnal Depression side-project.) FRA (10,-)

LIVSNEKAD - Den Sociala Vanförheten 2009 (Shining, Apati, Promenia, etc members playing depressive black-doom metal!) SWE (12,-)

LIVSNEKAD - Nostalgisk katarsis 2011 (Re-recorded version of "Köttets och sinnets biografi". Depressive Black/Doom Metal) SWE (10,-)

LOCUS MORTIS - Voust 2007 (Occult Black Metal with an impressive evocative strength) ITA (10,-)

LOCUS MORTIS - Inter Uterum Et Loculum MMXI 2012 (Black metal with vicious and morbid atmosphere for those into Funeral Mist and Watain.) ITA (10,-)
LOITS - Ei Kahetse Midagi DIGICD 2001/2009 (re-release of the legendary demo + bonus track from this Flak n' Roll pioneers!) EST (12,-)

LORD FOUL – Killing, Raping, Burning / The Devil's Advocate 2010 (demo '93 & '94 on one CD, band known from the Nargaroth "I Burn for You" cover) USA (10,-)
LORD VICAR / FUNERAL CIRCLE - Split CD (2 great doom bands!) FIN/CAN (10,-)

LORDAMOR - Lordamor 2009 (black/doom metal in the vein of Unholy, Worship, Thergothon & Beherit with Cosmic Church, Utgard, Blood Red Fog members) FIN (10,-)

LORDS OF BUKKAKE - Desorden Y Rencor 2010 (Dirty sludge/doom for those into Eyehategod, Swans, Godflesh, etc.) SPA (9,-)

LYCANTHROPY'S SPELL - Forest of Misanthropy 2007 (pure 90's Black Metal style mixed with misanthropic depressing Black Metal + Moonblood cover) BEL (10,-)

LYRINX - Nihilistic Purity 2007/2008 (nihilistic, death, suicide black metal, highly recommended!) UK (10,-)

LUCIFUGUM - Stigma Egoism 2004 (elite ukrainian extreme black metal with a folk eastern touch, the 4th album) UKR (10,-)

LUGUBRE - Chaoskult (Hymns of Destruction) 2011 (comp from early demos, split, etc songs Limited to 666 hand-numbered copies. Dutch black metal) NED (10,-)

LUGUBRIOUS - In Nomine Domini Nostri Jesus Christ mCD 2012 (Brutal death metal.) SPA (7,-)

LUGUBRUM - De Vette Cuecken 2004 (the 5th album, bizarre and very original Black Metal, recommended!) BEL (10,-)

LUGUBRUM - Face lion face oignon 2012 (Lugubrum is Lugubrum, you can't put any label on them. This is their 10th album for 20 years of existence.) BEL (10,-)

LUNAR AURORA - Zyklus 2004 (Cold & grim black metal from another dimension!) GER (10,-)

LUNAR AURORA - Mond 2005 (Cold & grim black metal from another dimension!) GER (10,-)

LUNAR AURORA - Weltengänger 2007 (Cold & grim black metal from another dimension!) GER (10,-)
LUNAR AURORA - Hoagascht CD 2012 (Atmospheric Black Metal masterpiece.) GER (10,-)

LURK – Lurk 2012 (Impressive downtempo collage of doom, sludge and black metal, recommended for fans of Autopsy, Celtic Frost, Winter, etc.) FIN (9,-)

LUTOMYSL - De Profundis 2008 (the great new album from the Superior, Individual & Nihilist Black metal band!) UKR (10,-)

LUX DIVINA - From The Tomb To Nature's Blood 2009 (Phenomenal nature-driven Black Metal that will appeal to fans of Borknagar, Agalloch, etc) SPA (10,-)





MAJESTIC DOWNFALL / ANSIA - Split CD 2007 (modern Doom Metal meets atmospheric/piano/avantgarde doom.) MEX/ITA (10,-)

MAJUTSU NO NIWA - The Visionaries' Sand Zone 2012 (Acid Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Papersleeve with insert of lyrics in Japanese and English) JAP (11,-)
MAJUTSU NO NIWA - Frontera digiCD 2009 (Psychedelic acid noise Rock) JAP (12,-)

MALHKEBRE - Prostration MCD 2006/2010 (satanic black metal, housed in jewel case with additional cardboard slipcase and 16 page booklet) FRA (10,-)

MALKUTH - Sefirah Gevurah 2009 (second full length album from this obscure occult black metal. hail!) USA (12,-)

MALVEILLANCE - Just Fuck Off 2006 (For all the misanthropic loners, grim punkish BM.) CAN (10,-)

MALVENTO - Clavi CD 2007 (New album of this Italian horde and their personal old styled Black Metal! For fans of dark orthodox BM!) ITA (10,-)

MANDATORY - Exiled in Pain 2008 (All of Mandatory's demo's on one CD along with some previously unreleased material, Repulsion & Razor covers!) GER (10,-)

MANIAC BUTCHER - Cerna Krev 1998 (the legendary 5th album available again, a part of Black Metal History!) CZ (10,-)

MANIAC BUTCHER - Epitaph: The Final Onslaught Of Maniac Butcher 2000 (the 6th album, leading Czech Black Metal!) CZ (12,-)

MANIAC BUTCHER - Masakr 2010 (the come back album, 7th full length of true Bohemian Black Metal!) CZ (10,-) 

MANII (ex-Manes) - Kollaps 2013 (surprising come-back after the dismissions of MANES, great new album!) NOR (12,-)

MANILLA ROAD - Mysterium 2013 (epic heavy metal legend, Shadow Kingdom release) USA (10,-)

MANILLA ROAD - Mystification 1987/2014 (epic heavy metal legend, Shadow Kingdom release) USA (11,-)

MANILLA ROAD - Voyager 2008/2014 (epic heavy metal legend, Shadow Kingdom release) USA (11,-)

MANILLA ROAD - Crystal Logic 1983/2012 (epic heavy metal legend, Shadow Kingdom release) USA (12,-)

MANILLA ROAD - Out Of The Abyss 1988/2014 (epic heavy metal legend, Shadow Kingdom release) USA (11,-)

MANILLA ROAD - Playground Of The Damned 2011 (epic heavy metal legend, Shadow Kingdom release) USA (11,-)

MANILLA ROAD - The Deluge 1986/2011 (epic heavy metal legend, Shadow Kingdom release) USA (12,-)

MANZER - Pictavian Invasion in Asia 2012 (80 minutes of ancient Black Metal with raw sound.) FRA (10,-)    

MARBLEBOG - Wind of Moors 2008 (3rd full-length, ambiental/experimental album) HUN (10,-)

MARBLEBOG / DRAUGURZ - Split 2009 (raw, lo-fi black metal from both bands) HUN/BRA (9,-)

MARZURAAN - Five Years Worth Of Fuck All 2008 (sludge-drone doom metal from UK, more than 70 minutes of audio torture) UK (10,-)

MASACRE - Colombia... Imperio del terror/Cancer de nuestros dias 2004/2013 (Colombian Cult Death/Black Metal, MASACRE's 89/90 demo on CD! re-mastered, 16 songs incl. Brazilian god, SARCOFAGO cover! Obliteration Records/NWN!) COL (12,-)

MASSACRA – Enjoy The Violence (Classic & essential Death Metal from France.) FRA (10,-)

MASSEMORD / SVARTSKOGG - New Millennium Holocaust / Svart Metall Ondskapt Split 2004 (True Norwegian Black Metal from both bands) NOR (10,-)

MASSEMORD - A Journey Through Life And Death MCD 2014 (brandnew mini album of this norwegian/italian cult black metal band) NOR (9,-)

MASTABAH – Purity digiCD 2008 (Brilliant death metal EP, nice digipack!) POL (7,-)

MASTERY - Barbaric Usurpation Of The Hyperonic Black Metal Throne 2CD (Very dark and buzzy black metal from US, double CD.) USA (15,-)

MATRICIDE - Holy Virgin MCD 2006 (Great black metal misery from Sweden! Satan, massacre, desecration! Unholy Horde Records) SWE (10,-)

MELECHESH - Emissaries 2006 ISR (10,-)

MELECHESH - Sphynx + Bonus 2003 ISR (10,-)

MENEGROTH - Gazourmah 2009 (Occult, Fascist, Militarist, Paganist Black Metal, the 3rd full length album) SWI (10,-)

MERCILESS CRUCIFIXION - Airesis 2006 (Massive bestial assault of Warlike brutal Black/Death Metal for fans of Blasphemy/Beherit/Morbosidad) GRE (10,-)

MERESSIN - The Baphomet's Call 2007 (Lithuanian Old school black metal) LIT (10,-)

MERRIMACK - Grey Rigorism (Orthodox black metal at its best.) FRA (10,-)

MGLA - Mdlosci / Further Down the Nest 2007/2015 (2 Eps on one CD, Polish Black Metal highlight) POL (10,-)

MICROWAVES – Contagion Heuristic CD (Ddystopian Thrash Metal.) USA (9,-)

MIDNIGHT - Complete And Total Hell 2012 (21-track, collects all of MIDNIGHT's entire pre-"Satanic Royalty" back catalog, a must release!) USA (12,-)

MIDNIGHT - No Mercy For Mayhem 2014 2XCD (bonus disc comprising of Midnight's super-limited "Alive on the Streets of Cleveland" live LP) USA (14,-)

MINOTAURI - II 2007 (Second full-length album from this fantastic pure doom metal band.) FIN (10,-)

MISANTHROPIC TRIUMPH / RAVENDARK'S MONARCHAL CANTICLE - Breath of Deadly Silence split CD 2009 (NSBM meets black/death/thrash metal) BRA (10,-)

MISANTROPICAL PAINFOREST - Firm Grip of the Roots 2010 (Epic Black Metal by Kutcheck Gorealis from Tyranny, Dark Legions, Hail, etc, 2nd album) FIN (10,-) 

MONARQUE / SORCIER DES GLACES - Split CD 2012 (brandnew and excellent split cd from two of the best canadian black metal bands !!masterpiece !!) CAN (10,-)

MONUMENTUM - The River digi MCD 2014 (An unusual tribute to one specific song: PJ Harvey's "The River", here executed and recorded in three slightly different arrangements and sung by three different vocalists.) ITA (8,-)

MONUMENTUM - In Absentia Christi 1995/2017 digiCD (Remastered reissue of this classic avantgarde dark doom album) ITA (12,-)

MOONSORROW - V: Havitetty 2007 (Triumphant epic metal!) FIN (10,-)

MOONSPELL - The Butterfly Effect 2006 (Icarus Records, Argentina version!) POR (10,-)

MOONTOWER/TARAN - Devil´s Incarnation 2005 POL (10,-)

MOONTOWER - In The Shadow Of The Wolf 2008 (re-release of this great Ep with bonus tracks and Emperor cover, black metal) POL (10,-)

MORBID ANGEL - Illud Divinum Insanus 2011 (the most controversial MA album) USA (10,-)   

MORD'A'STIGMATA - Antimatter 2011 (Sun & Moon Records) POL (12,-) 

MÖRK GRYNING - Mörk Gryning 2005 (essential Swedish black metal, the last album) SWE (10,-)

MORNINGSTAR - Heretic Metal 1996/2016 (re-issue the band's second album, prime Finnish black heavy metal) FIN (10,-)

MORRIGAN - The Damned 2007 (the 6th full length album, majestic german black metal) GER (10,-)

MORS AETERNA - Behind The Majestic Mirror Of Death MCD (Morbid French Black Metal!) FRA (9,-)

MORTE - Irresponsible Misanthropic Existence 2006 (Disgusting primitive Black Metal, a must for Ildjarn fanatics!) ITA (10,-)

MORTIFERA - Maledictiih DIGI CD 2010 (sad, desolate Black Metal with Noktu Geiistmort from Celestia/Gestapo 666, etc, 2nd full length album) FRA (12,-) 

MORTIFERA - Vastiia Tenebrd Mortifera DIGI CD (the legendary 1st album, sad, desolate Black Metal with Noktu Geiistmort from Celestia) FRA (12,-)

MORTIFERA - Bleuu de Morte 2013 (the 3rd album, one of their best release! Celestia members doing high class French melancholic BM) FRA (10,-)

MORTIFERA - IV: Sanctii Tristhess digiCD 2014 (the 4th album, deloate French Black Metal) FRA (12,-)

MORTIFERA - Alhena's Tears 2015 (Compilation of previously released audio as well as unreleased material - includes tracks taken from "Complainte d'une Agonie Céleste" Mcd and various splits) FRA (12,-) 

MORTUUS INFRADAEMONI - Daemon Qui Fecit Terram 2008 (Absorbing, massive black metal atmosphere!) GER (12,-)

MOURNING DAWN - Mourning Dawn 2005 (One hour of totally sick doom/dark/BM in the vein of Deinonychus, old Katatonia and Shining...) FRA (10,-)

MOURNING DAWN - For the Fallen 2009 (70 minutes of unique doom/dark metal in vein of old Katatonia, Bethlehem, Shining, etc.) FRA (9,-)

MYRK - Icons Of The Dark 2003 (Satanic Black Metal from Iceland!) ICE (10,-)

MYRKVID - Pleasures Of Hell 2013 (Satanic French Black Metal, 1st album) FRA (10,-)

MYSTAGOG - ...Of Old 2012 (Old type necro black metal with Witchcraft/Diecold/Thy Funeral members.) HUN (9,-)

MYSTICUM - Demon's Never Sleep (Unofficial release from the masters of industrial black metal inferno!) NOR (12,-)

MUNRUTHEL - Epoch Of Aquarius 2012 (Pagan ambient black metal.) RUS (9,-)

MUNRUTHEL - Oriana Tales digiCD 2012 (Pagan ambient black metal.) RUS (10,-)

MURMUR - Mainlining the Lugubrious 2010 (USBM, Opiate Abuse, Depression, The Apocalypse, Nihilism, 1st album, nihilist/depressive BM) USA (10,-)

MUSTA KAPPELI - Ei Valoa Tähän Kammioon Digi CD 2010 (mystical lycanthropic forest black metal with Satanic worship of nighttime darkness) FIN (10,-)

MUSTA KAPPELI - Saatanassa Ulvoneet MCD 2008 (Really dark mid tempo satanic black metal with Molestor from Anal Blasphemy, Calvarium, etc) FIN (10,-) 

MUSTAN KUUN LAPSET - 14 Talvea 2011 (Northern grim black metal.) FIN (10,-)

MUTIILATION - Remains of a Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul 1999/2012 (Official Drakkar Productions pressing! No bootleg, no bullshit, black metal collection can't be complete without this Black Metal Masterpiece!) FRA (12,-)

MUTIILATION - Black Millenium (Grimly Reborn) 2001/2012 (Official Drakkar Productions pressing! No bootleg, no bullshit, black metal collection can't be complete without this Black Metal Masterpiece!) FRA (12,-)

MUTIILATION - Majestas Leprosus digiCD 2003/2016 (th 4th album, first time on digipack CD, a must release) FRA (12,-)

MUTIILATION - Rattenkönig digiCD 2004/2016 (paranoia feelings, isolation and mental downfall, first time on digipack CD, a must release) FRA (12,-)

MUTIILATION - Sorrow Galaxies digiCD 2007/2016 (the last, the best Mutiilation album, first time on digipack CD, a must release) FRA (12,-)

MYRKR - Black Illumination slipcase-CD 2009 (Pure Black Metal art with the atmosphere of true spiritual darkness.) SWE (10,-)

MYTHOLOGICAL COLD TOWERS - Immemorial 2011 (Mythological occult doom metal masterpiece!) BRA (10,-)

N.K.V.D. - Hakmarrja 2014 (2nd album totalitarean Industrial Black Metal) FRA (10,-)

NA RASPUTJE - Early demos (1998-2003) 2009 (Russian NS Black Metal, contains early demos) RUS (10,-)

NAASTRAND - Total Holocaust - 1st Black Metal Assault CD 2006 (Totally raw uncompromised underground Black Metal.) MEX (10,-)

NABERIUS - Rebirth Of The Blackened Cult 2009 (Grim Black Metal full of misery.) SLV (10,-)

NADIWRATH / HEXENMEISTER - Raze the Cosmic Inexistence 2012 (Misanthropic black metal!) GRE/UKR (10,-)

NADJA - Desire In Uneasiness CD GATEFOLD 2008 (Dark Ambient, Doom Metal, Avantgarde, Released in a sturdy gatefold jacket similar to old age double-LP gatefolds) CAN (10,-)

NAE'BLIS / DOMINION - Split CD 2007 (Great grim & depressive black art feat. material from rare releases + bonuses.) SWE (10,-)

NAE'BLIS - Sketches Of Reality 2007 (Classic bleak opressive/depressive Swedish black metal.) SWE (10,-)

NAER MATARON - Skotos Aeonaon 2001/2011 (Greek elite black metal.) GRE (10,-)

NAER MATARON - Kai O Logos Sarx Egeneto Digi CD 2013 (Near one hour of Black Metal and Dark Folk / Ambient sounds released in noble digi pack format with 16 pages booklet. The 7th album) GRE (11,-)

NAGUAL - Active Side of Infinity 2008 (Atmospheric Doom/Death Metal with Nokturnal Mortum, Hate Forest, Dark Ages member) UKR (10,-)

NAHASH - Nocticula Hecate 2007 (Obscure Lithuanian black metal band Nahash presents their cult demo Nocticula Hecate) LIT (10,-)

NAKED WHIPPER – Painstreaks 1995/2011 (Black Metal/Grindcore, Naked Whipper + Moloch: Acid Orgy Eps as bonus on CD) GER (10,-) 

NASHEIM - Evighet/Undergang 2004 (Swedish black metal.) SWE (10,-)

NASTROND - Age Of Fire 2010 (Grim, hypnotic, cavernous black metal!) SWE (10,-)

NASTROND - Toteslaut 2010 (Elite grim black metal!) SWE (10,-)

NASTROND - Muspellz Synir slipcase-CD 2008 (Grim, hypnotic, cavernous and schizophrenically violeny black steel!) SWE (10,-)

NAZXUL - Iconoclast 2009 (enigmatic Australian legends NAZXUL return after a long hiatus and deliver another classic, Black Metal) AUS (10,-)

NAZXUL - Totem 1995/2011 (enigmatic Australian legends NAZXUL's first album re-released version!) AUS (10,-)

NAZXUL – Black Seed 2005/2010 (Contains Black Seed EP, 2 live tracks and the 1994 demo. Occult, Satanic Black Metal!) AUS (10,-) 

NDE - Krieg Blue Ehre Asche 2009 (noisy Black Metal, anthemic martial drums and wretched Industrial in eight acts.) BEL (10,-)

NECRONOCLAST - Monument 2007 (Suicidal Black Metal from Scottish lands!) SCT (10,-)

NECRONOCLAST - Haven 2008 (Misery machine NECRONOCLAST unleashes his 3rd album, more darker and sinister Katatonic/Burzumic black metal.) SCT (10,-)

NECRONOCLAST - Ashes (Horrific, nightmarish visions through some of the most sorrowful Black Metal ever created.) UK (10,-)

NECROPHAGIA - The Divine Art Of Torture digiCD 2003 (Very heavy, violent horror metal for freaks!) USA (10,-)

NECROPHAGIA - Death is Fun 1995/2000/2006 (Black/Death/Thrash originators classic demo recordings finally re-issued!) USA (10,-)

NECROPHAGIA - Harvest Ritual Vol. I 2005 (nice digibook version by Coffin Records! special size, limited release!) USA (14,-)

NECROPHAGIA - Black Blood Vomitorium MCD 2000 USA (10,-)

NECROPLASMA - Sit Gloria Domini Insecvlvm 2006 (Raw Devil Worshipping Black Metal, the 2nd full length album) SWE (12,-)

NECROSLUT - Black Deceiver 2010 (Blasphemic old school Black/Death Metal attack by Shatraug fom Horna, Sargeist, Mortualia, etc. ugly as fuck) FIN (10,-)

NEFARIOUS - The universal Wrath 2012 (Atmopsheric black metal for those into Forest Silence/Sear Bliss.) HUN (10,-)

NEIGE ET NOIRCEUR - Natura Mortis Sonoris 2013 (2006-2013 compilation. 15 rare tracks already appeared on demos, sold out albums) CAN (10,-)

NEIGE ET NOIRCEUR / DAUGHTERS OF SOPHIA - Ascension 2016 (Canadian ambiental black metal doom meets French atmospheric BM) CAN/FRA (10,-)

NEKRASOV – Extinction digiCD (Claustrophobic black metal.) OZ (10,-)

NEKROKAOS - Chaos II 2007 (chaos black metal for obscure musick maniacs, Insidious Poisoning) FRA (12,-)

NEKROKRIST SS / FAAGRIM - Strike of the Northern Legions 2012 (Finnish NS Black Metal meets German black metal!) FIN/GER (10,-)

NEKROKRIST SS - Der Todesking 2013 (2nd album, primitive Finnish dirty balck metal it's best, for fans of Goatmoon, early Satanic Warmaster) FIN (10,-)

NEKROKRIST SS / INFAMOUS Split 2016 (limited edition in digisleeve, Finnish BM meets Italian BM) FIN/ITA (10,-)

NEMESIS THRONE - Garden of Hate CD-R 2007 (Obscure and dissonant Black Metal like Mütiilation..Ildjarn and Gorgoroth) FRA (5,-)

NEUTRON HAMMER - Extermination Kommand MCD 2009 (Blackened thrashing metal of death with Horna, Vitsaus, Sacrilegious Impalement members) FIN (10,-)

NEUTRON HAMMER - Damnation’s Bringer MCD 2006 (Blackened thrashing metal of death with Horna, Vitsaus, Sacrilegious Impalement members) FIN (8,-)

NEUTRON HAMMER - Iron Storm Evocation 2012 (Blackened Death/Thrash Metal in old school dirty style, 1st album) FIN (10,-)

Niðafjöll - Endir 2016 (Symphonic Black Metal from Iceland) ICE (10,-)

NIGHTBRINGER - Apocalypse Sun 2010 (Occult Black Metal from USA, the 2nd album with Serpentinam, Temple of Not, etc members) USA (10,-)

NJIQAHDDA - Nji. Njiijn. Njiiijn 2008 Digipack CD (psychedelic black metal art, folk, ambient, doom and shoegaze music, excellent release!) USA (10,-)

NJIQAHDDA - Yrg Alms 2009 (black metal, dark ambient, noise, electronica, post rock and funeral doom scattered all over the record) USA (10,-)

NOCTA - Wicked Woman 2005 (traditional heavy metal with Kostas from Nightfall) GRE (10,-)

NOCTURNAL - Thrash With The Devil 2002 (Thrash/Black Metal attack from Germany.) GER (8,-)

NOCTURNAL BLOOD - Devastated Graves - The Morbid Celebration 2010 (Morbid Black Death Metal, INFLUENCES: Beherit, Blasphemy, Von, Demoncy, etc.) USA (12,-)

NOCTURNAL BREED - The Tools Of The Trade 2000 (Blackened Thrash Metal, the 3rd album) NOR (10,-)

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - Suicidal Thoughts 2011 (Sun & Moon Records) FRA (12,-)

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - Reflections of a Sad Soul 2008 (Sun & Moon Records) FRA (12,-)

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - Soundtrack For A Suicide: Opus II 2008 (Sun & Moon Records) FRA (12,-)

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - Four Seasons to a Depression CD 2007/2010 (Sun & Moon Records) FRA (12,-)

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - Nostalgia - Fragments of a Broken Past CD 2007/2010 (Sun & Moon Records) FRA (12,-)

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - Near to the Stars 2014 (Sun & Moon Records) FRA (12,-) 

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION / BENIGHTED IN SODOM / DEATHROW – Dismal Empyrean Solitude Split CD 2010 (3 exclusive long, epic tracks) FRA/USA/ ITA (10,-)

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - The Cult of Negation 2010 (suicide-depressive Black Metal, a bit different from the previous albums, 4th full length) FRA (10,-) 

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - Soundtrack For A Suicide: Opus II digiCD 2017 (Sun & Moon Records release) FRA (12,-)

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - Deathcade digiCD 2017 (Sun & Moon Records release) FRA (12,-)

NOCTURNAL FEAR - Metal Of Honor 2009 (Killer US Thrash Metal!) USA (10,-)

NOCTURNAL FEAR - Excessive Cruelty 2011 (Killer US Thrash Metal!) USA (10,-)

NOCTURNAL VOMIT – Divine Profanation 2006/2010 (a must for Blasphemy, Beherit, Sarcofago, Incantation maniacs, old school death-black) GRE (10,-) 
NOCTURNAL WITCH - Summoning Hell 2014 (German Black/Thrash Metal, 1st album) GER (10,-)   

NOISM – ± digiCD (Absolutely abstract, strange and technical death metal / grind from Japan.) JAP (9,-)

NOKTURNAL MORTUM – To the Gates of Blasphemous Fire CD 1999 (Majestic Black Metal with folk elements.) UKR (10,-)

NOKTURNE - Embracer Of Dark Ages 2001/2014 (first album re-release with new artwork) USA (10,-)

NORD'N'COMMANDER - Maps Of Shadow Travelling 2003 (Electronic Folk/Black Metal with Philosophy, Mysticism and Military ideas!) RUS (10,-)

NORD'N'COMMANDER - Hermeneutics 2005 (Electronic Folk/Black Metal + Burzum, Death & Manowar covers) RUS (10,-)

NORDLYS - 'til Pest 2007 (This german cult act gives us here stuff that they have released under the names Nordlys, Pest & Die Pest)  GER (10,-)

NORDVARGR / DRAKH - The Betrayal Of Light digiCD 2007 (original members of black ambient terrorists MZ412 regroup for crushing Sunn 0)))-like black ambient doom) SWE (12,-)

NORDWIND - Wendehorn 2012 (Godless North members playing excellent Black Metal) CAN (10,-)

NORDWIND - Walk To The Woods/Nordwind 2013 (This both cult demo tapes new remastered. Excellent german black metal from 1996-1998!) GER (10,-)

NORTHSTREAM - Time of Triumphal Cleanliness mCD 2004 (Black metal filled with misery, from Russia, 26 min EP.) RUS (7,-)

NORTT - Ligfaerd 2005 (the 2nd album, Pure Depressive Black Funeral Doom Metal) DEN (12,-)

NORTT - Graven 1999/2007 (Pure Depressive Black Funeral Doom Metal, re-release the 3rd demo with bonus) DEN (12,-)

NORTT - Galgenfrist 2008 (the new album, Pure Depressive Black Funeral Doom Metal) DEN (10,-)

NOVEMBERS DOOM - The Knowing 2XCD 2011 (2 CD reissue with extended 24 p booklet of the epic debut of this doom metal act!) USA (13,-)

NOX INFERI - Adverse Spheres 2008 (new experimental Black Metal projekt with Nazxul, Drowning The Light, Vrolok, Corpus Christii, etc members!) AUS (10,-)

NUIT NOIRE - Fantomatic Plenitude 2007 (9 studio tracks + 9 live tracks, the masters of French punk-black metal are back!) FRA (10,-)
NUMEN - Numen 2011 (Cult old school black metal in vein of early Norway style.) SPA (9,-)

NYCHTS / WEDARD - Zwischen Leere Und Nichts  Split CD 2009 (Sun & Moon Records) SWI/GER (12,-)
NYCHTS / MORTUALIA - "Nebelstern Des Nichts" A5 digiCD 2010/2011 (Sun & Moon Records) SWI/FIN (25,-)

NYCTICORAX – Black Raven…Dark Night 2006 LAT (10,-)

O - O MCD 2004 (raw and hateful black metal, O is a side-project of ...And Oceans/Havoc Unit/Rotten Sound members) FIN (8,-)

OBEISANCE - Hellbent on Slaughter 2005 (collection of all demos, raw and ugly Black/Thrash/War Metal its best!) USA (10,-)

OBEISANCE - Unholy, Unwholesome and Evil 2006 (Old school Death/Black/Thrash Metal attack from El Paso, Texas) USA (10,-)

OBEISANCE - Satanik Fuck 2009 (Insane Death/Black/Thrash Metal from El Paso. Compilation of rare EP's, re-recorded tracks and a new song!) USA (10,-)

OBITUARY - Xecutioner's Return splipcaseCD 2007 (US death metal legend.) USA (10,-)

OBSCURE ANACHRONISM - Transcending Mundane Obstacles 2007 (Austrian black metal) AT (10,-)

OBSECRATION – Seeds Of A Pervert God 2006 (Intense and sadistic Death Metal from the dead lands of Greece! Feel the Murder Addiction of this release!) GRE (10,-)

OBSESSöR - Assassins of the Pentagram 2014 (German Black/Thrash Metal, the new album) GER (10,-)

OBTEST - Tukstantmetis Slipcase CD 2007 (great Lithuanian pagan metal, the legendary first album, collectors' slipcase edition) LTU (12,-)

OBTEST - Gyvybes Medis DIGIPAK CD 2008 (the 4th album, pagan metal heralds bear the Lithuanian flag forth!) LTU (12,-)

OBTEST - Prieš Audrą SUPER JEWEL BOX CD 2012 (remastered black metal beginnings of Lithuanian metal celebrities, early demos, rare stuff) LTU (11,-)

OBTEST - Iš Kartos I Kartą A5 PHOTOALBUM CD 2005 (the 3rd album, heathen war heavy metal, luxury cardboard A5 sized photoalbum, lim. to 1000) LTU (14,-)

OBTEST - Auka Seniems Dievams SUPER JEWEL BOX CD with SLIPCASE 2001/2011 (ten year anniversary re-issue of the second Obtest album [2001], it is no less than pagan war metal masterpiece) LTU (12,-)
OCCULT – 1992-1993 Digipak CD 2016 (early studio & demo songs from the band which we know now as Legion Of The Damned) NED (10,-)
ODEM - Rape Your God And Pray For Reprieve 2011 (Relentless black/death cruelty from this excellent Russian band.) RUS (10,-)
OFFICIUM TRISTE - The Pathway + 5 bonus tracks 2001/2007 (excellent death/doom metal) NED (10,-)

OHTAR/DARK FURY - Necrohate / Auri Sacra Fames Split CD 2009 (Cold Dark NSBM performance in the old ways...) POL (10,-)

OLD WAINDS - Where The Snows Are Never Gone 1997/2011 (one of the best Russian Black Metal demo ever, CD version with English title and tracklist, freezing BM from Murmansk) RUS (10,-)

OLD WITCH - Come Mourning Come digi CD 2014 (Sun & Moon Records) CAN (12,-)
OMEGA - The Hell Patrol 2013 (Black/Thrash/Speed Metal from Greece, the new album) GRE (10,-)

OMEGA - Second Coming, Second Crucifixion 2010 (Black/Thrash Metal in the vein of Venom, Motorhead, Hellhammer + DarkThrone, a must release!) GRE (10,-)

ONIRIK - After Centuries of Silence 2009 (10 hymns of deep Black Metal art in cruel devotion to darkness) POR (10,-)

ONSLAUGHT - Power from hell Gateshead 01.12.1984 (this is a classic series release and a live recording for fans of the band only) UK (10,-) 

OPERA IX - Anphisbena 2004 (long time active Italian Black Metal since 1988, the 5th full length album with a special Bathory cover) ITA (12,-)

OPUS LEVIATHAN / ASSUR - Dark Reborn Of Frozen Souls 2003 (great Epic Black Metal Split album from Colombia) COL (10,-)

ORNIAS  -Deathbringer 2007 (Hellish Swedish Black Metal, in vein of Armagedda, Taake, etc.) SWE (10,-)

OSIRION - Har Sabbat 2005 (Anti-Christian black metal, 1st album with Animus Herilis member) FRA (10,-)

OSKAL - Stahlkrieg / Blazes of Sunset 2008 (Russian NS Black Metal, gathering of the two demos recorded in 2004) RUS (10,-)

OTHALA - Nar alting er glemt... 2008 (Great and very promising mysterious neofolk/atmospheric music from Denmark!) DEN (10,-)

OXIDISED RAZOR - ...carne ... sangre... 2003 (Mexican Raw Grind Gore, 2nd full album, including NAPALM DEATH and legendly NECRONY cover!) MEX (10,-)
OVERHANG PARTY - Complete Studio Recordings 4XCD 2013 (legendary Japanese psychedelic rock band from 1991 to 2008, members now playing in MAJUTSU NO NIWA) JAP (20,-) 

ÖRDÖG - The Art of Nihilism 2012 (Nihilist, chaotic black metal.) FRA (10,-)
PAGAN ALTAR - The Time Lord 2004/2012 (Shadow Kingdom version, epic doom heavy metal legend) UK (10,-)

PAGAN FOREST - Pure Harmony Of the Night 2006 (Pagan Black Metal from Poland.) POL (10,-)

PAGAN HELLFIRE - Solidarity 2008 (Epic Canadian Black Metal with powerful melodies and spirit, the 4th album) CAN (10,-)

PAGAN HELLFIRE - On the Path to Triumph 2013 (Canadian Black Metal with powerful melodies and spirit, the 5th album) CAN (10,-)

PAGAN RITES - Hellcome Back to Earth 2009 (great live album with some exclusive studio tracks as bonus, for old school metal maniacs!) SWE (10,-)

PAGAN RITES - Pagan Metal - Roars of the Anti Christ 2006 (Killer old school banging pagan black death with Autopsy Torment & Devil Lee Rot) SWE (10,-)

PAGANIZER - Basic Instructions for Dying 2009 (Rare and/or unreleased Paganizer material through the years. essential!) SWE (12,-)

PAGANUS - Paganus 2008 (Extreme doom metal in vein of Khanate, Burning Witch, Neurosis...) FIN (9,-)

PAINFUL MEMORIES - Memorial To Suffering 2006 (Re-release of a legendary album of a band from St.Petersburg) RUS (10,-)

PANTHEIST - Amartia 2005 (The whole album is constantly sloooow like SKEPTICISM and dirgy as ESOTERIC.) BEL (10,-)

PANTHEIST - Pantheist 2011 (New album from the masters of Funeral Doom! Recommended!) BEL (10,-)

PANTHEON - Vargrstrike 2001 (great NSBM, Re-issue on DARKER THAN BLACK RECORDS 2008 with "Thangorodrim" 1998 DEMO as bonus tracks.) USA (10,-)

PARADISE LOST – Paradise Lost 2003 (Essential gothic metal.) UK (10,-)

PARAGON IMPURE - To Gaius (For The Delivery Of Agrippina) 2005/2009 digiCD (Black Metal with Thronum Vrondor, Lugubrum, Grimfaug, etc. members) BEL (12,-)

PARIA - Vermin Race Digipack CD 2008 (finally out now the debut album of germany cult sick black metal act, recommended!) GER (10,-)

PATRIA - Liturgia Haeresis DIGICD 2011 (Darkness, Death, Misanthropy, Hate, Brazilian Black Metal, the 3rd album with Amorphis cover) BRA (12,-) 
PENTAGRAM - Review your choices    1999 (Season Of Mist reissue with original artwork restored. 5th album, doom metal legend) USA (11,-)
PENTAGRAM - Sub-Basement 2001 (Season Of Mist reissue. 6th album, doom metal legend) USA (12,-)

PERISYNTI - Hiilenmusta Lammas CD 2006 (Pure Nordic Black Metal, Expect nothing less but Cold Underground Black Metal in the Finnish tradition!) FIN (10,-)

PERMIXTIO - Il Canto dei Sepolcri 2010 (Sun & Moon Records) ITA (12,-)

PERSECUTOR - Wings of Death 2008 (thrashing Black/Speed/Death Metal blasphemy, for maniacs of Abominator/Aura Noir/old Sodom, etc) POL (10,-)
PESTE NOIRE – La Sanie Des Siècles - Panégyrique De La Dégénérescence 2008 (1st album, North American version!) FRA (15,-)

PESTE NOIRE – L'Ordure À L'État Pur 2011 (North American version!) FRA (15,-)

PESTROYER - Inquisiteurs Des Temps Modernes MCD 2010 (Uncompromising black metal, featuring members of Monarque, Blackwind, Carrion Wraith) CAN (8,-)

POGROM - Mort Au Peuple CD 2006 (Radikal Intolerant Misanthropic Black Metal from France!) FRA (10,-)

PRIMIGENIUM - Intolerance 2002 (One of the first Spanish Black Metal bands, true black metal masterpiece! the 2nd album!) SPA (10,-)

PRIMIGENIUM - Faith Trough Anguish 2011 (new album, after 8 years of silence, traditional black metal it's best!) SPA (10,-)

PRIMIGENIUM - As Eternal as the Night MCD 1994/2013 (Re-relesed by Deviant Records including the two MCD bonus tracks. limited to 500 copies) SPA (8,-)
PRIMIGENIUM - ForTheChildrenOfThisWorld DigiMCD 2015 (one of the first black metal bands in Spain, new Ep) SPA (8,-)

PROCER VENEFICUS - Convoy Pt. 2 digiCD 2009 (An absorbing hour of black metal psychedelia through the dark corners of mind) USA (12,-)
PROFANE PRAYER – Eye Of Sin 2011 (Fine Hellenic Black Metal, 1st album) GRE (10,-)

PROFANATICA - Disgusting Blasphemies Against God 2010 (One of 2010's most highly anticipated black metal records, true legends of Black Metal) USA (12,-) 

PROFANATICA - Profanatitas De Domonatia 2007 (the 1st album of this legendary black metal band! Recommended!) USA (12,-)
PROFANATICA - Sickened By Holy Host / The Grand Masters Session 2017 (two great mini albums on one CD, perverse black/death metal) USA (11,-)

PROFANATICA - The Curling Flame Of Blasphemy 2016 (the new album, black/death metal legend) USA (10,-)

PROFEZIA - Black Misanthropic Elite 2008 (Beatrik, Tenebrae in Perpetuum members making excellent black metal!) ITA (10,-)

PSEUDOGOD - Deathwomb Catechesis 2012 (black-death metal madness, the first album! KVLT version) RUS (12,-)

PSYCHO - Pain Addict Pigs 2012 (Sadistci heavy metal horror. Death/Thrash/Rock n Roll!!!) USA (10,-)

PSYCHOPATHIC TERROR - Fucker Digi CD 2006 (Petri Ilvespakka from the mighty Diaboli playing old school Finnish Death Metal, 1st album) FIN (10,-)

PYHA - The Haunted House 2008 (Luxurious digipak. Bleak and weird depressive black metal from Korea, recommended!) KOR (12,-)

PYRAMIDO - Sand 2009 (Dirty and raw sludge doom!) SWE (9,-)

PUKELIZATION - Storm of Resurrection 2007 (japanese brutal death metal) JAP (10,-)

PURE - And The Waters Turned To Blood 2014 (2nd album, raw, cold black metal with Borgne, Enoid, Haine, etc member) CH (10,-)

PURE - Art Of Loosing One's Own Life 2015 (Known for his projects like Kawir, Borgne and Enoid, essence of grim malignancy and freezing emotions) CH (10,-)

QUINTA ESSENTIA - Neutrality for Defined Chaos 2006 (great mix between Black/Death/Thrash Metal) USA (10,-)

QUINTESSENCE - Le Bourreau de Tiffauges 2011 (Misanthropic Black Metal.) FRA (10,-)

QUINTESSENZ - To the Gallows 2016 (second album, fantastic black heavy metal) GER (10,-)

QUINTESSENZ - Back to the Cult of the Tyrants 2013 (First Album, with members from Obsessör, Bulldozing Bastard, black metal) GER (10,-)

RAGE - Unity 2002 (Classic heavy/power metal!) GER (10,-)

RAVENBANNER - ...And Ravens Sing Our Glorious Past 2008 (NS Black Metal from Jarl Von Hagall (Der Sturmer)) GRE (10,-)

RAVENDARK'S MONARCHAL CANTICLE - Sob a Bandeira do Ódio... 2010 (Black/Death/Thrash Metal with Evil, Dethroned Christ, Hammergoat members) BRA (10,-)

REIDO - F:\all 2006 (Funeral doom with bleak urban atmospheres, wasteland with concrete rubble, crumpled steel, and a landscape) RUS (10,-)

REMEMBRANCE - Frail Visions 2008 (Slow, mounrful, haunting funeral doom metal.) FRA (9,-)

REMMIRATH - Polis Rouge 2008 (Experimental deep-drawn & gloomy Black Metal. For fans of Forgotten Woods, Ulver...) SK (10,-)
REMMIRATH - Shambhala Vril Saucers DIGI CD 2015 (Slovakian Black metal Rock with Malokarpatan members, 2nd album) SK (12,-)

RESUSCITATOR - Iniciation (This is for fans of old death metal and early 90’s Greek black metal like Varathron and Necromantia) USA (12,-)

RESUSCITATOR - Warrior's death 2005 (Enthroned meets late Immortal, 5th full length album) USA (10,-)

REX SATANACHIA - First Legion of Hell MCD 2008 (Scandinavian satanic black/death metal) DEN (7,-)

REVELATION OF DOOM - Shemhamforash 2007 (old school black metal, VENOM, HELLHAMMER, SODOM maniacs don't miss this CD) POL (12,-)

REVELATION OF DOOM - Unholy Goatfuck 2005 (old school harsh Black/Death Metal for maniacs of Witchmaster, Bestial Mockery and Throneum) POL (10,-)

REVELATIONS OF RAIN - Marble Shades Of Despair 2007 (new-wave European doom-death like Swallow the Sun, Mourning Beloveth.) RUS (10,-)

REVENGE - Victory.Intolerance.Mastery 2004 (ex-Conqueror, Axis of Advance, Order from Chaos members doing excellent, chaotic war black metal) CAN (12,-) 

REVERENCE - Chamber of Divine Elaboration 2007 digi CD (Industrial Black Metal with Animus Herilis, Osculum Infame, Quintessence, etc. members) FRA (12,-)
RIGOR SARDONICUS - Principia Sardonica 2004 USA (10,-)

RIGOR SARDONICUS / DIMENTIANON -  Split CD Amores Defunctus Tuus Mater 2007 USA (10,-)

RIMTHURS - Ur:Kaos MCD 2008 (Brilliant Nordic Black Metal in vein of Einherjer, Kampfar.) SWE (7,-)

RITUAL CARNAGE - I, Infidel 2005 (Thrash/death in vein of Dark Angel, Destruction and Hirax.) USA (9,-)
RITUALS OF THE OAK - Hour of Judgement CD 2012 (Fantastic doom metal!) OZ (11,-)
RITUALS OF THE OAK - Come Taste The Doom CD 2012 (Fantastic doom metal!) OZ (11,-)

RIUL DOAMNEI - Fatima 2011 (fine Italian symphonic black metal, 2nd album) ITA (10,-)

ROTTING CHRIST - Aealo slipcase CD 2010 (Greek black metal masterpiece. Mutilaton Records slipcase edition.) GRE (12,-)

ROYAL ARCH BLASPHEME - The Royal Arch Blaspheme 2010 (Luciferian Occultism and outright blasphemy via the vile throat of KRIEG's N. Imperial and PROFANATICA songwriter J. Gelso) USA (12,-)

ROYAL ARCH BLASPHEME - II 2012 (the 2nd album! Luciferian Occultism and outright blasphemy via the vile throat of KRIEG's N. Imperial and PROFANATICA songwriter J. Gelso) USA (12,-)

RUINS - Cauldron 2008 (Melancholic, summoning black metal art from Tasmania!) AST (10,-)


SACRARIUM - March To An Inviolable Death 2012 (Violent black metal for fans of Abigor & Gorgoroth.) FRA (9,-)

SACRIFICIA MORTUORUM - Railler l'hymen des siècles DIGICD 2012 (the 4th album pagan Black Metal with the best French traditions, recommended!) FRA (12,-)

SACRIFICIAL MASSACRE - Dry Spells & Serpent Gods CD 2013 (Classy BM in vein of Judas Iscariot, Horna, Craft!) USA (10,-)


SAD - Alpha Voyage MCD 2015 (Four new unholy and melodic tracks from the depths of Greek hell!) GRE (9,-)

SADISTIC GRIMNESS - Asteni 2009 (Black/Death/Thrash Metal trinity by Kill, Diabolicum, Lord Belial, Bestial Mockery, etc members, 2nd album) SWE (10,-)


SAINT VITUS - Live Vol. 2 digiCD 2016 (new live album with Wino and a nice best of set-list, great sound quality) USA (12,-)

SAINT VITUS - C.O.D. 1992/2013 (the most underrated SV album with Christian Linderson (Count Raven, Lord Vicar) on vocals + bonus tracks) USA (12,-)

SAMUS – Desengano CD (Droning doom in EARTH style meets Ennio Morricone ambiance!) USA (9,-)

SANCTUS INFERNUM - Sanctus Infernum 2007 (Great extreme doom/death from USA.) USA (10,-)

SARGEIST - Let The Devil In 2011 (Fantastic Black Metal release!) FIN (10,-)

SARKE - Vorunah 2010 (An already classic sinister black metal release.) NOR (12,-)

SARKE - Oldharian 2011 (Sinister black metal at its best.) NOR (12,-)

SATAN'S ALMIGHTY PENIS - Pulsing Feral Spire 2010 (bizarre yet raw and vicious wild black metal attack, the 2nd full length) USA (10,-)

SATAN'S ALMIGHTY PENIS - Into the Cunt of Chaos 2004 (bizarre yet raw and vicious wild black metal attack, the 1st full length) USA (10,-)

SATANIC WARMASTER - Revelation MCD 2007 (Mikko A. from Clandestine Blaze played the drums, Finnish Elite Black Metal) FIN (10,-)

SATANIC WARMASTER - Fimbulwinter 2014/2015 (the 5th album, limited to 500 handnumbered copies, special Japanese version with bonus track!) FIN (14,-)

SATANIC WARMASTER - Luciferian Torches 2014 (Gathers together Ondskapens Makt / Forgotten Graves, Winter's Hunger / Torches and In Eternal Fire / Ghost Wolves along with unreleased material from the same sessions) FIN (12,-)

SATHANAS - Flesh for the Devil MCD 2007 (legendary US Blackened Death Metal) USA (10,-)

SAURON - The Channeling Void 2007 (Occult Satanic Black metal with Fluisterwoud, Bunkur, Planet AIDS, Funeral Goat, Abysmal Darkening members) NED (10,-)

SCHMERZ - Chronika 2008 (Eerie, drowning, doomed & suicide black metal for those who are into striid, xasthur or leviathan) GER (10,-)

SCHREI AUS STEIN – Talus 2009 (lush melodic ambience meets it with the down-beat black metal of greats Velvet Cacoon, Xasthur and Procer Veneficus) USA (7-,)

SCOTT HULL – Audiofilm I 3"digiCD (Abstract ambient from PIG DESTROYER / AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED guitarist.) USA (7,-)

SCOTT HULL – Audiofilm II 3"digiCD (Abstract ambient from PIG DESTROYER / AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED guitarist.) USA (7,-)

SEAR BLISS - Forsaken Symphony 2002 (great Hungarian Black Metal!) HUN (10,-)

SECT - WWIII 2009 (Fast and slow, avant-garde and classical Black Metal) RUS (10,-)

SEKTEMTUM - Panacea 2016 (2nd album this time without Meyhna'ch, more experimental) FRA (12,-)

SELBST - An Ominous Landscape digi MCD 2015 (Sun & Moon Records) VEN (10,-)

SELBST - Selbst digiCD 2017 (top notch Black Metal album, the first full length, Sun & Moon Records release) VEN/CHI (12,-)

SELVANS - Lupercalia 2015/2016 (3rd edition, jewel case, Atmospheric Folk/Black Metal first album!) ITA (10,-)

SELVANS - Hirpi 2017 digiCD (Limited Digisleeve edition of 300 cd's, live album) ITA (12,-)

SEMARGL - Manifest 2007 (Unrelenting, mechanical and spiteful black metal from Ukraine. Similar to Satyricon, Immortal, Thorns + video) UKR (10,-)

SEMARGL - Satanogenesis 2006 (Satanic, misanthropic black art, great production and innovative song writing) UKR (10,-)

SEMARGL - Attack on God 2005 (Satanic Black/Death Metal from Ukraine with sinister and haunting melodies, evil atmosphere) UKR (10,-)

SEMEN DATURA - Einsamkeit 2010 (Impressive black metal for those into Deathspell Omega.) GER (10,-)

SERCATI - Tales of the Fallen 2011 (Melodic black metal from Belgium, the 1st album) BEL (10,-)

SERPENT NOIR - Sanguis XI mCD 2010 (Magickal death/black from Greece.) GRE (8,-)

SHACKLES - Traitors' Gate 2009 (Supreme Sydney death-thrash in vein of Slaughter Lord, Armoured Angel, Hobbs' Angel Of Death, Destroyer 666) AUS (10,-)

SHACKLES - Coup de Grace 2006/2008 (Re-release CD version of the band's 2nd demo with 3 live bonus tracks, great Australian Death/Thrash Metal) AUS (12,-)

SHADOWS GROUND - In Eternal Coldness of the Night 2009 (traditional raw black metal with depression & misery) UKR (10,-)

SHADOWTHRONE / FUNEBRE / ASSUR - Split Pro CD-R 2008 (3-wat split, morbid, old-school, pagan BM bands.) HUN (5,-)

SHINING - Through Years Of Opression CD 2004 (Suicidal anthems.) SWE (10,-)
SHITFUCKER - Suck Cocks In Hell 2013 (boring Acid Witch members playing Black/Death/Thrash Metal with Punk Influences, alternate cover was made for European distribution) USA (10,-)

SICHELSTEIN - Sichelstein digi-CD-R 2011 (Sick black'n'roll meets the 80s goth/new-wave scene. Lim. to 50 hand-made digisleeves!) CZE (6,-)

SICULICIDIUM - Utolsó vágta az Univerzumban CD 2009 (Sun & Moon Records) ROM (12,-)

SICULICIDIUM - A rothadó virágok színüket vesztik digi MCD 2012 (Sun & Moon Records) ROM (10,-)

SICULICIDIUM - Hosszú út az örökkévalóságba Digi CD 2013 (2nd full length album, Transylvanian Black Metal, Sun & Moon Records) ROM (12,-)

SICULICIDIUM - Lélekösvény digi CD 2015 (Sun & Moon Records) ROM (10,-)

SIEGHETNAR - Endlosung 2010 (Surreal sounding Black Metal/Ambient mixture in the vein of Xasthur, Leviathan and so forth.) GER (10,-)

SEIGNEUR VOLAND - Black Metal Blitzkrieg 2016 (recorded live in Bladel, 17/04/2004 at the Black Metal Blitzkrieg Fest. A piece of French Black Metal history!) FRA (10,-)

SIGH - Hangman's Hymn 2007 (Essential band.) JAP (10,-)

SIGH - Imaginery Sonicscape CD 2001/2010 (Excellent avantgarde black metal.) JAP (10,-)

SIGH - Gallows Gallery CD 2007 (Excellent avantgarde black metal.) JAP (10,-)

SIGH - Scenes From Hell CD 2010 (Excellent avantgarde black metal.) JAP (10,-)

SIGRBLOT - Blodsband (Blood Religion Manifest) 2003/2009 (one of the best militant black metal albums ever recorded with folk elements!) SWE (12,-)

SILENT PATH - Mourner Portraits CD 2012 (Nice Funeral Doom / Depressive Black Metal from Iran.) IRA (9,-)

SINAH - Sparkling Scars of Intuitivism 2008 (Raw & Cold Black Metal from Ukraine, Sabbathid Records Japan) UKR (10,-)

SINISTERITE - Sinisterite 2010 (Black Metal by Shatraug fom Horna, Sargeist, Mortualia, & Molestor from Anal Blasphemy, Hammer of Hate Records) FIN (10,-)

SINOATH - Forged In Blood 2004 (Original 1991 Demo, released on digital format with extra live tracks. Great Italian Black Metal) ITA (10,-)

SINPULARCTOS - The Voidance of Man 2007 (Antihuman suicide Doom Black Metal! Sabbathid Records Japan) UK (10,-)

SIVYJ YAR - Burial Shrouds 2015 (Atmospheric/Pagan/Post-Black Metal, the 5th full length album) RUS (10,-)

SJENOVIK – Jouissance 2009 (An eccentric and unique mix of ambient music and droning doom) USA (10,-)

SKEPTICISM - aes MCD 1999 (elite funeral doom, classic!) FIN (10,-)

SKEPTICISM - The Process of Farmakon MCD 2002/2010 (Funeral Doom Metal, re-press the 4th Ep in normal jewel case!) FIN (10,-)

SKEPTICISM - Ethere MCD 1997 (Funeral Doom Metal classic! The 2nd Ep) FIN (10,-)

SKEPTICISM - Farmakon 2003 (Funeral Doom Metal classic!) FIN (10,-)

SKEPTICISM - Lead & Aether 1997 (Funeral Doom Metal classic!) FIN (10,-)

SKITLIV - Amfetamin 2008 (Doom / Noise project of Maniac (ex-MAYHEM), featuring Kvarforth, Attila Csihar, intro by CURRENT 93) NOR (12,-)

SKJOLD - Fourteen Years Hell!!! digi CD 2007 (Rare and mysterious satanic underground Black Metal from Dänemark!) DEN (10,-)

SKYFORGER - Thunderforge 2003/2005 (3rd album Latvian pagan Black Metal Folk) LAT (10,-)

SLAYER – Seasons In The Abyss 1990/2006 (classic thrash metal masterpiece) USA (10,-)

SLAVIA - Integrity and Victory 2011 (the 2nd album) NOR (10,-)     

SLAVIA - Strength and Vision 2008 digiCD (True Norwegian Black Metal with Disiplin, Koldbrann, Taake, Enslaved, Mortuary Drape, etc. members) NOR (12,-)
SLAUGHTERED PRIEST - Iron Chains and Metal Blades 2016 (Black/Thrash/Speed Metal with the best old school traditions, 5th album) GRE (10,-)

SMAGA - My Lands MCD (Slavonic Black Metal from Siberia with pagan melodic influences and heathen lyrical themes, recommended!) RUS (10,-)

SMOHALLA - Reslience 2012 (Excellent debut album! Avantgarde metal for those into ARCTURUS, DEATHSPELL OMEGA!) FRA (10,-)

SNOWBLIND - A World Full Of Lies 2000 (-ex Nightfall members playing excellent, traditional doom metal) GRE (10,-)

SNÖTARAR - Vredeslusta 2007 (the 1st, and last album, excelent Swedish Satanic Misanthropy Black Metal!) SWE (10,-)

SOLI DIABOLI GLORIA - Soli Diaboli Gloria 2008 (Malicious and Devilish black metal in vein of ABIGOR, DEATHSPELL OMEGA.) RUS (10,-)

SOMNOLENCE - As Midgard Weeps 2008 (Experimental Black Metal/Ambient with Akashah and Veil members) USA (10,-)

SOPOR AETERNUS - Todeswunsch - Sous le soleil de Saturne CD digiCD 1995 (Cult darkwave/neo-classical band. Re-issue.) GER (10,-)

SOPOR AETERNUS - The Inexperienced Spiral Traveller digiCD 1997 (Cult darkwave/neo-classical band. Re-issue.) GER (10,-)

SOPOR AETERNUS - Dead Lover's Sarabande I digiCD 1999 (Cult darkwave/neo-classical band. Re-issue.) GER (10,-)

SOPOR AETERNUS - Dead lover's sarabande II digiCD 1999 (Cult darkwave/neo-classical band. Re-issue.) GER (10,-)

SOPOR AETERNUS - Songs from the inverted womb digiCD 2000 (Cult darkwave/neo-classical band. Re-issue.) GER (10,-)
SOPOR AETERNUS - Es reiten die toten so schnell    digiCD 2003 (Cult darkwave/neo-classical band. Re-issue.) GER (10,-)

SOPOR AETERNUS - Like a Corpse standing in Desperation - part 1    digiCD 2005 (Cult darkwave/neo-classical band. Re-issue.) GER (10,-)

SOPOR AETERNUS - Like a Corpse standing in Desperation - part digiCD 2005 (Cult darkwave/neo-classical band. Re-issue.) GER (10,-)

SORCIER DES GLACES - Ritual Of The End 2014 (Seven blackened hymns of Cold Primitive Metal from the northern desolate landscapes of Quebec) CAN (10,-)

SORCIER DES GLACES - North 2016 (cold Canadian forest black metal masterpiece! 6th album a must for every BM fanatic) CAN (10,-)

SORCIER DES GLACES / ENDE - Le Puits Des Morts DigiCD 2016 (4-panel digipak with 8-page booklet. Canadian BM meets French BM) CAN/FRA (12,-)

SORG - Retour sur ce Voyage digiCD 2009 (Melancholic and depressive black metal from France in superb digipack.) FRA (10,-)

SORGELDOM - Vithatten 2011 (Excellent folk-infused melancholic black metal in vein of Ulver, October Falls.) SWE (10,-)

SORT VOKTER – Folkloric Necro Metal digiCD 2008 (Ildjarn side-project, minimal, low-fi black metal-ambient masterpiece!) NOR (14,-)

SOUFFERANCE VISION - Travels Into Several... A5digiCD 2010 (Mindblowing experimental dark ambient, with a mysterious soundtrack-like atmosphere.) CAN (10,-)

SOURCE OF DEEP SHADOWS - Source of Doom and Perpetual Night CD 2009 (Funeral Doom / Doom Death from Poland.) POL (8,-)

SPEAR OF LONGINUS - Khephera 2015 (Recorded at the same time as, and considered to be the twin album to, The Yoga of National Socialism. Limited to 500 copies. Originally released on cassette under the title .......And The Swastikalotus) AUS (10,-)

SPEEDFREAKS - Out For Kicks 2006 (Swedish kick-ass band like Motörhead, Black Label Society, Black Sabbath and The Cult!) SWE (10,-)

SPIRE - Spire MCD 2010 (atmospheric cold black metal with great melodies and 2 ambient songs, enjoy the the cosmos of Spire!) AUS (8,-)

SPIRE - Metamorph Digipak MCD 2011 (atmospheric cold black metal.their brandnew mini album. comes on nice digipak format with 8 paged booklet) AUS (10,-)

SPIRIT DESCENT - Doominion 2010 (Debut album of this new killer doom metal act from Germany, for those into Candlemass, S. Aeternus!) GER (10,-)

SPITE EXTREME WING - Vltra 2008 (the last album from this great Italian Black Metal act) ITA (10,-)

SPLATTERED MERMAIDS – Creation of Wounds CD-R 2007 (Blasting Death Metal with slice of grindcore attack) SWE (5,-)

SPLATTER WHORE - City of the Sleazehounds 2009 (great american Death Metal/Goregrind) USA (10,-)

SSORC - Infidel Eternal 2005 (Tokyo black metal 1st full-length album, Obliteration Records) JAP (10,-)

STALAGGH - Nihilistik Terror 2006 (Misanthropik Nihilistik Audio-Terrror) NED (10,-)

STIELAS STORHETT - SKD mCD 2010 (High level played dark melancholic Black Metal from icy Russia.) RUS (9,-)

STILLHET - Gjemt I Skygenne CD 2005 (Cold and harsh Norwegian Black Metal with Striid influences and a Silent Hill obsession.) NOR (10,-)

STINY PLAMENU - Odpadni Galerie 2007 (Fast and raw "sewage" black metal with some dark & catchy melodies.) CZE (10,-)

STORMFÅGEL - Arla Gryning digiCD 2016 (Sun & Moon Records release) SWE (12,-)

STORMFAGEL - Dödsvals digiCD 2012 (the 4th album, Neofolk, Modern Classical, Darkwave) SWE (12,-)

STORMHEIT - Kvenland 2009 (Great Finnish Black/Folk Metal with ex-Uncreation's Dawn, Wounds, Empire of Tharaphita, Evil Witch, etc. members) FIN (10,-)

STORMNATT - Funeral Apocalypse 2005 (Originally released on tape in 2003 by THR, this re-release features a live version of an unreleased song) AT (10,-)

STRIBORG - Spiritual Catharsis CD 2007 (dark & mysterious, cold & obscure emotional Black Metal permeated with misanthropy & hate.) AUS (12,-)

STRIBORG - Southwest passage 2009 (Brandnew studio album by the illustrious Sin-Nanna! 40 minutes of ghostly depressive black metal!) AUS (10,-)

STRIBORG - Nefaria / tragic journey towards the light 2006 (ghostly depressive Black Metal/Ambient) AUS (10,-)

STRIBORG / VARDAN - Split 2010 (Misanthropic Black Metal.) AUS (10,-)

STRIBORG + VEIL OF DARKNESS - Split CD 2010 (Misanthropic Black Metal.) AUS (10,-)

STRIDSMENN - Stridsmenn 2009 (Blazing true & grim Norwegian black metal! For fans of Strid, Taake.) NOR (10,-)

STROSZEK - Songs of Remorse Digi CD 2007 (dark and emotional acoustic music,  God is Myth Records) ITA (12,-)

STROSZEK - Sound Graveyard Bound CD 2012 (Extremely well-written post-Black Metal accoustic/rock stuff.) ITA (9,-)

STYGGELSE - Heir Today - Gods Tomorrow 2011 (Old school black metal masterpiece!) SWE (10,-)

STUMM – I 2006 (doom/drone!) FIN (10,-)

STUTTHOF - Towards Thy Astral Path... digiCD 2002/2015 (1st album (pre-Acherontas) re-release on elegant matt digipack) GRE (12,-)

SUBARACHNOID SPACE – Eight Bells digiCD (Legendary US psych/metal band.) USA (9,-)

SUBREALITY - Endless Horizons 2004 (Blackend Doom Dark Metal, old recordings from 1996) GER (10,-)

SUBTERRANEAN DISPOSITION - Subterranean Disposition CD 2012 (Experimental dark/doom/death metal from Australia.) AUS (9,-)

SURRENDER OF DIVINITY - Oriental Hell Rhythmics 2001/2007 (Re-released version, featuring 2 exclusive bonus tracks. Black Metal from Thailand) THA (12,-)

SURUNI - Ikuus Digi CD 2014 (Sun & Moon Records) FIN (12,-) 

SURUNI - Antropomorfism CD-R 2012 (fantastic lo-fi black metal, experimental, atmospheric, psychedelic instrumental music) FIN (7,-)

SURUNI – Lähteet 2015 (Lo-Fi, Experimental, Black Metal, 2nd album) FIN (10,-)

SVAFNIR - The Heathen Chapters 2008 (Pagan Black Metal, the 1st full length album) GER (10,-)

SVART - Det Personliga Helvetets Spiral 2013 (One man project of Draug, bass player of Shining. The 3rd album) SWE (10,-)

SVARTFELL - Day of the Unholy Massacre 2009 (Black Legions Black Metal, the 2nd full length album! Occult Satanic Black Metal) FRA (10,-)

SVARTI LOGHIN - Empty World digiCD 2008 (Emotive, gloomy atmospheric black metal, Forgotten Woods meets Pearl Jam...) SWE (10,-)

SVARTI LOGHIN - Sea of Green mCD 2012 (Acoustic EP of this gloomy depressive BM act.) SWE (8,-)

SVARTR STRIJD - En Sista Vind MCD 2009 (suicide Black Metal its best, Total Holocaust Records) SWE (8,-) 

SVARTSYN - ...His Majesty Digipack CD 2009 (Digipak re-issue of this cult black metal album!) SWE (10,-)

SVARTSYN - Destruction Of Man Digipack CD 2009 (Digipak re-issue of this masterpiece of evil black metal!) SWE (10,-)

SVARTSYN - Bloodline Digipack CD 2009 (Digipak re-issue of the classic Svartsyn Bloodline album + Tormentor EP.) SWE (10,-)

SVOID - To Never Return digiCD 2015 (Sun & Moon Records) HUN (12,-)

SVOID - Storming Voices of Inner Devotion digi CD 2016 (Sun & Moon Records) HUN (12,-)

SZARLEM - Night of Blood 2008 (Avenger from Front Beast/Nocturnal playing Evil Heavy Black Metal which captures the early 90's feeling) GER (10,-)

SZARLEM - Black Medieval Battle Hymns 2013 (occult dark Black Metal by Avenger from Front Beast, Nocturnal, etc, 2nd album) GER (10,-) 

SZRON - Reign in Frost 2010 (traditional Polish Black Metal, a must for fans of Veles, Graveland, Infernum, etc) POL (10,-)

TAGHUT - Ejaculate Upon The Holy Qur'an 2008 (Raw, primitive black metal with powerful, catchy riffs. This is pure BLASPHEMY! Primitive Reaction) FIN (10,-)

TAL'SET - La via del Guerriero 2012 (Black metal with ethnic mesoamerican Toltech vibes, for those into Spite Extreme Wing, DsO, Enslaved...) ITA (10,-)

TANKARD - The Tankard / Tankwart Aufgetankt 1995 (From Frankfurt To Frisco...Classic Beer Thrash!) GER (10,-)

TAPETUM LUCIDUM - Machteloos Bestaan 2008 (Sun & Moon Records) BEL (12,-)

TEITANFYRE - MMXV MCD 2016 (Devil-worship Russian Black Metal, known from the Pseudogod split) RUS (8,-)

TENEBRARUM - Voices 2006 (Excellent effort of pure doom metal, plenty of strenght and melody) COL (10,-)

TERATISM - Pure Unadulterated Hate 2008 (brilliant US black metal, with guest vocals of Dagon/Inquisition!) USA (10,-)

TERRORAMA - Omnipotence 2008 (black thrash metal in old school swedish tradition, 2nd album) SWE (10,-)

THE COMMITTEE - Power Through Unity 2014 (the amazing first album, atmospheric black metal) INT (12,-)

THE COMMITTEE - Memorandum Occultus 2017 (2nd album Atmospheric Black Metal) INT (10,-)

THE END 666 - The Ultra-Violence 2003 (killer Black / Thrash Metal, 1st album) FRA (10,-)

THE END 666 - Terror Inside 2005 (killer Black / Thrash Metal, 2nd album) FRA (10,-)

THE EXTINCT DREAMS - ????????????? ?????? digiCD 2010 (Funeral doom/death.) RUS (9,-)

THE FORGOTTEN - L'Aldila 2001 (Audio torture intro, keyboards based raw dark metal, definitely sick release. Violent yet unique Black/Death and Doom.) USA (10,-)

THE GATHERING - The West Pole digiCD 2009 (Gothic metal / psychedelic rock.) HOL (10,-)

THE GATHERING - Accessories - Rarities And B-Sides 2CD 2005 (Rare recordings from this band in a luxurious double CD edition with slipcase!) HOL (15,-)

THE GATHERING - Souvenirs 2003 (Psychedelic trip-rock.) NED (10,-)

THE GATHERING - Home 2006 (Psychedelic trip-rock.) NED (10,-)

THE GATHERING - A Noise Severe 2-digiCD 2008 (Double live CD, amazing double digipak!) NED (12,-)

THE GOSLINGS - Spaceheater / Perfect Interior CD (Low-fi indie pop and muggy/smeared psych-drone ambience.) USA (9,-)

THE HUMAN QUENA ORCHESTRA – The Politics Of The Irredeemable (crushing industrial/doom/ambience fro those into GODFLESH) USA (9,-)

THE KNELL - Harm  2007 (Long awaited debut album of the Israeli Doomsters! Thick and beefy doom/death metal! Doom on!) ISR (10,-)

THE MASS - City Of Dis digiCD (Malevolent indie Thrash Metal.) USA (9,-)

THE MASS - Perfect Picture Of Wisdom & Boldness digiCd (Wicked Thrash Metal!) USA (9,-)

THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL - The Early Years 2009 (essential compilation with early demos, rare songs and Bulldozer, G.B.H. covers!) UK (10,-)

THE MISSION - The Brightest Light digiCD 2013 (New album of dark rock legend!) UK (10,-)

THE NULLL COLLECTIVE - De Monstris 2010 (Funeral doom metal form USA.) USA (9,-)

THE SHADOW ORDER - Untold 2006 (great NSBM album, highly recommended!, 2nd album) GRE (10,-)

THE UNDERGRAVE EXPERIENCE - Macabre – Il Richiamo Delle Ombre 2011 (Excellent occult crypt-like doom for those into Abysmal Grief and funeral doom) ITA (9,-)

THE UNHALLOWED - Philosophy of a Cornered One 2011 (High-class Thrash/Black from Russia, De Profundis release!) RUS (10,-)

THERION - Live in Midgard 2xCD 2012 (Double live album, original German first press.) SWE (12,-)

TENHORNEDBEAST - My Horns Are A Flame To... 2008 (Endura member playing excellent drone-doom!) UK (12,-)

THOR'S HAMMER - May the Hammer Smash the Cross 2008 (re-release with new artwork, Supernal Music) POL (12,-)

THOR'S HAMMER - The Fate Worse Than Death 2002/2010 (Re-released version with rehearsal tracks from 2001 by Lower Silesian Stronghold) POL (10,-)

THROMDARR - NorthStorm Arrives 2000 (3 Skepticism member playing Finnish Black Metal) FIN (10,-) 

THRONDT – Throndt 2005 (Eerie raw black metal. A cold album in purest traditinal form.) GER (10,-)

THRONEUM - The Unholy Ones MCD 2007 (Death/Speed/Black/Thrash Unholy Gods) POL (10,-)

THY WINTER KINGDOM / PERMIXTIO - Gnosis / Resurrezione 2012 (the final release under the monicker Permixtio, prime Black Metal, limited to 300!) ITA (10,-)

THUNDERBOLT - The Burning Deed Of Deceit 2002 (Brilliant piece of BM, comparable with old Emperor) POL (10,-)

THUNDERKRAFT - The Banner of Victory 2005 (Ukrainian Folk/Industrial/Deathcore with Astrofaes & Drudkh members) UKR (10,-)

TJOLGTJAR - Holnijimnjok 2007 (sick black metal from the Blood Cult mastermind Reverend J.R. Preston, the 4th album) USA (10,-)

TODESKULT - Apathy 2009 (Depression, Suicide, Despondency, deep-self discomfort and obsessed inner torment, the new album!) GER (10,-)

TODESSTOSS - Würmer zu Weinen 2008 (The new album, about 45 minutes of extreme avantgarde black metal art in the true sense) GER (10,-)   

TOIL - Obscure Chasms 2008 (Vrolok, Satanic Funeral, Pestilential Shadows, Drowning The Light, etc members doing obscure Black Metal) USA (10,-)

TONDRA / NORDIC MIST - Cracking The Hoarfrost / Into The Psyche Delve 2006 (Nunslaughter side projekt with total Celtic Frost/Hellhammer worship) USA (10,-)

TORCH OF WAR – The Principle Of Cosmic Instability 2007 (Furious German black metal. Mockingly cold BM. ..this beast left in tow for your ritual worship.) GER (10,-)

TORT - Tort (Unique mix of old school Doom, Sludge and Thrash, for fans of Hellhammer, Voivod, Saint Vitus, Godflesh!) SPA (9,-)

TORTURE WHEEL - Crushed Under... digiCD 2004 (More like a cold ambient/drone/doom hybrid) USA (10,-)

TOTIMOSHI – Mysterioso CD (Earthquake-heavy rock and wicked sludge riffage meets 80s post-punk.) USA (9,-)

TRANSIT (ex-In The Woods) - Decent Man on a Desperate Moon digiCD 2009 (Excellent dark/rock in vein of 16 Horsepower, etc...) NOR (10,-)

TREES – Lights Bane digiCD (Epic, monolithic doom metal with a noise edge. For those into KHANATE and BLOODY PANDA) USA (9,-)

TREES - Freed Of This Flesh digiCD (Black glacial doom suspended in space...) USA (9,-)

TREES – Sickness In digiCD (Massice Saurian doom riffs in an avalanche of psychotic noise.) USA (9,-)

TROLLECH - Svatoboj 2006 (live recordings from Brno - Svatoboj 17.12.2005...great sound...Pure Forest Black DivX video) CZ (10,-)

TRONUS ABYSS - Kampf digibook-CD 2008 (Haunting, ritualistic & avanatgarde black metal. High quality digibook format for Cult Collectors.) ITA (12,-)

TRONUS ABYSS - Vuoto SpazioTrionfo Digibook-CD 2009 (Unique style with resonances from noise and ambient soundscapes. Luxurious digibook.) ITA (12,-)

TSJUDER - Kill For Satan 2000/2005 (True Norwegian Black Metal, the 1st album!) NOR (10,-)

TUMULUS - Sredokresie 2005 (great Russian Pagan Folk Metal, the 2nd album) RUS (10,-)

TUMULUS - Winter Wood 2004 (great Russian Pagan Folk Metal, Collection of Re-recorded songs from two demo albums and Some new songs) RUS (10,-)

TUMULUS - Kochevonov Pljas MCD 2008 (great Russian Pagan Folk Metal) RUS (10,-)

TUNDRA - Ansia 2005 (playing old fucking true Black Metal in uncompromising way... featuring Barbarud from Maniac Butcher on vocals...) ITA (10,-)

TUNDRA - Primordial 2008 (second album... Antitechnical Raw Black Metal Manifesto, Long Ago Records) ITA (10,-)

TWILIGHT IS MINE – The Egregor Of Evil 2004 (True Elite Black Metal! Seriously sickening barbaric march of Black Metal!) RUS (10,-)

TWIN OBSCENITY - Bloodstone 2001 (great Norwegian Black/Pagan/Viking Metal with Gehenna, Forlorn member, the 3rd album) NOR (10,-)

UGULISHI - Demo CD 2007 (Finnish Satanic Black Metal, Pro CD, limited 300 copies) FIN (10,-)

ULVHEDNER - For I Tida 2009 (Norwegian nature-inspired black metal!) NOR (10,-)

UMBAH - Trilobeth 2010 (A futuristic nightmare in the shape of a virulent, subversive extreme metal album with a strong experimental vibe) ITA (12,-) 

UMBRA NIHIL - The Borderland Rituals CD 2008 (Obscure hypnotic doom metal.) FIN (10,-)

UNFIT ASS - Absurd Reality / Flagging Water 2012 (Legendary death metal band from Hungary, early materials on this CD.) HUN (8,-)

UNHOLY ARCHANGEL - Obsessed by War 2010 (1st album of the long time active Black Metal maniacs, a must for Blasphemy, Profanatica, etc fans) GRE (10,-)

UNPURE - Trinity in Black 2001/2014 (3rd album Swedish Black-Thrash-Speed Metal masterpiece!) SWE (10,-)

UNTIL DEATH OVERTAKES ME - Days Without Hope 2009 (Another work of terrifying, morose, utterly depressive crawling funeral doom) BEL (10,-)

URGEHAL - Rise Of The Monument 2009 (The 2nd demo of Urgehal first time on CD + Urgehal live at Under The Black Sun Open Air 2008) NOR (12,-)

URGRUND - The Graven Sign 2002 (A perfect hybrid of black/death/thrash metal with the wellknown Australian style, the 1st album) AUS (12,-)

URGRUND - Disciples of Supremacy 2007 (A perfect hybrid of black/death/thrash metal with the wellknown Australian style, the 3rd album) AUS (12,-)

URNA - Iter Ad Lucem 2009 (Esoteric Funeral Doom with immense expressive strength, innovative and fresh!) ITA (10,-)

URT – Saatanhark 2007 (Agressive heathen black/death metal with lots of atmospheric, pagan and epic passages.) EST (10,-)

UTGARD - Thrones and Dominions 2008 (Black Metal from the misty lakes and dark woods of Finland. Mighty Finnish Black Metal!) FIN (10,-)

UTUK-XUL - Goat of the black possession 2003/2005 (satanist colombian black metal, the 1st album) COL (10,-)

UTUK-XUL - Whispers Of Yessod 2007 (2nd album, limited to 333 copies only, satanist colombian black metal) COL (10,-)

VADER - Live in Japan + Sothis 2XCD 1998 (one of the best metal live albums ever, A limited edition included 3 more tracks from "Sothis") POL (13,-)

VADER - Necropolis 2009 (Classic Polish Death Metal!!! Mutilaton Records edition.) POL (10,-) 

VALSBLUT / WARAGE - Split CD 2004 (Totalitarian Sick Black Metal reminding sometimes of Torgeist, Chemin De Haine…) FRA (10,-)

VANHELGA/ PSYCHONAUT 4/ OFDRYKKJA/ IN LUNA - Urban Negativism digiCD 2015 (All material was recorded exclusively for this split! Suicide BM) INT (12,-)

VANHELGA - Längtan digiCD 2014 (ex-Lifelover members doing excellent Swedish cold misanthropic Black Metal, 3rd album) SWE (12,-)

VANHELGA - Sommar MCD 2013 (7 songs of sick and melancholic musicf irst time with Johan Gabrielson/1853 of Lifelover in the line-up) SWE (10,-)

VANHELGA - Ångest MCD 2015 (Suicide, Melancholy, Hate, Anti-God, Darkness from Sweden in Black Metal) SWE (10,-) 

VARGSANG - In The Mist Of Night 2014 (After six years of silence Vargsang returns with full of darkness and hate. Raw Hateful Black Metal) GER (10,-) 

VELNIAS - Sovereign Nocturnal digiCD 2009 (Progressive and atmospheric BM for those into Wolves In TTR, Agalloch, Primordial) USA (12,-)

VELVET CACOON - P aa opal poere pr. 33 2010 (Methodical and mysterious black metal. Velvet Cacoon's best material to date. special packaging.) USA (12,-)

VERGE - To Rest the Last Time in our Filth CD 2008 (10,-)

VERGE / BLOOD RED FOG - Because Its Wrong digiCD 2013 (Depressive black metal.) FIN (10,-)

VERMETH - Suicide or Be Killed! 2008 (Black Legions (Les Légions Noire) Metal with Torgeist, Amaka Hahina mastermind!) FRA (12,-)

VERZIVATAR - Transcendent Infection 2010 (New album: grim, gloomy Black Metal with sinister and depressive atmosphere!) HUN (10,-)

VICTIMIZER - Rapid Thrashing Violence 2007 (Ep + live songs with great Exodus & Slayer covers!) DEN (10,-)

VIDHARR - Eclipse CD 2009 (10,-)

VILLAINS - Life Code of Decadence 2009 (old school death/thrash, 2nd album) USA (10,-)

VIOLATED - Only Death Awaits 2009 (classic thrash metal the Bay Area way! 30 minutes of headbanging mania!) NOR (10,-)

VINDSVAL- Imperium Grotesque CD 1999 (Grotesque Black Metal from Luxembourg!!!) LUX (10,-)

VINTERRIKET - Horizontmelancholie CD/DVD 2009 (Dark Ambient, Side A contains audio tracks; Side B contains DVD tracks. Hybrid, DualDisc, Digipak) GER (12,-)

VINTERRIKET - Zwischen den Jahren MCD 2010 (CD comes in oversized cardboard cover, limited and hand-numbered to 1000 copies. Black Metal) GER (10,-)

VINTERTHRON - Reign Ov Opposites 2008 (unprogressive Black Metal in the vein of the old gods like BATHORY, CELTIC FROST/HELLHAMMER or DARKTHRONE) BRA (12,-)

VIRGIN BLACK - Sombre RomanticA (those that enjoy Devil Doll, Sisters Of Mercy, Paradise Lost, Arcturus, Nick Cave etc.) AST (9,-)

VISTHIA - In Aeternum Deleti 2012 (Innovative black metal for fans of Dodheimsgard, Diabolicum, MZ.412.) ITA (10,-)

VLAD TEPES - Anthologie Noire 2 x CD 2013 (Includes "The Return of the Unweeping" + "Celtic Poetry" + "Into Frosty Madness" + "Dans Notre Chute..." + Bonus: "The Black Legions" + "Rehearsal - official Drakkar Productions Release) FRA (14,-)

VLAD TEPES - Morte Lune 2013 (Les Legions Noires, Official Release - Drakkar Productions!) FRA (10,-)

VLAD TEPES - War Funeral March 2013 (Les Legions Noires, official reissue - Drakkar Productions) FRA (10,-) 

VOGELSANG - Aus den Trümmern Empor 2009 (heroic Black/Folk Metal) GER (10,-)

VOID MOON - Deathwatch digi CD 2016 (Sun & Moon Records) SWE (12,-)

VOID OF REVERIES - Silenti Etc es Tantum Quietus 2010 (Haunting black metal from Canada. Highly textured, deep atmospheric) CAN (12,-)

VOIVOD - Katorz CD 2006 (One of the best bands ever, thrash metal!) CAN (10,-)

VOLITION – Demo (Pure punishing filthy DOOM! Professional CD-R with colour sleave on heavy weight paper. Recommended!) UK (5,-)

VOLITION - Volition 2008 (Punishing sick doom for those into Winter, Coffins, Toadliquor...) UK (9,-)

VON - Satanic Blood MCD 1992/2011 (Pioneering black metal band from the San Francisco Bay Area, classic, masterpiece) USA (10,-)

VORDR - III 2007 (cold minimal Black Metal with Circle of Ouroborus, Hoath, Khert-Neter, Ravening, Prevalent Resistance, Verivala members) FIN (10,-)

VOWELS - Hooves, Leaves & the Death/As December Nightingales 2012 (Sun & Moon Records) ITA (12,-)

VOWELS - Seasonal Beast digi CD 2014 (Sun & Moon Records) ITA (12,-)

VREDEHAMMER - Pans Skygge MCD 2011 (with ex-Allfader, ex-Elite member, brandnew mini cd of this cult norwegian black metal act) NOR (8,-)  

VROLOK - Resurgence III: Order of the Sphere 2007 (Black Metal with Ambient Influences, Satanism, occultism, philosophy) USA (12,-) 

V/A - EVOLA TRIBUTE - The Spirit of Europe digipack 2009 (Lord Wind, Aryan Art, Morior Axis, Inhumane Deathcult, Menegroth, Von Thronstahl, etc) (12,-)

V/A - Not Without A Fight A5-2xCD (Double CD compilation, a homage to the scuzz-caked grindcore/noise/sludge/speedpunk bands!) USA (12,-)


V/A - Schatten aus der ... Bethlehem / A tribute to Dictius te Necare 2009 (very nice Bethlehem tribute with Maieutiste / Voodoo Planet / Ataraxie / Imindain / Mourning Dawn / Magnum Occultum Innominandum) FRA (12,-) 

V/A - Signvm Martis BMIA 2010 Digipack CD (Spite Extreme Wing, Janvs, Black Flame, Hiems, Tronvs Abyss, Frangar, Gladio, Hirpvs, Galaverna) ITA (10,-)

V/A - Tribute To Emperor - In Honour Of Icon E 2012 (with bands: Demonical, Helheim, Midnight Odyssey, Necrodeath, Horna, Taake, Setherial, etc) INT (10,-)

V/A - A tribute to Desaster - We Worship Desaster - 2xCD 2015 (with: Siculicidium, Slaughtered Priest, The Meads Of Asphodel, Witchburner, Nocturnal, etc) INT (15,-)

V/A - Tormenting Legends II DigiCD 2007 (excl. Songs of Katharsis, Arckanum, Wolfsmond, Nyktalgia, Luror, Musta Surma, Eternity, Vargsang etc.) INT (12,-)

WAR FOR WAR - War Is The Only Way 2006 (debut... uncompromising fast and raw satanic War Panzer Back Metal for fans of Marduk, Setherial) CZ (10,-)

WAR PLAGUE - The Necro Continuum 2009 (war black metal, ice-cold, the blazing guitar solos are a blizzard of bullets, solid metal war machine) USA (10,-)

WARLOGHE - The First Possession 2008 (Official re-release of the first album! Cult band from Finland who barely needs introduction) FIN (12,-)

WARWULF - The Archetype of Destruction 2013 (vocalist from Battle Dagorath playing elitist, occult Black Metal) USA (10,-)

WARWULF - In The Glare Of A Dying Horizon 2015 (Raw, Hateful, and Nefarious black metal from the U.S. 2nd opus) USA (10,-)

WEDARD / NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - Beyond The Light 2010 (Great new split, extra tracks for this collaboration, nice release!) GER/FRA (10,-)

WEEDEATER - Sixteen Tons CD (Southern sludegcore classic with Dixie from BUZZOVEN.) USA (10,-)

WEIRD FATE - The collapse of all that has been digiCD 2012 (Excellent grim and cold Black Metal.) GER (10,-)

WELTBRAND - Radiance of a Thousand Suns 2003 (Nihilistik Metal, twisted crossing of Black and thrash with the sick voice of RSD Xul of Funeral Winds) NED (10,-)

WEREJU – Trough The Depths Of Unknowing 2 x CD 2007 (Eerie, droning ambient soundscapes from Ireland) IRE (15,-)

WHIRLING - Faceless Phenomena DigiCD 2010 (Avantgarde Metal, feat members of ARMAGEDDA and BERGRAVEN! a mix of VEB BUENS ENDE, CODE and BERGRAVEN) SWE (12,-)

WHISKEY RITUAL - Blow with the Devil digiCD 2015 (A crown jewel of filthy, misanthropic black 'n' roll, 3rd album) ITA (12,-)

WHISKEY RITUAL - In Goat We Trust 2010/2015 (Re-release of the first album in jewelcase CD) ITA (10,-)

WHO DIES IN SIBERIAN SLUSH - Bitterness Of The Years That Are Lost 2010 (Good old funeral/doom/death from Russia.) RUS (9,-)

WICKED KING WICKER - God Is Busy... Save Yourself 2009 (power of doom metal and added noise to mix to make it unique.) USA (10,-)

WILDILDLIFE– Six digiCD (Heavy space/psych rock for those into M83 and SWANS.) USA (9,-)

WINDBRUCH - Collision Of The Worlds 2009 (Sun & Moon Records) RUS (12,-)

WINTERBLUT - Grund: Gelenkkunst 2xCD 2002/2011 (sick and nonconform German Black Metal since 1994, obscure recording session from 2002 and re-recordings of the whole album done in 2011 containing an unreleased song from this time) GER (14,-)

WINTERNIGHT - Pestilenz 2010 (cold, atmospheric black metal with ex-member of Vargsang, Thurisaz) GER (10,-)

WISDOM - Sacra Privata 2009 (leading Black Metal band from Paraguay, the 3rd album with Bathory cover and tons of bonus stuff) PAR (10,-)

WITCHBURNER - Witchburner/Blasphemic Assault Digi CD 2009 (the first 2 albums on one digi CD, limited to 2000 copies!) GER (12,-)

WITCHBURNER - Incarnation of Evil/German Thrashing War Digi CD 2009 (the 3rd album + G. T. W. Ep on one digi CD, limited to 2000 copies!) GER (12,-)

WITCHBURNER - Demons 2010 (new album, great German Thrash metal attack again!) GER (10,-)

WITCHBURNER - Blood of Witches 2007 (5th full length, traditional German Thrash Metal) GER (10,-)

WITCHCRAFT - Hegyek felettem 2012 (One of the oldest Hungarian BM acts, Black Metal as its should be. 3rd album.) HUN (10,-)
WOJNAR - Z Najglebszych Borów Piesni Wam Niose CD 2006 (Excellent piece of Ambient / Folk music) POL (10,-)

WOJNAR - When the Spirit of War Will Rise Above Me CD 2006 (Classic Polish pagan folkish ambience!) POL (10,-)

WOLD – Badb digiCD (Psychotropic black/noise terror.) CAN (9,-)

WOLFSGREY - Transylvanian Plaguespreader Committee 2013 (Transylvanian hooligan Black Metal of Death, for Tormentor, Vlad Tepes, Siculicidium fans) ROM (10,-)
WOLFSGREY - You Don't Hurt Me CD 2017 (Transylvanian Hooligan Black Metal, 2nd album, Sun & Moon Records release) ROM (10,-)

WOLFSHAUCH - Des Scheintoten Sicht 2008 (Melancholic, grief-stricken black metal.) GER (10,-)

WOLFSHAUCH - Form Mensch 2010 (Dark, nebulous black metal with a melancholic longing.) GER (10,-)

WOLFSSCHREI - Torture of a Human Soul MCD 2006 (Powerful & devastating old school German Black Metal! GER (8,-)

WOLFSRUNE - Screams Of The Forgotten 2008 (Debut full-length of raw, cemetery old-school black metal from this German act.) GER (10,-)

WOLFTHORN - Towards Ipsissimus 2010 (ferocious, morbid Black Metal with Erhabenheit, Total Hate, Wolfsschrei, Caedes, Purest, etc members) GER (10,-)

WOLOK - Caput Mortuum 2009 (sick Black Metal by E. (La Division Mentale, Devilish Era), L. (Zarach 'Baal 'Tharagh) & C. (La Division Mentale)) FRA (10,-)
WOLVSERPENT - Gathering Strengths / Blood Seed 2xCD DIGIPACK 2011 (Drone, Doom Metal, Experimental, 8-panel Digipak) USA (14,-)

WOODS OF BELIAL - Deimos XIII 2003 (Industrial Funeral/Black Doom with Moonsorrow, Barathrum, Finntroll, etc members, masterpiece!) FIN (10,-)

WOODS OF DESOLATION - Sorh MCD (digisleeve) 2009 (depressive/atmospheric Black Metal with Desolate of Austere on vocals) AUS (10,-)

WOODS OF DESOLATION - Torn Beyond Reason 2012 (With members of AUSTERE & GREY WATERS this band continue where AUSTERE left off) AUS (10,-)

WOODS OF INFINITY - Förlat 2011 (the 5th full length album, with 20-page booklet cover-art by Necrolord, one of the best BM release for 2011) SWE (10,-)

WOODS OF INFINITY - Forintelse & Libido DIGI 2004/2010 (re-released the bands 1st album on a limited handmade gatefold digisleeve) SWE (12,-)  

WORMS - Pelican Songs CD 2011 (Crushing doom heaviness from Finland with Swans influence!) FIN (10,-)

WRAITH OF THE ROPES – Ada (Depressive and nightmarish doom-leaden horror metal.) USA (9,-)

WRAITH PASSION - Careful Saint 2007 (Cold Norwegian black metal...) NOR (10,-)

WRECK OF THE HESPERUS – The Sunken Threshold 2007 IRE (10,-)

WRITTEN IN TORMENT - The Uncreation MCD 2006 (British Black Metal in the high-calibre Nordic vein of BM, true, grim & dark) UK (8,-)

WYRD – Rota 2005 (5th album of Finland’s greatest pagan black metal band.) FIN (10,-)

WÜRM - Aux Portel De L'agonie 2007 (Vinlandic depressive and melancholy Black Metal in the vein of old BURZUM and ABYSSIC HATE!) CAN (10,-)

XAOS OBLIVION - Antithesis of Creation 2008 (misanthropical Black/Doom Metal/Ambient, the 1st album) POL (10,-)

XAOS OBLIVION - Nature's Ancient Wisdom 2012 (the 3rd album, Excellent black metal from Poland) POL (10,-)

XASTHUR – The Funeral Of Being 2003 USA (12,-)

XASTHUR - Nightmares At Dawn 2012 (unreleased songs written and recorded in the last 5 years of its existence plus 3 Xasthur classics anthems re-recorded in different moments (‘Prison of Mirrors’, ‘Screaming at Forgotten Fears’ and ‘Suicide in Dark Serenity’) USA (10,-)

XASTHUR - Telepathic with the Deceased (Depressive black metal highlight!) USA (10,-)

XASTHUR - To Violate The Oblivious (Depressive black metal highlight!) USA (10,-)

XASTHUR - Xasthur mCD 2006 (Depressive black metal highlight!) USA (8,-)

YOGSOTHERY - Gate I: Chaosmogonic Rituals of Fear 2011 (Obscure Lovecraftian soundscapes from these bands: JÄÄPORTIT, UMBRA NIHIL, AARNI) INT (10,-)

YSENGRIN - Tragedie - Liber Hermetis 2011 (Hermetic Esoteric Dark Metal, booklet on recycled paper, De Profundis release!) FRA (10,-)

ZARACH 'BAAL' THARAGH - A Nightmare Testimony 2006 (the master of lo-fi primitive Black Metal-Noise, the 1st full length album) FRA (10,-)

ZARACH 'BAAL' THARAGH - Eternal Darkness 2008 (the master of lo-fi primitive Black Metal-Noise, Contains demos "Primitive Era", "Apocalypse", "El Borak") FRA (10,-)

ZARATHUSTRA - Heroic MCD 2000 (the 2nd demo on MCD, german black metal force) GER (10,-)

ZATOKREV - Bury The Ashes CD 2007 (Post-whatever for those into Neurosis, Pelican and Isis.) SWI (10,-)

ZAVORASH - N.A.S.D. 2006 (Total Holocaust Records) SWE (12,-)

ZIFIR - You Must Come With Us 2008 (Pure and true black metal from Turkey!) TUR (10,-)

ZOROASTER - Zoroaster mCD 2006 (32 minutes EP of heavy doom in vein of Sleep and Sun O))) USA (8,-)






ABIGAIL - Raw Black Thrashing Madness T Shirt (L size, limited to 50 copies!) JAP (15,-)

AD HOMINEM - Dictator a Monument of Glory 2012 (Official T-shirt. Black. XL size.) FRA (12,-)

EVILFEAST - Wintermoon Enchantment T-shirt (black, both side printed HQ TS, size: L) POL (15,-)
FUNERAL - Black Flame Of Unholy Hate T-shirt 2016 (official black TS, XL size) FRA (13,-)

GRAVELAND - Will Stronger Than Death 2012 (Official T-shirt. Green colour. XL size.) POL (12,-)

GRAVELAND - Spears of Heaven 2012 (Official T-shirt. Navy Blue. XL size.) POL (12,-)

GRUNT - Someone is watching T-Shirt (L size) (Double-sided printed T-Shirt with pictures of video surveillance on the chest, text about the same subject mater on the center back. Printed white on heavy premium quality black shirt, power electronics/noise) FIN (14,-)

GRUNT - Someone is watching T-Shirt (L size) (Double-sided printed T-Shirt with picture of a video camera on the chest left, text on the center back : GRUNT - SOUND OF DISSENT : ACCEPT THE CONTROL FROM YOUR POTENTIAL ENEMY, TRUST IN THE GOOD WILL OF THOSE IN CHARGE. Printed white on heavy premium quality black shirt, power electronics/noise) FIN (14,-)

HYPOTHERMIA - Logo + Picture T-shirt (white print, HQ TS, size: XL) SWE (13,-)

MORTIFERA - Japan Tour 2016 / ZIP Hooded (M size, exclusive Japanes import!) FRA (45,-)

MORTIFERA - Japan Tour 2016 / T-Shirts (L size, exclusive Japanese import) FRA (15,-)

OLD WITCH, 1st official limited, high quality white TS, Sun & Moon edition, size: M, L, XL CAN (15,-)
PROTECTOR - The Return of Thrash and Madness TS (L & XL sizes, official b/w shirt) GER (16,-)

RICTUS GRIN - Shirt - Cover of the album "Living The Dream" (High quality T-shirt on heavy weight Fruit of the Loom shirt.) USA (10,-)
SELBST - official TS (Sun & Moon edition, limited high quality black TS, style: Adler, size: S, M, L, XL) VEN (15,-)

SICULICIDIUM - Keringők / Valses (Sun & Moon edition limited, high quality white TS, size: M, L, XL) ROM (15,-)

SICULICIDIUM - A rothadó virágok színüket vesztik (Sun & Moon edition, limited, high quality red TS, size: M, L, XL) ROM (15,-)
SICULICIDIUM - Land Beyond The Forest limited, high quality black TS, size: S, M, L, XL ROM (15,-)
SUN & MOON RECORDS - 2006-2016 anniversary (old school type) limited, high quality black TS, size: S, M, L, XL ROM (15,-)

SUN & MOON RECORDS - 2006-2016 anniversary (trendy type) limited, high quality black TS, size: S, M, L, XL ROM (15,-)

TEMNOZOR - Folsktorm of the Azure Nights  2012 (Official T-shirt. Grey shirt. XL size.) RUS (12,-)
WOLFSGREY - Hooligan logo TS, high quality black TS, size: S, M, L, XL ROM (15,-)

WOLFSGREY - Transylvanian Plaguespreader Committee (Sun & Moon edition, limited, high quality black TS, size: M, L, XL) ROM (15,-)


Pentagram PATCH - 3 euro - photo:

Iron Cross PATCH - 3 euro - photo:

Psychic TV PATCH - 3 euro - photo:

Lorraine PATCH - 3 euro - photo:

Algiz PATCH - 3 euro - photo:


ABSENTIA LUNAE - Marching Upon Forgotten Ashes 2004 (1st demo of this great Italian Black metal band on pro-tape) ITA (5,-) 

ALDAARON - Des Légendes et Anciens Dieux" TAPE (5,-)

ANTHEMS OF GOMORRAH - Gebrechlichkeit 2007 (pagan/folk atmospherical Black metal, lim. to 200.) USA (5,-)

APATI - Eufori tape SWE (5,-)

ARGHOSLENT - Hornets of the Pogrom USA (5,-)

ASKA – Dar Vanvett Gror (Depressive in the vein of Burzum - Filosofem, Abyssic Hate - Suicidal Emotions) SWE (5,-)

ASTHENIE - Absolue Matricide pro-tape 2008 (Occult, necromantic French black metal…you know what to expect…) FRA (5,-)

AYMREV ERKROZ PREVRE - Noir Voyage Obstrué De Rencontres Difformes TAPE (5,-)

AUSTERE - To Lay Like Old Ashes TAPE 2010 (Excellent depressive black metal from Australia) AST (5,-)

AUTARCIE - Sédition. Isolement. Deliquescence. Autarcie TAPE (5,-)

BEWITCHED - Hibernum In Perpetuum SWE (5,-)

BLACK AUTUMN - End tape 2008 (Bleak German Black Metal.) GER (4,-)

BLACK CANDLE - Winter of Wrath (the oldest Black Metal of Luxemburg. Enjoy your trip through the dark graveyard of Black Candle!) LUX (4,-)

BLACK CIRCLE - Behold My Visions And Wisdom TAPE 2010 (raw nihilistic BM in vein of JUDAS ISCARIOT & early DARK THRONE) SWE (5,-)

BLACK CIRCLE - The Distant Wind TAPE 2010 (raw nihilistic BM in vein of JUDAS ISCARIOT & early DARK THRONE) SWE (5,-)

BLADESMITH – Legion Of Swords 2007 (Raw Finnish black metal. Lim. to 200.) FIN (5,-)

BLODFEST/ WOLFSLAIR - Split (Dannish heathen BM, ultra heavy and fast, close to early IMMORTAL, IN BATTLE) DEN (5,-)

BLOOD OF KINGU – De Occulta Philosophia TAPE UKR (5,-)

BOSSE - 3 2007 (Experimental soundscapes. Three tracks of desolate experimental acoustic ambient. Pro-tape.) USA (5,-)

BRETUS - In Onirica TAPE + BUTTON 2013 (For fans of Cathedral, Saint Vitus, Down, doom highlight!) ITA (6.5,-)

CELESTIA - Delhys-cätess 2007 (Cold Ethereal Cult Black Metal. Very limited!) TAPE FRA (5,-)

CELESTIA - Frigidiis (Fantastic Aristocratic Ethereal Black Metal. Very limited!) TAPE FRA (5,-)

COPRUS CHRISTII - Rising 2008 (Ripping and raw yet cold and catatonic, Rising is grim orthodox Black Metal par excellence!) POR (4,-)

DEATH AURA – Winds of Mortal Hope 2007 (Killer black metal with dark, depressive and atmospheric ambient) GRE (5,-)

DEATH NÖIZE – Conquest War Famine Death tape 2013 (Transylvanian apocalyptic black metal/crust, tape limited to 50 copies!) ROM (5,-) 

DEEP-PRESSION – The Critical State of Loneliness 2008 (ambient/industrial/post-black metal/drone music!) POL (5,-)

DEEP-PRESSION - Traveling through Grey Walls of Existence 2008 (ambient, post-black metal, drone, urban ambience, Valse Sinistre release) POL (5,-)

DEEP-PRESSION - ODOR, or One Day. One Room. tape 2011 (Experimental / electro-acouastic / Ambient / Drone, Tape lim. to 77) POL (5,-)

DEMOGORGON – Nänie (Melancholic Black Metal full of negativity and sadness. The musical style has a closeness to Nargaroth's work "Geliebte des Regens".) GRE (4,-)

DEPTHEN - Sunken Shades MC 2008 (Etheric atmospheric doom metal mixed with down-tempo, funeral doom and dark ambient!) USA (5,-)

DESASTER - 666 - Satan's Soldiers Syndicate TAPE GER (5,-)

DUNKELHEIT COMPILATION - #1 (Hordagaard, Isolation, Draugurz, Funeral Forest, Riddle Of Meander, Suicide Solution, Luctus, etc…) GER (4,-)

ESCHATON - Causa Fortior (Hellenic fast, BM in classic vein of ROTTING CHRIST, VARATHRON, NAER MATARON) GRE (5,-)

FALSTAD - Innespering-I MC 2008 (Nihilist & transcendent black/doom metal from the US) USA (5,-)

FÖLDALATTI ALAKULAT - Phobia (Ambient.) HUN/BRA (4,-)

FULLMOON DWELLER – The Wandering Ghoul 2008 (Depressive Black Metal.) MEX (5,-)

GEHENNA - Unravel tape 2013/2016 (the 6th album from this legendary Norwegian Black Metal act, Limited to 100 pro manufactured black cassettes) NOR (7,-)

GRIVF - Sortenlund (Grim, powerful and devastating Black Metal! Nice pro-tape.) (5,-)

GROMM - Sacrilegium 2008 (Excellent grim Slavonic Black Metal. Majestic and melancholy atmosphere with profound longing and vision.) UKR (4,-)

HELHEIM - Av Norron Ett MC 2003 (Helheim's second opus, Norwegian black metal, pro-tape!) NOR (5,-)

HOLLOW VOID - Harrowing Bleak Emptiness MC 2008 (Experimental cold ambient, an audio outlet of sorrow filled bleak emptiness)  USA (5,-)

IRBLOSS – Hymns 2007 (Northern forest folkloric-inspired Black Metal) SWE (4,-)

ISRATHOUM - Antru Kald tape 2015 (Pro-tape version, limited to 100 copies) NED (5,-)
JAN MöRGENSON - Jass, Raag & Blooz 2016 (Mask of the Slave release) DEN (5,-)

JUDAS ISCARIOT - Of Great Eternity tape USA (5,-)

JUDAS ISCARIOT - Heaven In Flames MC (USBM masterpiece. Pro-tape!) USA (5,-)

KATHGOR - The Lord of Infernal Blasphemy 2012 (Pure death metal from Malaysia like Master, Mantas, Asphyx.) MAL (5,-)

KOSA - Evilabsorption 2007 (Raw misanthropic black metal from the Ukraine!) UKR (4,-)

KRÖWNN - Hyborean Age TAPE + BUTTON 2013 (For fans of Trouble, Cathedral, doom highlight!) ITA (6.5,-)

LEACHIM – In Limitless Hate 2007 (Raw old school Black Metal from Greece for the true maniacs!) GRE (4,-)

LUCIFUGUM - Invoitation 2006 (Sick Black Metal from the alien fucks of Ukraine... Gouge out your eyes!!!!) UKR (4,-)

LUCIFUGUM - Sectane Satani 2007 UKR (4,-)

LUPUS NOCTURNUS / INFERNAL HATE – Split 2008 (Uncompromising black metal! True Black Metal!) MEX (5,-)

LUTOMYSL - De Profundis 2008 (the great new album from the Superior, Individual & Nihilist Black metal band! pro-tape) UKR (5,-)

MANIK THORNS - Manik Thorns MC 2008 (Strange black metal with an odd & old feeling. Similar to Silencer, Xibalba, Abyssic Hate.) USA (5,-)

MARBLEBOG / HUNOK – Split 2004 (Marblebog plays deep depressive hypnotic black metal, while Hunok plays deep-trance like pagan ambient.) HUN (4,-)

MARBLEBOG – Csendhajnal 2004 (Deep depressive/black/hermit metal with screams rising from the deep of the forests and hypnotic ambient songs.) HUN (4,-)

MARBLEBOG – Forestheart 2005 (Jovial ambient passages and deeply personal depressive black metal. Mature & inspired forest black metal.) HUN (4,-)

MARBLEBOG – Wind Of Moors 2005 (Eerie and hypnotic Ambient album from this well-known BM act!) HUN (4,-)
MARBLEBOG - Nostalgic Moods Tape 2011 (compiling "Nostalgic Moods In Grimwoods" Demo 2002 and "Arhat" Promo 2002, black tape) HUN (5,-)

MARE FRIGORIS – The Odyssey 2007 (Strong compositions, excellent BM in the veins of Darkthrone, Burzum and Graveland) SWE (5,-)

MARE FRIGORIS - Demo one MC 2008 (40 minutes of excellent astral dark ambient with not-of-this world feeling!) HUN (5,-)

MARTYRIUM OMNIUM – Human Darkness (Very good cold, dark atmospheric black metal with parts of dark ambient) SPA (5,-)

METALUCIFER - Heavy Metal Hunting 1995-2005 2006 (tape version of this great release, different cover, limited to 500, bolivian import) JAP (5,-)

MISANTHROPIA – The Suffering Within 2007 (Filthy and raw depressive Black metal, full of negativity and hatred) AUS (5,-)

NAR MATARON - Awakening of the Ancient Greece (Pagan Black Metal from...Greece!) GRE (4,-)

NECKTARIUM - Dreamblur tape 2011 (Dreamy shoegaze black metal fro those into Velvet Cacoon, lim. to 50) PAK (5,-)

NECROMANTIA / ACHERONTAS - From the Temple of the Serpent Skull... GRE (5,-)


NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - Four Seasons Of Depression 2010 (suicidal French BM) FRA (5,-)

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - Nostalgia - Fragments of a Broken Past 2010 (suicidal French BM) FRA (5,-)

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - The Cult of Negation tape FRA (5,-)

OCEANUS PROCELLARUM / HOLLOW VOID - Autumnal Suppression Split MC 2008 (Excellent Ambient) USA (5,-)

OCEANUS PROCELLARUM / VOID))) - Perpetuum Nobilus split MC 2008 (Excellent Ambient) USA (5,-)

ODAL - ...Wilde Kraft (Great German True Black Metal!) GER (5,-)

OFERMOD - Thaumiel tape 2012/2016 (2nd album, Luciferianism, Chaos-Gnosticism Black metal, Limited to 166 copies, each copy comes with 10cm x 10cm patch. White pro manufactured tapes) SWE (11,-)

PERMIXTIO - Aneliti di Trascedenza - blue tape 2010 (Excellent dark and obscure Black Metal, in vein of Krohm, Beatrik, Tenebrum in Perpetuum) ITA (6,-)

PRIMEVAL MASS - Atermon (5,-)

PURBAWISESA - Glorification of Terror Disharmony (Fast, occult and grim Black Metal, in the old way) SGP (4,-)

SACRILEGIUM - Embrace The Darkness (5,-)

SAD – A Curse In Disguise 2007 (Cold and depressive BM at its highest peaks) GRE (5,-)

SICULICIDIUM - Utolsó vágta az Univerzumban 2010 (Night Birds Records, limited to 300 copies!) ROM (5,-)

SICULICIDIUM - Lelekosveny tape 2011 (Transylvanian black metal it's best! limited to 100 copies!) ROM (5,-) 

SINISTERITE - Dweller of the tomb 2009 (Sinister black metal, feat. Shatraug of Horna, Sargeist. 2nd demo. Factory pressed.) FIN (5,-)

SKEELTRON - Black Clouds 2007 (Grim black metal like Lunar Auror, Barastir, Kargvint...nice tape release with special deluxe paper-printing) GER (4,-)

STRIX - Strix tape Ep 2011 (Another great Black Metal band by Umbra, from the mastermind of Permixtio! limited to 111 hand-numbered copies) ITA (5,-)
SURUNI - Musta Nauha cassette 2015 (Sun & Moon Records) FIN (5,-) 
TAAKE - Doedskvad MC (Grim black metal masterpiece from Norway. Pro-tape!) NOR (5,-)

TAAKE - Helnorsk Svartmetall MC (Grim black metal masterpiece from Norway. Pro-tape!) NOR (5,-)

TEMPLE OF TIERMES – Delirium Sadomaso 2013 tape (legendary Finnish PE/Noise, 1st time on tape, limited to 100 copies) FIN (6-,) 

TENEBRA - Through crying Souls I see what I was... (Occult Black Metal, worshipping the creatures of the night.) ITA (3,-)

THA-NORR - Wolfenzeitalter (originally released on CD on Nazgul's Eerie, cult of German BM) GRE (5,-)

THRAENENKIND - Eine Momentaufnahme - Der Rest ist nur Einsamkeit TAPE 2010 (depressive mix of black metal and post rock) GER (5,-)

TRAGEDY BEGINS - Nekrokosmos (5,-)

YSENGRIN - Archivum MMV - MMX tape 2010 (Esoteric death/black/doom from France, pro-cover, pro-tape.) FRA (5,-)

YSENGRIN - Alchimëte tape 2011 (Esoteric mix of death/black/doom, pro cover, pro tape with golden prints.) FRA (5,-)

URT – Varjuring 2007 (amazing Slavonic Black Metal from Estonia. Professional tape with professional cover printed on special type of paper.) EST (5,-)

UTGARD - Utgard 2006 (The first full length album after 10 years of silence, stronger than ever!) FIN (5,-)

VANESSA VAN BASTEN - La Stanza Di Swedenborg tape 2011 (Excellent atmospheric post-metal.) ITA (4,-)

VELAAD - The dawn of a tormented world 2009 (Melancholic black metal. 2nd demo, 40 minutes. Limited 200 copies. Factory pressed.) FIN (5,-)

VITTRAH - And So Emptyness Prevailed.. (Raw melancholic black metal lim. to 200 pro-tapes. Recommended.) POR (5,-)

WINTERFYLLETH - The Ghost of Heritage tape UK (5,-)

WITCHCRAFT - Hegyek felettem MC 2012 (One of the oldest Hungarian BM acts, 3rd album, pro-tape.) HUN (5,-)

WOLFSGREY - "A" tapeEp 2008 (Transylvanian Black Metal, Mirgilus Siculorum release) ROM (5,-)

WOLFSGREY - "D" tapeEp 2010 (Transylvanian Black Metal, the new Ep!) ROM (5,-) 

WOLFSGREY - Pure Transylvanian Style tape 2012 (advanced promo tape for the upcoming full length album, hooligan black metal) ROM (5,-) 

WOLFSGREY - glorify! 2016 (Mirgilus Siculorum release, black cassette limited to 18 copies! brand new demo) ROM (6,-)

WOLFSGREY - You Don't Hurt Me 2017 cassette (Mirgilus Siculorum release, red cassette, hand-numbered, limited to 50 copies!) ROM (7,-)

WOLFSSCHREI - Moriturus (Wolfsschrei the notorious is back with the cassette Moriturus! Blakc metal at its best!) GER (5,-)

WOLFSSCHREI - Torture Of A Human Soul GER (5,-)

WOODS OF BELIAL - Baxabaxaxaxaxabaxaxaxaxa! 2003 (Depressive Industrialized Black Doom Metal) FIN (5,-)

ZARACH BAAL THARAGH - Skull Face Exhumations TAPE FRA (5,-)


ASTROFAES - Live Hate Official DVD 2009 (shows from 2004 in Kiev, Moscow & Minsk, featuring Thurios of HATE FOREST, BLOOD OF KINGU & DRUKDH) UKR (10,-)

BLIZZARD - Alcoholic Firetigers DVD 2014 (live, interviews, back-stage, rehearsal footage, more than 200 min. 1st official dvd) GER (12,-)

BLOOD STORM - "Alive In The Sirian Death Raid" Official Pro DVD (Pagan Flames Records) USA (12,-)

DESASTER - Brazilian Blitzkrieg Blasphemies DVD 2004 (Classic German Thrash/Black. Not in the perfect condition, but good.) GER (9,-)

KRIEG - Official Live DVD 2009 (Live shows included: Chicago 8/8/04, Hungary 3/9/03, San Antonio 12/1/01, primal black metal noise assaults) USA (12,-)

MANIAC BUTCHER - Dead but Live '92 - '01 DVD 2005 (Negative Existence release, pro DVD, official live DVD of this great band) CZE (12,-)

NARGAROTH - Deadicatation 2DVD 2008 (2-DVD box contains live recordings from Belgium, Austria, Portugal and Italy + moviews with Kanwulf.) GER (15,-)

NECROPHAGIA - Nightmare Scenarios DVD 2004 (Essential DVD for fans of this freakish band!) USA (14,-)

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - Mankind Suffering Visions DVD 2009 (Sun & Moon Records) FRA (14,-)

OLD GOAT - Slaves of War Pro DVD + CD set (Pagan Flames Records) USA (15,-)

PARADISE LOST - Over The Madness Digi 2XDVD ("Over The Madness" + "Over The Madness - Directors Cut" + several interviews & backstage footage.) UK (10,-)

SARCOFAGO - Live in Lima, Peru '93 DVD-R (official Black Metal DVDs/Pagan Flames release, DVD-R in jewel case) BRA (10,-)

THE GATHERING - In Motion 2002 DVD (Live at Dynamo Open Air, Live in Krakow Poland + 2 Video Clips.) HOL (14,-)

THROCULT - "Live Conjurations" Pro DVD (Pagan Flames Records) USA (12,-)

V/A - GATHERING OF SHADOWS 2xDVD 2006 (clandestine gathering in Rocky Mountains with: Krieg, Demoncy, Crimson Moon, Nachtmystium, Tenebrous, etc) USA (15,-)


2:13PM+MOTHERFUCKING+LA SIXIEME FAUTE - Collaboration LP 2011 (Ambient, Noise, Field Recording, 315 copies. Grey vinyl. A4 insert) FRA (15,-)  

2:13PM - Matkormano LP 2017 (This record comes with a free download of the movie Matkormano created and directed by Fabien Rennet and Julien Louvet. Vinyl, LP, white with grey and black swirls, Experimental, Drone, Ambient soundtrack) FRA (15,-)

A CASA - Escaleras Abajo de Los Arbelos LP 2015 (1st volume of the "Synesthetic Alchemy" serie, curated by 213 Records. Limited to 213 copies with silkscreened insert. Experimental, Krautrock, Shoegaze, Avantgarde, field recording) ARG (15,-) 

ACHERONTAS – Black Blood Ceremony LP 2014 (black vinyl, with printed insert, live album) GRE (15,-)

AFFLICTION GATE - Shattered Ante Mortem Illusions 10" MLP 2014 (printed innerbag and a new cover design. French death metal) FRA (11,-)

AMNION / BALMOG - Grim Repulse of the Southern Lodge 7" EP (The unholy communion between these two Black Metal hordes from Spain.) SPA (6,-)

ANATHEMA - We're Here Because We're Here 7" Vinyl EP + CD + DVD 2010 (Alternative rock/metal.) USA (22,-)


ANGST SKVADRON - The Alien 7" EP 2010 (Green vinyl, limited to 500 copies) NOR (6,-)

ANGST SKVADRON / SO MUCH FOR NOTHING - III /Sublife Warranty 7" EP 2011 (Gatefold 7" split, limited to 500 units. Clear white vinyl) NOR (8,-)

ANTISEMITEX / SELBSTMORD - We bring Desolation 12" LP Gatefold 2012 (Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies, 360 in black vinyl, this) POL (14,-)

ANVIL - Hope in Hell 12" 2LP 2013  (Double gatefold with orange discs. Classic heavy metal.) CAN (20,-)

AOSOTH / MALHKEBRE - Split 7"EP 2009 (Noble gate-fold with inner-sleeve and inside/outside print.) FRA (7,-)

APATI - Eufori D-LP 2010 (Very noble double LP version of this Swedish cult black metal album. Includes one bonus song. Lim to 500) SWE (17,-) 

APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE - Last Sunrise 2LP 2010 (350g Gatefold Jacket, 280g cardboard inner-sleeves, 180g brown/white blend vinyl, ltd. 170!) USA (18,-)

AQUER/THE TRUE ENDLESS - United By Diabolical Obsession Split gatefold 7" Ep 2006 CHI/ITA (6,-)

ARS VENEFICIUM - The Reign Of The Infernal King LP 2016 (Belgian high class Black Metal, standard black LP lim to 500) BEL (15,-)

ARS VENEFICIUM / AZAGHAL - The Will, The Power, The Goat LP 2015 (limited edition of 100 copies on coloured vinyl) BEL/FIN (14,-)

ASTRIAAL - RENASCENT MISANTHROPY LP 2012 (Limited to 300 copies, with inner sleeve printed with lyrics & A2-size poster) NOR (15,-)

ATARAXY - Rotten Shit 12" LP (Morbid old school death metal.) SPA 2010 (12,-)

ATARAXY - Curse of the Requiem Mass 12" LP (Morbid old school death metal.) SPA 2010 (12,-)

ATER TENEBRAE / RAVENSHADES - Split 7" Ep (Classic split between these 2 cult Hungarian black metal bands.) HUN (6,-)

ATOMICIDE – Bow Down Before The Ritual War Orgies 7" Ep 2010 (bestial Death/Thrash Metal with Chainsaw, Necropsia, Diabolical Holocaust members) CHI (6,-)

BATTLE DAGORATH - I - Dark Dragons of the Cosmos DLP 2016 (Housed in gatefold jacket. double LP version, astral, cosmic black metal ambient) USA/CH (24,-)


BETHLEHEM / BENIGHTED IN SODOM - Suizidal-Ovipare Todessehnsucht 7” Ep 2009 (re-recorded a song from S.U.I.Z.I.D. with Ataraxie vocals) GER/USA (6,-)

BLAZE OF SORROW - Echi 12" LP 2014 (Sun & Moon Records, limited to 300) ITA (13,-)

BLESSED IN SIN / ORDO TEMPLI AETERNAE LUCIS - Tu Fui Ego Eris LP 2013 (black vinyl limited to 400 copies) FRA (14,-)

BLIZZARD / BARBATOS - United Metal Punks MLP 10" 2010 (black vinyl as 10" Mini-LP with printed Inner sleeve.) GER/JAP (14,-)
BLIZZARD - Rock'n Roll Overkill LP 2011 (limited black Vinyl with Insert, Undercover Records) GER (15,-)
BLIZZARD - Fuck the Universe LP 2012 (Limited to 400 copies Heavy black Vinyl 180g + Insert+Poster) GER (15,-)
BLIZZARD - The Return of Pure, Filth and Mayhem 7" EP 2008 (Dirty Rock'n Roll from Germany, Black vinyl, gatefold cover) GER (6,-)
BLOOD RED FOG - Blood Red Fog 2XLP 2010 (Desolate Finnish black metal. Vinyl version of the debut with two bonus songs.) FIN (18,-)

BLOOD RITUAL - Black Grimoire Picture LP 2005 (Excellent US black/death metal!) USA (12,-)

BROWN EYE / SATAN'S BAKE SALE - Enemy of the Human Race / Phone Fun pic 7" Ep (Brown Eye includes Mayhem and Necrophagia members! lim to 250!) USA (6,-) 

CALDERA - Mithra LP 2011 (358x black vinyl, great instrumental doom metal) FRA (13,-) 

CATHY HEYDEN - Badlands LP 2017 (Jazz, Free Improvisation, Cathy Heyden is a French self-taught saxophonist, free improviser, and music educator) FRA (15,-)

CHARLES MANSON - The Hallways Of Always LP 2012 (Recordings from the Vacaville Medical Facility, 1982, 1984 & 1985. Professional remastered) USA (15,-)

CHARLES MANSON & SEGES FINDERE - The Way Of The Wolf LP 2016 (Limited edition of 200 copies with 12" inlay) USA/BRA (20,-)

CHELMNO - Horizon of Events 12" LP 2012 (fold out cover, limited to 100 copies only! 2nd album) ITA (14,-)

CHICALOYOH - Porte dévergondée LP+book 2016 (Experimental, Psychedelic Rock, Ethereal, Ambient, Come with a 36 pages booklet entitled 'My Nails, the Sea and the Human Pyramid". 500 copies pressed) FRA (15,-)

CHICALOYOH - La boue ralentit le cercle LP 2017 (Experimental, Avantgarde, Creating music between soundscape exploration and intimate contemplation, Chicaloyoh is a mix of guitar, keyboards and percussions from distant and various horizons) FRA (15,-)

CLOUDS - Doliu DLP Gatefold 2017 (Gatefold release limited to 300 copies worldwide, Atmospheric Doom Metal) INT (24,-)

CORPUS CHRISTII - The Torment Continues 2005 LP (the 5th album on White vinyl, gatefold cover + poster!) POR (14,-)

CORPUS CHRISTII - Luciferian Frequencies LP 2014 (different cover artwork and printed inner sleve in gatefold cover. Limited to 500 units) POR (15,-)

CORPUS CHRISTII - PaleMoon LP 2015 (the latest album vinyl version) POR (15,-)

CULT OF FIRE - Triumvirát LP 2013 (gatefold jacket, 140g black vinyl, A2 poster, 500 copies pressed, fantastic Black Metal, the 1st album) CZ (17,-) 

DAEMONOLITH - By Order of Decimation LP 2010 (Misanthrope Black Metal, LP lim to 308 copies! The first 100 Copies in Black Vinyl / rest in Blue) UK (12,-)

DARK FOREST - Dark Forest LP 2010 (Excellent British traditional heavy metal.) UK (13,-)

DARK FURY - Carnivore 7"EP 2015 (the demo from 2004 re-recorded for this fine Ep, lim to 500) POL (6,-)

DARKESTRAH - Epos LP 2015 (the 3rd album on blue vinyl, first press LP, Limited to 300 Copies) KYR (15,-)

DARKESTRAH - Sary Oy LP 2016 (1st album on vinyl first press! Limited to 300) KYR (15,-)

DARKESTRAH - The Great Silk Road 2xLP 2014 (the 4th album, first time on vinyl, Limited release of 300 in gatefold jacket, double LP) KYR (22,-)

DARVULIA - Mysticisme Macabre LP 2016 Gatefold clear (Clear vinyl edition. Housed in a gatefold jacket. Includes a poster) FRA (17,-)

DARVULIA - Mysticisme Macabre LP 2016 Gatefold black (Housed in a gatefold jacket. Includes a poster. regular black LP) FRA (15,-)

DEATH COURIER / SLAUGHTERED PRIEST / ABYSSUS / DREAMLONGDEAD - Split 7" EP 2016 (limited to 500, death, thrash, black metal split with Greek bands) GRE (6,-)

DIES ATER - Hunger For Life LP 2013 (Golden vinyl with golden print on the cover and an inlay. Limited to 300 copies, contains one bonus track) GER (13,-) 

DODSFALL - Den Svarte Skogen LP 2012 (masterpiece of elite black metal, the 1st album, Limited to 300 copies only!) NOR (13,-) 

DODSFERD - Another Two of Your Scars And The World Is Dead 7” EP 2010 (brand new killer gatefold ep of this cult black metal band. Lim. 500) GRE (6,-)

DODSFERD - Fucking Your Creation Picture LP 2007 (Dirty & diseased Black 'n' Roll mandatory for fanatics of Sargeist, Judas Iscariot and Craft!) GRE (12,-)

DRAUGAR - Weathering the Curse LP 2004 (Opressive murky black metal filled with mystery.) USA (12,-)

DRAWN AND QUARTERED - Return of the Black Death LP 2004 (Heavy, severe death metal crush from Seattle!) USA (12,-)

DRENGSKAPUR / SZARLEM - Ritual 7" EP 2016 (limited to 333 copies) GER (7,-)

DROWNING THE LIGHT - Dead Soul Requiem 7"EP 2013 (with Ash from Nargaroth doing vocals/lyrics! Melancholic and Epic Black Metal. Lim to 666) AUS (6,-)

DROWNING THE LIGHT - Diabolical Winter Spells 10" MLP 2013 (566 copies in black vinyl, excellent new stuff) AUS (12,-) 

DROWNING THE LIGHT - Lost Kingdoms Of A Dark Age 10" MLP 2013 (566 copies on black vinyl) AUS (12,-) 

DROWNING THE LIGHT - The Patron Saint Of Filth & Mold 7" EP 2013 (566 copies are pressed on generic black vinyl. Comes in gatefold cover sleeve) AUS (7,-) 

DUSTBREEDERS - The Missing Bar LP 2016 (Avantgarde, Noise, No Wave with disturbing, brain fucking vocals!) FRA (15,-)  

DUX - Lanleff 7" Ep 2013 (French Black Metal, gatefold 7" Ep) FRA (7,-)

EMPTY / ANIMUS MORTIS - Invocations from the Innominate Void 12" LP (Unholy black metal, comes with poster.) SPA (12,-)

ENSYNC - ensync LP 2016 (the reunion of Bstn Chmpns's drumming (DAiKiRi, Gouffre,) and Riccardo Gamondi's sound knowledge (Uochi Toki, La Morte). When rounded drums meets deep live feedback and sub frequencies. « synesthetic Alchemy » serie, Limited to 213 copies with silkscreened insert) FRA (15,-)

FEN - Ancient Sorrow 12" MLP 2010 (Finally on vax, dark atmospheric Black Metal for fans of early Agalloch & Primordial.) UK (10,-)

FLEURETY - Ingentes Atque Decorii 7" 2010 (Cultic Norwegian Black Metal, bizarre, avantgarde, limited 7".) NOR (7,-)

FLEURETY - Evoco Bestias 7" 2010 (Avantgarde metal with a necro Norge sound.) NOR (7,-)

FORGOTTEN DARKNESS - Nekrolog LP 2009 (Comes in noble gate-fold with printed inner-sleeve and inside/outside print.) GER (13,-)

FRONT BEAST - Wicked Wings of Wartjalka MLP 12" 2010 (Black Vinyl lim. 400, printed inner sleeve, Black Metal band of Avenger from Nocturnal) GER (12,-)

FROSTKRIEG - Majestätik Eines Kalten Elements LP 2008 (great BM! Gatefold LP, laminated with printed innersleeve, lim. to 520) GER (10,-)

FUNERAL - Black Flame Of Unholy Hate LP 2016 (Black Flame Of Unholy Hate demo from March 1995 with lots of bonus stuff, French BM history) FRA (16,-)

FUNERAL PROCESSION - Funeral Procession LP 2006 (German Black Metal highlight, excellent release, includes insert with lyrics, etc.) GER (13,-)

FUNERARY BELL - The Coven LP 2011 (limited black Vinyl version 400 copies with printed 4 site Insert, excellent occult finnish black metal) FIN (13,-)

GOAT TORMENT - Into the Mouth of the Serpent 7" Ep 2012 (Ferocious Black Death darkness, Including 3-panel-foldoutcover, protection sleeve and 14"x14" poster. Limited to 350 handnumbered copies) BEL (6,-)

GOAT TORMENT / THE BEAST - Bestial Torment 7" Ep 2012 (Two Satanic Hordes celebrate a Black Mass of Pure Devil Worship. They gather to pay Tribute to old Black Metal Legends, DEMONCY and BEHERIT) BEL (6,-)

GOUFFRE - Incubus / Succubus LP 2016 (On a minimalistic basis of drums, GOUFFRE invites cello, bass-guitar and subtle arrangements to develop codeinic atmospheres on this third LP of the « synesthetic Alchemy » serie, Limited to 213 copies with silkscreened insert) FRA (15,-)

GRAVE DESECRATOR - Sign Of Doom picture LP 2016 (Comes in a clear PVC sleeve, includes insert with liner notes and lyrics, limited to 500 copies) BRA (16,-)

GRAVEN - Reborn Misanthropic Spirit LP 2015 (great piece of German Black Metal Art from the 90's, 400 copies on black Vinyl with insert) GER (14,-)

HADEZ – The Path Of The Ossuary Devilish Possession 7"Ep 2010 (brand new Ep from this Peruvian legends, old school death-black its best!) PER (6,-)

HORNED ALMIGHTY - Live Exsanguiation 10" LP 2007 (Great UG black metal, uncompromising black steel, nice lay-out) DEN (10,-)

HORNED ALMIGHTY - Contaminating The Divine LP 2009 (finest black'n roll. comes with printed innersleeve, A2 poster, Beercoaster and 1 bonustrack) DEN (13,-)

HORNED ALMIGHTY – Necro Spirituals LP 2013 (black vinyl in full-color printed thick carton inner bag, limited to 500 copies) DEN (15,-)

HYPNOS - The Revenge Ride LP 2011 (2nd album, the best Hypnos release, blue vinyl, printed jacket, limited to 500) CZ (13,-)

ILL OMEN - Divinity Through Un-Creation LP 2011/2012 (334 copies pressed on black vinyl with insert, great BM with Nazxul, Austere, Pestilential Shadows, Woods of Desolation, etc member) AUS (13,-)

INCANTATION - Tribute To The Goat LP 2016 (Hand-numbered gold vinyl limited to 333 copies worldwide! Includes a printed insert) USA (24,-)

INFERNO - Uctivani temne zurivosti Gatefold LP 2008 (Limited to 400 copies black vinyl, Comes in gatefold cover sleeve, with A2-size poster) CZ (15,-)

INFINITY - The Arcane Wisdom Of Shadows LP 2008 (Lim to 666 copies in noble gatefold sleeve with gold print and UV varnish, cult black metal) NED (12,-)

ISRATHOUM - Monument Of Brimstone LP 2009 (1st album comes in a Gatefold Cover, 150 copies on black vinyl, satanic black metal) NED (14,-)

JAN MORGENSON - Jass, Raag & Blooz LP 2016 (Hand numbered limited edition of 300. country, folk, blues guitar album!) DEN (15,-)

KEY OF MYTHRAS / DAEMONLORD - Bonded By Hatred 7" EP 2005 (Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies. 7"EP on black wax + insert with lyrics) SPA (5,-)

KILL - No Catharsis LP 2011 (Finally the vinyl version of their 3rd album. Comes in noble gatefold cover and printed innersleeve.) SWE (13,-)

KLAUS LEGAL - мечты шизофреника LP 2017 (sounds from light and organizes them into an untypical musical journey, « Synesthetic Alchemy » serie LP, Limited to 213 copies with silkscreened insert) MAL (15,-)

LA CHASSE - Noir plus noir que le noir LP 2017 (Rock, Punk, Doom Metal, Grunge) FRA (15,-)
LE SEUL ELEMENT - Demon LP 2017 (Abstract, Ambient, Dark Ambient, Experimental, Drone, Modern Classical) FRA (15,-)
LOITS - Ei Kahetse Midagi PICTURE LP 2009 (limited to 500 copies with bonus track by Drakkar Prod. fold out insert with lyrics, hard cover) EST (14,-)
LOTH - Loth LP 2016 (fantastic atmospheric black metal from France, 1st album, mandatory for Drudkh, Walknut fanatics) FRA (14,-)
MANIAC BUTCHER - The Best Of / A Tribute To Maniac Butcher 3x LP 2004 (gatefold cover limited to 500 copies) CZ (20,-)

MAZE OF TORMENT - Brave the Blizzard 7" EP 2004 (great Swedish death-thrash metal, limited 545 copies) SWE (5,-)

MENEGROTH - Menegroth LP 2007 (Kriegsmobilmachung Tape, live songs, Hellfucked & Von Thronstahl cover songs! Die-hard edition with patch, lim. to 100!) SWI (13,-)

MENEGROTH / FREITOD - Split 12" MLP 2008 (Unreleased songs from both bands. One sided LP with etched motiv on the other side!) SWI (10,-)
MOLOCH / NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - Split 10"LP 2016 (Each band present one long track. Comes with inner sleeve on black vinyl. Limited to 500 copies on black vinyl) UKR/FIN (12,-)
MORRIGAN - The Damned LP 2007 (the 6th album, 400 on black vinyl. Comes in gatefold cover. Including poster in A2 format) GER (13,-)
MORRIGAN / BLIZZARD - Split LP 12" 2014 (over 30 min of Raw Black`n Bathory Roll comes on black Vinyl limited to 400 copies in a Gatefold-Cover. Last recordings in the original Morrigan Line-Up) GER (14,-)
MORTIFERA – IV: Sanctii Tristhess LP 2014 (latest album, brand new, only "a few copies exists" because covers damaged on top during shipping from press plant to label, ask for pictures! rare stuff! with booklet!) FRA (15,-)
MORTUUS INFRADAEMONI - Imis avernis Gatefold DLP 2009 (Morbid, transcendental black metal at its darkest. Lunar Aurora-ex members' band) GER (16,-)

MOURNING DAWN - For The Fallen 2LP 2011 (The gatefold edition double vinyl. Black/Dark/Doom in vein of old Katatonia and Bethlehem.) FRA (16,-)
MOURNING SUN - Último Exhalario LP 2017 (Vinyl version limited to 300 copies including the bonus track "The Exhaustion Of Life", Doom Metal) CHI (15,-)

MYRKVID - Satanic Inquisition LP 2013 (Originally released as a MCD, re-released in limited edition vinyl with 5 live bonus tracks) FRA (14,-) 

NAE'BLIS - Sketches Of Reality LP 2010 (Excellent Swedish Black metal melancholia, on 12" vinyl.) SWE (13,-)

NASTROND - Age Of Fire LP 1996/2011 (For the first time on vinyl. Traditional satanic and luciferian Black Metal, Limited to 400 copies black LP) SWE (14,-)
NECROCHAKAL - Trampling The Holy Gospels 7" EP 2017 (Limited in 300 Hand-numbered copies, unholy black-thrash metal from Greece) GRE (6,-) 
NECRONOMIDOL – Nemesis LP 2016 (Japanese insane Black Metal, Avantgarde, Darkwave, J-pop, Experimental) JAP (15,-) 

NEFASTT - La Malignité Des Astres LP 2014 (Comes with an inner printed sleeve, French Black Metal) FRA (16,-) 
NEIGE ET NOIRCEUR / DAUGHTERS OF SOPHIA - Ascension LP (limited black vinyl) CAN/FRA (16,-)

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - The Cult Of Negation LP 2010/2011 (LP-version released in 2011 by Funeral Industries. BLACK VINYL - lim. 850) FRA (13,-)

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION / MYRD / VSPOLOKH - Longing for Death LP 2014 (12" LP lim. 300 with printed inlay, new tracks from both bands) FRA (14,-)

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - L’isolement 7" EP 2013 (2 new songs, limited to 500) FRA (8,-)

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - Nostalgia LP 2016 (Sun & Moon Records release, limited to 500 copies on high quality black vinyl) FRA (15,-)

NOKTURNE - Embracer Of Dark Ages LP 2007 (First album from these USBM lords. limited to 666 hand numbered copies!) USA (10,-)

OMEGA - The Hell Patrol LP 2013 (Heavy Gatefold-Cover + DIN A2 Poster + bothside printed Insert, limited 400 copies in black Vinyl) GRE (14,-)

PESTE NOIRE – Ballade Cuntre Lo Anemi Francor LP 2017 (180g vinyl. Jacket with metallic gold foil printing. Woven patch. 1st press) FRA (45,-)

PILOT TO GUNNER - Get Saved LP 2014 (white vinyl 300 copies, Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, post-punk psyche, pop cold wave) USA (16,-)  

PROFANE PRAYER – Tales Of Vagrancy And Blasphemy LP 2013 (Fine Hellenic Black Metal, 2nd album) GRE (13,-)

QUINTESSENZ - Okkult Metal Spell 7"EP 2012 (400 black vinyl, 1st EP) GER (6,-)    
QUINTESSENZ - Back to the Cult of the Tyrants LP 2013 (400 copies on black vinyl with insert) GER (14,-)

RAYMONDE HOWARD - Le Lit (Bande Originale Du Film) LP 2013 (350 copies, black wax, one-sided, indie pop rock masterpiece with catchy melodies) FRA (15,-)

RAYMONDE HOWARD - S.W.E.A.T. LP 2017 (Single Sided, Etched, One-sided Laser-etched, Indie Pop, Indie Rock) FRA (15,-)

REBECCA DRY & THE RADEK AZUL BAND - Bring Back Soul LP 2017 (Rock, Funk / Soul with amazing female vocals!) FRA (15,-) 

SCENT OF DEATH - Of Martyr's Agony and Hate LP 2013 (Finnish death metal. 12" LP + insert.) FIN (12,-)

SICULICIDIUM - Keringők / Valses 7" Ep 2012 (Sun & Moon Records, limited to 100) ROM (6,-)

SICULICIDIUM - Lélekösvény 12" LP 2013 (Finally available on 12" LP format the band's first mini album from 2006 + 2 bonus tracks, brand new cover art, limited to 300 copies only! LP in plastic sleeve. Sun & Moon Records release) ROM (15,-)

SICULICIDIUM - Land Beyond The Forest LP 2016 (Sun & Moon Records release, limited to 500 copies on high quality black vinyl) ROM (15,-)

SIGH - A Tribute To Venom 12" LP + CD (Vinyl + the same music on CD. Rare item.) JAP (16,-)

SILBERBACH / UGULISHI - Madness Of His Followers 10" MLP 2013 (2 new songs of each band. Limited to 300 copies only!) GER/FIN (12,-)

SILVA NIGRA - Cerny Kult Gatefold LP 2006 (Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies. Comes in gatefold cover, inside jackets are printed with lyrics) CZ (15,-)

SKITLIV / CURRENT 93 - Bloodletting - picture LP + insert (Beautiful picture 10" LP.) NOR/UK (12,-)

SNÖTARAR - Through Time...Behind Light LP 2009 (limited to only 300 copies and comes with thick cover and printed thick innersleeves) SWE (13,-) 

SOLEFALD - Jernlov 2 x 7" EP 2016 (the legendary Solefald demo on 2 x EP, Limited to 500 copies. Remastered for vinyl, gatefold cover) NOR (16,-)

SORTS / CALES - Onset Of Twilight - A Tribute To Bathory 7" Ep 2012 (Estonian metal all star projekt on one side, Petr "Blackie" Hošek from Root, Crux, Blackosh joined the force with the Master's Hammer mastermind Franta Storm for this special Bathory tribute!) EST/CZ (5,-)  

SPIRE - Spire LP 2010 (masterpiece with one bonustrack! Limited to only 350 copies! Cosmic atmospheric cold black metal/ambient) OZ (13,-) 

STORMBANE - Voracious Manifestations 7" 2012 (Blackened Thrash Metal in vein of Deströyer 666, Gospel of The H. 7" with booklet-like thick cover.) AST (6,-)

TAARMA - In Death I Submerge 7" Ep 2006 (unique black metal from Afghanistan! Pressed on red vinyl, limited to 300 copies, Legion Of Death Records) AFG (6,-)

THE ADELIANS - The Adelians LP 2016 (brown/orange marbled vinyl, a brand of soul that is hot, sexy, fuzzy and catchy as hell, mixing raw soul with a definite 60’s and 70’s flavour with a fantastic female singer) FRA (16,-)

THE COMMITTEE - Holodomor 12" shape picture LP 2015 (first EP on special shape picture vinyl with regular vinyl cover) INT (15,-)

THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL - Life is Shit 7" Ep 2007 (includes 3 punk covers with special guests from Sigh, Hawkwind and Ruts) UK (6,-)

THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL - In The Name Of God, Welcome To Planet Genocide LP 2014 (180 g black vinyl, 12" inlay on thick paper, handnumbered to 200 copies. Totally new design.) UK (16,-)

THE RIVER - Drawing Down The Sun LP 2010 (Gatefold, heavy black vinyl, ltd. 222, unique style of doom metal!.) UK (13,-)

THE SATAN'S SCOURGE - ...Of Kaos And Karnage 7" Ep (Colombian death/black metal filled with hatred, limited to 300 copies, Legion Of Death Records) COL (6,-)

THE SHADOW ORDER - Untold LP 2008 (masterpiece of Greek NS black metal. Limited to 500 copies on gatefold sleeve + poster) GRE (13,-)

THESYRE - Resistance LP 2009 (4th full length album, elitist Black/Thrash Metal, limited to 400 copies) CAN (13,-)

THUNDERBOLT - The Sons Of Darkness LP 2009 (Polish BM at its best! Lim.500 copies in Gate-fold sleeve with Inside/Outside Print.) POL (14,-)

TOIL - Obscure Chasms LP 2007 (Cursed, atmospheric, etheric black metal. Limited 500 copies. Printed inner-sleeve, 180g vinyl.) FIN (13.-)

TOTAL VICTORY – Vs. Big Electric LP 2016 (This compilation gathers tracks from Tour EP (2013) and If You Were EP (2015) as well as two unreleased songs, committed for the first time ever on vinyl. Post-Punk, Indie Rock, Krautrock, hard core, "The Cure playing hardcore") FRA (15,-)

TUNDRA - Ansia 2007 LP (Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies, cover by Christophe Szpajdel, with Barbarud of Maniac Butcher on vocals) ITA (12,-)

TSJUDER - Kill For Satan LP 2016 (Limited to 550 black vinyl copies, true Norwegian Black Metal) NOR (17,-)

TWIN PRICKS - This Might Be The Last Time You'll Ever Hear From Us LP 2013 (an indie rock bomb!) FRA (15,-)

XASTHUR / ACID ENEMA - Split LP 2014 (Limited to 500 copies, first time on vinyl!) USA (15,-)

XASTHUR / ANGRA MAINYU - Split LP 2014 (Limited to 500 copies, 10 years after the first version!) USA/GER (15,-)

UNGOD / SACRILEGIOUS RITE - Sexual Blood Rites 7"EP 2011 (great german black metal bands. limited to 500 and comes with printed innersleeves) GER (6,-)

URGEHAL - Death Is Complete 7" EP 2011 (True Norwegian Black Metal) NOR (7,-)

VEINELIIS - Strained Movements Towards Imminent Death LP (Great Grim Black Metal from Germany.) GER (12,-) 

VERMETH - Suicide Or Be Killed! LP 2008 (Comes complete with a printed inner sleeve, including an A3 poster, The Black Legions) FRA (15,-)

VI - De Praestigiis Daemonum 12" MLP 2011 (French devil worshippers. fullcoloured gloss laminated cover and printed innersleeves, lim to 300) FRA (12,-)
VLAD TEPES - Morte Lune LP 2013 (legendary Les Légions Noires release, 1st time on vinyl! official Drakkar release!) FRA (16,-)
V/A - BEER EXTERMINATION CAMP LP 2011 (Killer Black/Thrash Metal Compilation, gatefold cover with unreleased tracks of Baphomet's Blood, Deiphago, Zerstörer, Blasphemophager, Goat Messiah, Nocturnal, Nuclear Warfare, Hatred, Moder, Würm and Obsessör) INT (13,-)

V/A - Constellation of Death LP 2009 (fine compilation with CZ death metal bands: Master, Mortifilia, Despise, Dementor, etc with booklet!) CZ (12,-)

V/A - A Tribute to Venom - Summoning the Hounds of Hell LP 2015 (with Midnight, Witchtrap, Whipstriker, Die Hard, Heretic, Iron Curtain, Omega, Aura Noir, Power from Hell, Speedwolf, Witchburner, etc. Limited to a 1000 copies on black vinyl. Comes with A2 poster) INT (16,-) 

WITCHCRAFT - Mortuus 7" Ep 2007 (3 song seven inch from one of Hungary's leading black metal acts.) HUN (6,-)

WITCHING HOUR - Where Pale Winds Take them High 12" LP 2014 (Black/Thrash Maniacs, 12" black 140 g Vinyl limited to 400 copies 8 paged 297x297mm Booklet) GER (14,-)

WITCHING HOUR / DIVISION SPEED - Antichrist Warfare MLP 10" 2010 (Limited to 400 copies, Black Vinyl with poster) GER (11,-)

WOODS OF DESOLATION - The Darkest Days Double LP 2012 (A rare compilation of all old demos,split tracks and unreleased stuff.) OZ (17,-)

WOODS OF INFINITY - Forlat LP 2012 (500 copies with printed inner sleeves and a poster, the best & last album!) SWE (13,-)

WOODS OF INFINITY - Hamptjärn LP 2013 (gatefold cover, Black vinyl edition limited to 400 copies) SWE (15,-)

WOODS OF INFINITY - Höpplos Vantän LP 2010 (The cult latest mini cd now available as LP includes 2 bonustracks! Comes with printed innersleeves and A2 Poster! Lim. 500) SWE (14,-)

Magazines, zines:



ANTICHRIST ZINE #10 2011 (Professional metal zine, colored front, b/w, English language, tons of reviews and interviews focused on extreme metal.) UKR (4,-)

ANTICHRIST ZINE #8 2011 (Professional metal zine, colored front, b/w, English language, tons of reviews and interviews focused on extreme metal.) UKR (4,-)

ANTICHRIST ZINE #7 2011 (Professional metal zine, colored front, b/w, English language, tons of reviews and interviews focused on extreme metal.) UKR (4,-)

AXIOM OF THE ELITE NZMETAL ZINE #1 (Zine from New zeeland with New Zeeland bands.) NZ (4,-)

CROSS OF BLACK STEEL - Issue # 3 2011 (interviews: Apati, Arghoslent, Arkha Sva, Barathrum, Black Beast, Black Crucifixion, Comatose Vigil, Deinonychus, Der Sturmer, Dornenreich, Forgotten Tomb, Gelsomina / Sick Seed, Goat Semen, Hellish Crossfire, Hiems, Horna, Imperium Dekadenz, Incriminated, Ligfaerd, Make A Change...Kill Yourself, Monarque, Municipal Waste, Nastrond, Necros Christos, Nekrokrist SS, Nocturnal, Non Opus Dei, October Falls, Sadogoat / Sadomator, Sathanas, Uncelestial / Uncreation's Dawn, Van Records, Witchtrap, Woods of Infinity, A4 format, pro-printed, 56 pages, English written) ROM (6,-)

DER WEHRWOLF issue 1. (English + German. Asgardsreich, Draugliun, Massenvernichtung, Fjord, Hate for Breakfast, etc.) GER (4,-)

DER WEHRWOLF issue 2. (English + German.) GER (4,-)

NORTHERN BLAZE ZINE #2 (Pro-zine, b/w, English written. Interviews: PRIMORDIAL, MOURNING BELOVETH, ALTAR OF PLAGUES, GEASA, etc.) IRE (4,-)

PERVERSE GOSPEL Issue #6 2015 (interviews with: Funeralium/Ataraxie, Mournful Congregation, Cadaveric Fumes, Solothus, Desolate Shrine, Mitochondrion, Lord of Pagathorn, Cultes des Ghoules, Obliteration and W.A.I.L + reviews and other pervers gospels from Finland) FIN (5,-)

PERVERSE GOSPEL Issue #5 2013 (interviews with: Saturnian Mist, Worship, Loss, Funebrarum, Swallowed, Impetigo, Morbus Chron, Denial of God and Root. Killtown Deathfest, Areadeath productions, USA road-trip report, beer reviews, 48 b & W pages in total and topped with yellow covers.) FIN (5,-)

SLOWLY WE ROT #2 (zine from Romania + comp. CD. Interviews: MORGOTH, BELPHEGOR, ENTHRONED, VARATHRON, CIANIDE, etc + tons of reviews. B/W, professionally ptrinted, 62 pages.) ROM (5,-)

SOLEIL TRYSTE #2 - (English written zine from Germany. 64 pages, very professional. Mainly doom metal interviews, but not just: MOURNFUL CONGREGATION, AURVANDIL, MENACE RUINE, SWALLOWED, lot of others...) GER (5,-)


Power Electronics | Noise | Death Industrial | Dark Ambient | Experimental | Neofolk | Electro 

#366: A LIFE LIVED - Depressionism 2014 tape (Skinny Puppy - Front Line Assembly style industrial music) SWE (5,-)

#366: A LIFE LIVED - Escapism 2014 tape (Skinny Puppy - Front Line Assembly style industrial music) SWE (5,-)

21 GRAMMS - Water - Membrane digiCD 2012 (Sublime orchestral dark natural ambient.) POL (9,-)

A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR - No way out DIGI CD 2008 (pure Neo(Pop)Folk album with many Neoclassical and some Martial elements, dreamy and catchy atmosphere with monumental and heroic parts, in vein of Joy Division, the Fall, New Model Army, etc) NED (12,-)

A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR - Trilogy 2xCD 2007 (this 2CD-set containing the three 10" EP's digitally remastered on CD1 and on CD2 the Steinklang EP 'Am ende des Tages...' as well as 5 unreleased tracks and 4 remixes, Martial Industrial, Ambient, Neofolk) NED (16,-)

A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR - Monuments 2007 (Re-issue of the LP 2004, remastered, including the songs of the lim.150 bonus 7" and 3 unreleased songs) NED (12,-)

A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR - Taken by the Flames digiCD 2014 (A collection of rare & un-released material of A Challenge Of Honour recorded between 2008 and 2012, Ambient, Neo-Classical, Neofolk) AT (12,-)

AB INTRA – Aura Imaginalis digiCD 2009 (Haunting dark ambient for fans of Raison D’Etre, Vestigial ,etc...luxurious 6-pannel digi!) POL (12,-)

Agnivolok - "Sculptor" CD 2006 (12 EURO)

AGNIVOLOK – Cherries digiCD 2006 (Haunting, dark folk, neo-folk with touch of melancholy) ISR (11,-)

AGNIVOLOK / CHAOS AS SHELTER - Henbane split CD 2009 (Great split with rare materials, dark folk / neo-folk.) ISR (12,-)

ALEXEI BORISOV and HEC - Live In Paris CD-R 2008 (Experimental Noise, ltd. to 200 copies in special pack) RUS/FRA (5,-)

ALL HAIL THE TRANSCENDING GHOST - All Hail The Transcending Ghost 2009 (one of the most haunting drone-dark-ambient-industrial works) SWE (12,-)

ALLERSEELEN - Edelweiss DIGI CD 2005 (a selection of the best ALLERSEELEN songs, many of them for the first time on CD. also some unreleased Industrial-Folk hymns, Industrial, Neofolk, apocalyptic folk) AT (12,-)

ANDY ORTMANN / JOHN WIESE - Recorder Out of Tune 2006 (Noise, Experimental collaboration by Panicsville members, Ortmann own Nihilist Records, Wiese is known from Bastard Noise and great collaboration albums with Pain Jerk, Merzbow, Kevin Drumm, Wolf Eyes, Lasse Marhaug, etc and dozen of solo works) USA (12,-)

ANNI HOGAN - Kickabye 2CD (Debut album from this legendary batcave DJ. New-wave/goth/avantgarde, feat. Nick Cave, Marc Almond. Double CD.) UK (18,-)

APART - Across The Empty Night 2008 (Folk, World, & Country, Acoustic, Pop Rock, Neofolk) ITA (10,-)

ASTROWIND - Kaidanovsky digiCD 2012 (Deeply melancholic ambient / electronica.) LAT (9,-)

ATARAXIA – Mon Seul Désir + Des Paroles Blanches digiCD 2012 (Neo-classic / medieval.) ITA (10,-)

ATARAXIA – Lost Atlantis 2010 digi ITA (12,-) 

ATARAXIA - Suenos 2001/2012 (neo classical, orchestral for 4 voices and Mediterranean dreamy ambiances. remastered with bonus tracks) ITA (12,-)

ATARAXIA - The Moon Sang On The April Chair Digi 2013 (digitally remastered version of this legendary neoclassical, neofolk album from 1995) ITA (10,-)

ATUM - Legendy Miejskie digiCD 2009 (a combination of field recordings, drones, whispers, and sounds of different acoustic instruments.) POL (10,-) 

ATUM – Hitwa 2009 (47 minutes long album of strong dark ambient. Sounds, calm, and growing, pulsing create a grim atmosphere) POL (10,-)
AUTOPSIA – Metal 2015 digiCD (Autopsia’s quintessence of the last decades. Timeless industrial/experimental classics. 200 CD edition in a 4 panel matte laminated Digipak) ITA (12,-)

AVARUS - Ruskeatimantti 2xCD 2005 (a collection of rare out of print material from this legendary Finnish free-folk collective. stumbling, tribal, trippy and ritualistic) FIN (15,-)    

BEYOND THE ASYLUM - Cold Resonance (Lurking) CD-R (Dark, icy-cold and creepy ambient textures, opening gates on desolated corridors of the Asylum.) UK (5,-)
BIS KAIDAN - 2 LP 2015 (LP, 500 copies, one sided laser-etched black wax, 180 gr, HIJOKAIDAN and BiS members, On this second offering, they deliver 7 brand new renditions of their now typical idol-noise music with a fierce and destructive energy) JAP (16,-)

BISCLAVERET - Engil Ljissins digiCD 2010 (Electronic alchemic ambient.) POL (10,-)

BISCLAVERET – ephemeros [ante ‘Te Deum’] digiCD 2010 (Dark ambient/industrial with new form expressions in alchemic ritual of  creation.) POL (10,-)

BISCLAVERET - Psyche NoMine 2007 (Polish dark ambient/dark wave, Electronic, Industrial) POL (10,-)

BISCLAVERET – Amalgame digiCD 2009 (Experimental music, from minimal sounds up to more dense textures and subtle melodies) POL (12,-)

BISCLAVERET vs. BRUNO - Les Mannequins digiCD 2009 (This CD is balancing between classic sounds of Bisclaveret and more avant-garde drone-ambient) POL (10,-)
BITTER - Make a wish 7" Ep + CD-R 2008 (Harsh old school power electronics, projekt of Arjan Peeks, lim. to 520 copies) NED (5,-)
BLACK DEPTHS GREY WAVES - Nightmare Of The Blackened Heart 2011 (Black Occult Industrial.) USA (9,-)

BLACK LEATHER JESUS - Yes, Sir (Filth Play) CD 2009 (Mask of the Slave) USA (12,-)

BLACK LEATHER JESUS - The Defining Love (Top/Bottom Exchange) 2010 (the new album comes in a beautiful 7"inch size cover, 300 copies) USA (12,-)

BLACK LEATHER JESUS - Skuff 2008 (legendary power electronics, noise. US Harsh Noise Heroes!) USA (10,-)

BLACK SEAS OF INFINITY - Hieros-Gamos Digi CD 2008 (true ritualistic music, the new album, Autumn Wind Prod.) USA (12,-)

Bleiburg - Open Wound CD-R 2008 (German- Croatian legendary experimental/neofolk/industrial project,glossy high quality 3-folded hardpaper packing) CRO/GER (8,-)

BLEIBURG - Way Of Crosses 2007 (Martial/Industrial/Electronics/Neo-folk) GER (10,-)

BONEMACHINE - Wogelfrei pro CD-R 2007 (Nice industrial/ambient, half-handmade digipack.) ISR (8,-)

BRANDKOMMANDO - Three Strikes And You Are Out CD 2011 (Industrial, Power Electronics, Noise, ltd. to 300 copies in special pack) POL (10,-)

BRANDKOMMANDO - From Past... 2012 tape POL (5,-) 
BRANDKOMMANDO - Confrontation 2015 tape (Mask of the Slave release) POL (5,-)
BRANDKOMMANDO - Denial CD 2016 (Mask of the Slave release) POL (10,-)

BREAKING THE WILL - Choosing Death digiCD 2015 (from darker droney parts and field recordings to openly aggressive and fast cut-up harsh noise) USA (11,-)

CARVED IMAGE OF EMPTINESS / ZINC ROOM - Lie, Illusions, Mystifications / Zinc 99,99 2007 CD (Modern Classical, Industrial, Noise, Darkwave) RUS (10,-)

CHARLES MANSON - The Summer Of Hate - The '67 Sessions 2009 (Strange, cult psychedelic folk.) USA (12,-)

CHEERLEADER69 - Godriders in the sky LP 2006 FRA (15,-)

CLIMAX DENIAL - All my loves are like Dreams 2010 (PE/Noise/experimental, ambient, for fans of Prurient, Sutcliffe Jügend. Lim. to 300 copies) USA (10,-)
CLOAMA - Mountains Of Paranoia 2012 (New full length album from Finnish Industrial/PE expert Cloama. 8 songs of linear sonic devotion) FIN (10,-)
COIL - Backwards 2015 digiCD (essential album from this industrial pioneers all started in 1992, and after 23 years finally available, "The lost album and the essential bridge between "Love's Secret Domain" and the "Musick To Play In The Dark" series, masterpiece!) UK (12,-) 

COIL / NINE INCH NAILS - Recoiled 2014 (long time Coil admirer / collaborator Trent Reznor requested Coil to remix, ”Recoiled” includes a fuller, more opulent version of the track ‘Closer’, which eventually made it onto the opening credits to the movie “SE7EN“) UK/USA (12,-)

COLD FUSION - Occupatria DIGI CD 2005 (beautiful symphonic Martial industrial, compared to A Challenge Of Honour, Les Joyaux de la Princesse) POL (12,-)

CONTAGIOUS ORGASM & C-drik - Journeys Into Space And Time 2008 CD (excellent release from Hiroshi Hashimoto, special pack CD) JAP/BEL (10,-)

COOLOOLA MONSTER - Canciones del Diablo 2010 CD-R (Mask of the Slave Records) SPA (5,-)

CRACKSTEEL - BLOOD PURGE CD-R 2008 (re-release of the masterpiece of Japanese harsh noise released from Workturm Ghetto in 1996!!!) JAP (7,-)

CRACKSTEEL - LOOK HOMEWARD ANGEL - CHRONICLE VOLUME 2 CD-R 2008 (Japanese legendary Harsh Noise rare and unreleased tracks!) JAP (7,-)

CROSSBRED - Twin With Blue Blood 2007 CD-R (Woman electronic noise from Japan, dark and flowing droney music, Apocalyptic Radio, lim. to 100) JAP (10,-)

CYPERKID - These Were Our Days 10" LP 2013 (Limited to 200 copies. Rhythmic Noise, Abstract electronics) GER (8,-)

DAHLIA’S TEAR – Harmonious euphonies for… CD 2005 (Unique ambiental/industrial/soundscape muzak) SWE (10,-)

DASEIN vs NORMA REAKTSII - 93 CD 2011 (Power Electronics / Death Industrial, ltd. to 300 copies in special pack) RUS (10,-)

DEAD BODY COLLECTION - Laryngeal Carcinoma 2 x CD-R 2002 (lim. 44 copies in DVD Case, noise, power electronics, running time over 150 minutes) SER (12,-)  

DEAD MAN'S HILL vs. KENJI SIRATORI - Split digiCD 2009 (The second collaboration) BEL/JAP (10,-)

DEFRAKTOR - Themes For The Lunatic digiCD 2005 (Experimental electro mixed with industrial and field-recordings.) NOR (10,-)

DEI NOSTRI - Introvert digi CD-R 2010 (Death Industrial/Power Electronics opus, violent and intense - heavy frequency oscillations, feedback squelch, extreme (!) vocal outbursts, and grimey, distorted electronic filth. Pro CDR in Digipack. 200 copies limited edition) SWE (8,-)

DESOLATION ZONE - L'homme machine 2009 (machine rhythms and factory noises. Comes in a special round metal box + handgloves + medical razor!) POL (12,-)

DEUTERROR - Le Gueule de Guerre digi CD 2007 (Getting beyond the limits of a minimalist dark ambient or the violence of an extravagant noise) BEL (12,-) 

DIAGNOSE: LEBENSGEFAHR (EX. SILENCER) - Transformalin 2005/2012 (dark ambient, power electronics, martial and noise-influenced industrial, with black metal serving as the filter that taints and completes them) SWE (12,-)

DIFFERENT STATE - YIELD digiCD 2011 (Americans have MINISTRY, Britons have GODFLESH and Poles have DIFFERENT STATE.) POL (10,-)

DIFFERENT STATE – Knar digiCD 2009 (Legendary Polish Industrial band, legendary album re-released in luxurious 6 pannel digi!) POL (12,-)

DIFFERENT STATE - Through the Falling Eyelid digiCD 2010 (Brilliant industrial music, legendary band, new album in luxurious 6 pannel digi!) POL (12,-)

DIFFERENT STATE / SIGILL – Spasmatic(k) Spell digiCD 2009 (For fans of COIL, PSYCHIC TV...luxurious 6-pannel digi!) POL (12,-)
DISSECTING TABLE / VASILISK - Saddharma / Tibetan Liberation 2011 (Dark Ambient, Tribal, Noise, Experimental, Limited edition of 500 copies. Released in a DVD slimcase) JAP (12,-)

DOGSHIT - Dogshit 2015 tape (Mask of the Slave release) SWE (5,-)

DOLPHINS INTO THE FUTURE - The Music of Belief 2010 (Abstract/Experimental/Ambient, Music made to awake the listener's inner-seeing or God-vision) BEL (10,-)

DOVE YELLOW SWANS - Live During War Crimes #3 digiCD 2009 (4 unedited live sets from the bands last year in existence, drone/noise/electronic) USA (12,-)
DR GEO - The Lo-Fi Studies LP 2015 (Ambient, Downtempo, Dub, Ethereal, Krautrock, Lo-Fi, Psychedelic Rock, Trip Hop) FRA (16,-)

DREDDUP – El Conquistadors digipCD 2010 (Dynamic industrial/rock music similar in fashion to Einstürzende Neubauten, The Young Gods, or Laibach.) SER (10,-)

DUNKELHEIT - Temps Modernes digi CD-R 2010 (From industrial noise to concrete cut-ups and cold ambient soundscapes. projekt active since 1993) FRA (7,-)
EGO DEATH - Ambush Setup In The Park Among The Trees tape 2015 (C40 in soiled leather sleeve limited to 20 copies. noise, electronics) GRE (6,-)

EIDVLON - Idolatriae digiCD 2007 (Ghost ambient at its best in 6 pannel digi!) USA (10,-)

EONIC - Shadows CD 2006 (Downtempo Ambient/experimental/noise) RUS (10,-)

ERIC LUNDE – Death To Eric Lunde CD-R 2011 (lim. 66 copies only, 3-D Cover with pair of glasses! Noise & Power Electronics) USA (10,-)

ERRARE HUMANUM EST / DISSECTING TABLE - Howling Silence + AZOIKUM / GOVERNMENT ALPHA - Methadonprogramm 2011 (2 split albums in double slim DVD case and new cover, great noise, PE collaboration releases) GER/JAP (15,-)

EVAN PARKER / JOHN WIESE - C-Section digipack 2009 (Real-time improvisations to be played at maximum volume, real experimental sound!) UK (12,-)

F.M.S. 41 - ... past ... 2009 (Industrial war marches. Ogneslav's projects (N. Novgorod). Very original recording at nowaday's scene) RUS (10,-)

FECALOVE - Void Chaos & Cum - CD + artzine + poster (Filthy power-electronics mixed with harsh noise and electro.) ITA (10,-)

FECALOVE - Great Northern War 2015 (Noise, Power Electronics, Industrial) ITA (10,-) 

FIEBERFLUG - Schande tape 2014 (Edition of 27 in ziploc bag) GER (5,-)
FIRE IN THE HEAD - Confessions Of A Narcissist 2010 (Self-indulgent electronics meets punk/hardcore and industrial/power-electronics.) USA (12,-)
FIRE IN THE HEAD - Carrion Wind 2009 (Noise, Power Electronics. metal percussion, dark ambient, drone, doom and industrial electronics.) USA (10,-)

FLUTWACHT - "Breath" 2008 CD (Mask of the Slave) GER (12 EURO)

FLUTWACHT - 30 monkeys 2007 CD (CD come in selfmade A5 cardboard sleeve, lim. to 300 copies) GER (12,-)

Flutwacht/The Sounds Of Earth - "Poltergeist" Split CD (12 EURO)

FLUTWACHT gegen EGO DEATH - Stahl Gegen Stein 2012 split tape (Mask of the Slave release, lim. to 50) GER (5,-)

FLUTWACHT - Closecuts [live] 2012 tape (Mask of the Slave release, lim. to 50) GER (5,-) 

Flutwacht/TZII - "Dead Flesh And Living Scar" Split CD-R (8 EURO)   

FLUTWACHT + N.STRAHL.N - Flut CD+CD-R 2011 (Limited edition of 300 handnumbered copies. Industrial, Experimental, Electronic) GER (12,-)
FLUTWACHT - Pulse digisleeve CD 2017 (German Power Electronics legend! the new album, Mask of the Slave release, limited to 300 copies) GER (11,-)
FLUTWACHT - 13 Jahre Krach Und Stahl  7" Ep 2017 (Limited to 150 copies. Rosty steel work cover!) GER (9,-)

FLUTWACHT - Mutant 7" Ep 2015 (Limited to 300 copies) GER (6,-)

FLUTWACHT - Fiebertentakel 7" Ep 2007 (Limited edition of 300 copies, with real photo glued on the front of the cover) GER (6,-)

FLUTWACHT / MUCKRACKERS – Kein Schrott - Nur Rest  12" LP 2015 (Vinyl, 12", 33 RPM, Limited Edition, Cutted Metal Cover, Limited to 150 copies) GER (15,-)

FLUTWACHT - Komareise 2009 (2nd edition, limited CD release) GER (10,-)

FLUTWACHT - Herbstrost 2008 (Limited to 200 copies.) GER (10,-)

FLUTWACHT / GYAKUSATSU - Spalttonband #11 2017 (C40 ltd. 25, hand-numbered pro-cassette) GER/SPA (6,-) 

FLUTWACHT – Alles Verloren 2016 (C50 cassette (incl. digital download) limited to 50 copies, A3 poster with cassette) GER (7,-)


FLUTWACHT / NAPALMED - Split CD-R 2014 (Released in white DVD box. Limited edition of 66 copies. Handnumbered on disc.) GER/CZ (7,-)

FOLKSTORM - Victory Or Death 2000/2009 (Remastered unlimited 2nd edition with modified artwork for 2009, 2nd album) SWE (10,-)

FOLKSTORM - Sweden 2004/2009 (2nd, unlimited edition with modified artwork for 2009) SWE (10,-)

FRANCISCO LOPEZ - El Dia anterior 2006 3" CD (powerful and consistent world of minimal electroacoustic soundscapes, absolute concrete music) SPA (8,-)

FUNEBRUM - Suicidal Satanik Mantra CD-R 2008 (Black ambient / minimal / experimental) BEL (5,-)

FUNEBRUM/CAMISOLE – Split CD-R 2007 (ritual dark ambient meets depressive minimal ambient!) BEL (5,-)

GANZER - Puppet Faust CD-R 2009 (Harsh Apocalyptic Noise. ltd. to 100 copies in special pack) RUS (5,-)
GEN 26 - Irish Made Easy 2012 tape (Mask of the Slave) SLO (5,-)

GHOSTS OF BRESLAU - Sacred Place DIGI 2008 (A collection of material from numerous compilations, split releases and never before published tracks) POL (10,-) 
GOATVARGR - Black Snow Epoch 2010 (Industrial, Noise, Power Electronics by Henrik Nordvargr Björkk, what else?) SWE (10,-)

GREAT AMERICAN DESERT/DREAR - Solipsis/Warring Against The Sun 2006 CD USA (10,-)

GREGORIO BARDINI - Sentinelle del Mattino 2007 (excellent Dark ambient/Industrial/Darkfolk/Neofolk) ITA (10,-)

GREGORIO BARDINI & THIERRY JOLIF - Kantalon 2009 (World, Acoustic, Folk, Experimental, Neofolk, Compositions and popular songs of Brittany!) ITA (10,-)

GROBBING THRISTLE - Hidden Strategies digiCD 2009 (A beautifully disturbing album of experimental ambient / noise with postindustrial.) POL (10,-)

GRUNT / MONTAGE - Ultimatum / Destruction 2005 (legendary PE Grunt meets with japanese PE, special stuff from both side, in special CD box) FIN/JAP (10,-)

GRUNT - Someone is watching 1998/2011 (Originally released as C-60 tape 1998 by Force Majeure, prime Power Electronics/noise by Mikko Aspa. Housed in a black vinyl CD case with cover and insert, limlited to 500 copies) FIN (10,-)

GRUNT - Europe After Storm 1998/2011 (Power-electronics / Harsh Noise by the headliner of the Finnish Industrial scene, Limited to 500 copies) FIN (10,-)

GYAKUSATSU - Mechanisms and Sadism 2011 tape (Power electronics / Noise / Industrial, Persona side projekt, lim to 66 copies!) SPA (5,-)

H.E.R.R. / DER ARBEITER / STORM OF CAPRICORN / GHOSTS OF BRESLAU - Hopes Die In Winter 2005 (Electronic, Modern Classical, Industrial, Ambient) (12,-)
HAARE - Death Happening 7" Ep 2011 (Incredible Expert Pyschedelic Harsh Noise from the Finnish giant! Colour Covers. Black Vinyl. 200 copies) FIN (6,-)

HAL HUTCHINSON - Male Captive 2010 CD-R (Mask of the Slave) UK (5,-)

HAL HUTCHINSON - Amplifications 2010 3" CD-R (noise, PE from London) UK (5,-) 
HAL HUTCHINSON - Wreckage Installations & Metalworks 2014 (Comes in a plastic DVD-size library case with full sleeve art, a booklet with liner notes from Hal Hutchinson, and a set of six black and white photography prints. Edition of 400 hand-numbered copies. Noise & PE) UK (13,-)
HARAPPIAN NIGHT RECORDINGS / KOMMISSAR HJULER - Karawane/6 Reviews In Psychopathic Alchemy Split LP 2010 (Musique Concrete, Lo-Fi, Avantgarde, Abstract, Experimental, noise, electronica. 300 copies on critus vinyl) GER (13,-)

HATI - Die Mechanik, Die! digi CD 2008 (Trance dark electro-acoustic sounds with excellent electronic machines! Beast of Prey release) POL (10,-)

HATSUNE KAIDAN - Noisy Killer LP 2016 (Hijokaidan side project using the singing synthesizer Miku Hatsune, cold wave, j-pop noise post-punk) JAP (16,-)

[HAVEN] - Amity digiCD 2011 (Elements of ambient and post-industrial electronica soaking in the experimental sauce.) POL (10,-) 

HEAVY WINGED - Spreading Center digiCD 2009 (Driving and powerful proto-psych-metal, Noise, Psychedelic Rock, Experimental, special pack) USA (12,-)

HENRIK NORDVARGR BJÖRKK / MARGAUX RENAUDIN - Anima Nostra 2016 digiCD (Combine the ritual aspects of MZ. 412 and the darkest ambience from Nordvargr, with vocal materials and a rising spiritual awakening) NOR (12,-)

HIKIKOMORI - s/t digi CD-R 2009 (Music for and from the morgue, merging cold electronic soundscapes and eerie drones with various forensic tools) FRA (7,-)

HIKIKOMORI - A Story of Monstrosity digi CD-R 2010 (this time settles on a nightmarish soundtrack of the cult movie 'Freaks' by Tod Browning) FRA (7,-)

HOARFROST – Ground Zero digiCD 2009 (Excellent ambient album, a story presented in a haunting dark ambient/industrial climate) POL (12,-)

HOROLOGIUM – Le Paradis Des Chasseurs 2008 digi (one of the most important acts in Poland if we talk about dark ambient, martial music!) POL (12,-)

HOROLOGIUM - A Handful of Dust and Ashes digiCD 2010 (Neoclassical & dreamy ambient filled with misery and grief.) POL (10,-)

HUNYADI P. H. - "Recycled sounds & Forbidden songs" 2008 3" CD-R (Mask of the Slave) ROM (5 EURO)

Igor Stevanovic - Devil's Night 3" CD-R 2008 (Mini album Devil's Night Jazz is a devilish mix of weird sounds of ambient, jazz and to 55 copies!) SER (5,-)

IMMUNDUS - Haunted Memories digiCD 2009 (Beautiful dark ambient mixed with obscure / horror elements from Norway!) NOR (10,-)

IN SCISSORS - Orbis Terrarum Requiem digiCD (Experimental/avant-garde ambiance, ritualistic music-writing, luxurious 6 pannel digi.) POL (12,-)

INCAPACITANTS & T.A.D.M. - Stocks & Bonds 1999 CD JAP (12,-)

INNERLESS SKIN ON A WATER - Innerless skin on a water CD-R 2008 (Dark Ambient/Electro with a minimalist approach, Valse Sinistre release) POL (7,-)

IRM - The Cult of the Young Men 2007 (Powerful dark ambience and pulsating drones. Cold, desolate and lonely.) SWE (10,-)

IRM – Closure digiCD 2014 (Industrial, Power Electronics from Sweden) SWE (12,-)

IRON FIST OF THE SUN - Behavioural Decline 2009 (Power Electronics, Noise, Experimental) UK (10,-) 

IRRUMATORIUM - Also Sprach My Ass digi CD-R 2009 (Industrial, Noise, Experimental, inspired by the book Fight Club, the Occam's razor principle) FRA (7,-)

JARL - Out of Balance Digi-CD 2003 (Side project of Erik Jarl, member of the revered and immensely powerful heavy electronics outfit IRM, dark ambient, noise) USA (12,-)

JAZKAMER - Balls the Size of Texas, Liver the Size of Brazil 2007 (John Hegre and Lasse Marhaug, Noise, Experimental, Ambient from the masters!) NOR (12,-)

JUNKO / SACHIKO - Vasilisa the Beautiful 2014 (Experimental, Noise, This is the live recorded duo set of Junko, a distinct vocalist and voice performer from "HIJOKAIDAN", and Sachiko who also utilizes voice to develop her particular sounds) JAP (11,-)

KADAVER - This Time… It’s Cancer 2007 (Power Electronics, Noise, lim. to 500) ISR (10,-)

KADAVER – Automatic Autopsy 2009 (Power Electronics, Noise, electronic attack, the new album, lim to 500) ISR (10,-)

Kadaver - "God has left the building" 2006 CD-R (7 EURO)

Kadaver – “Some Animals Are Equal” 3" CD-R 2007 (4 EURO)

Kadaver – Happy Valentine! (Heart Shaped Torture) CD-R 2008 (Industrial noise in a very special packaging and unseen before) ISR (4,-)

Kadaver – My Valentine! (Love Hurts) CD-R 2008 (2nd part of the Anti-Valentine trilogy.) ISR (4,-)

KADAVER / THE VAULT - The Noir Seasons 2011 CD-R (Mask of the Slave release) ISR/CAN (7,-)

KANIBA - THE SERPENT, the Omega and Completion of the First Circle 2006 (experimental sounds, Autumn Wind Prod.) FIN (12,-)

KAWABATA MAKOTO - Tales of the Dream Planet 2009 (leader of the Acid Mothers Temple, guitar Drone, Psychedelic, electronic, glacially meditative) JAP (10,-)
KEIKO HIGUCHI / CRIS X - Melt 2014 (Free Improvisation, Jazz, electronic, Tape, Field Recordings, Gatefold sleeve) JAP (11,-)

KENJI SIRATORI – Cryptmind CD 2008 (dark ambient/industrial from this well known Japanese artist! For those into Cold Meat Industry releases!) JAP (10,-)

Kenji Siratori - Melancholic Lobotomy 3" CD-R 2007 (Noise/Power Electronics. New mini album from the pioneer of Cyberpunk scene.) JAP (5,-)
KHOST [Deconstructed And Reconstructed by] GODFLESH - Needles Into The Ground 2016 (contains material by Khost which has been elementally transformed by Justin Broadrick of Godflesh, essential release) UK (10,-)
KHOST - Governance 2017 (Doom Metal, Industrial duo from Birmingham, new album) UK (12,-)

KIRLIAN CAMERA – Pictures From Eternity 1996/2008 digi (beautiful and cult album from one of the most important and popular electro bands!) ITA (12,-)

KIRLIAN CAMERA – Schmerz 1992/2007 (pioneers of the Italian electronic scene! Schmerz is one of the top masterpieces by Kirlian Camera and contains some of the best tracks ever written (Heldenplatz or Twilight Fields to mention just two)!) ITA (12,-) 

KOLDVOID - Ghost Staring at the World digi CD-R 2008 (dark ambient/industrial project, Valse Sinistre release) ROM (6,-)

KOLDVOID - Roadside Ghosts 2012 (Valse Sinistre Productions) ROM (10,-)

KOLDVOID - Touching the Void 2012 tape Ep (Mask of the Slave release, lim. to 50) ROM (5,-) 

KOLDVOID / DEEP-PRESSION - Treasures of the Dead Seas pro Cd-R 2010 (cinema-influenced dark & cold ambient, experimental / dark music.) ROM/POL (6,-) 

KOSMISCHE HORROR - untitled 2012 tape (Mask of the Slave) FIN (5,-) 
KOSMODROM - Battle In Outer Space cassette 2016 (Mask of the Slave release, lim to 60 copies) SRB (5,-)
KOSMODROM - Ikarie XB-1 2017 tape (Mask Of The Slave release, transparent cassette, limited to 50 copies!) SER (5,-)

KOSMODROM - The Day The Earth Stood Still 2017 tape (Mask Of The Slave release, pro blue cassette, limited to 50 copies!) SER (7,-)

KREPULEC / OUTOFSIGHT - Furious Friends DIGI 2007 (Re-release including 2 previously unavailable bonus tracks. martial-industrial) POL (10,-)  

KREPULEC - Martial Industrial Power With Parabellum In The Hand DIGI 2008 (compilation CD, the title speaks for itself) POL (10,-)

Kreuzer - Noises Of Independence  3" CD-R 2008 (A mixture of dark ambient, martial, industrial and power-electronics.) ISR (5,-)

KREUZER - In Hoc Signo Vinces 2008 (Martial/Industrial/Ambient/Military/Noise) ISR (10,-)

KREUZER / SURMA - Viltis digisleeve 2009 (Music flows in industrial and dark ambient music space and complete the nostalgic atmosphere) UKR/ISR (10,-)

KRZYSZTOF PENDERECKI - Kosmogonia 1974/2017 digiCD (Hailed by The Guardian as “Poland’s greatest living composer”, Krzysztof Penderecki is the maestro behind the unforgettable, disturbing music on The Shining (including ‘De Natura Sonoris II’, featured here) POL (12,-)

L.C.B. / SVART1 - Haram Wounds 2013 tape (Mask of the Slave release, limited to 50 copies) ITA (5,-)

L'IDIOT DU VILLAGE - Bestioles digi CD-R 2008 (73 minutes opera of groovy insects doing their sometimes harsh, sometimes ambient, noise stuff) FRA (7,-)

L'IDIOT DU VILLAGE - Haikus digi CD-R 2010 (re-release of concept-recording 'Haïkus' with extra tracks and a nicer artwork, noise, pe) FRA (7,-)

LANDSCAPE - Spring Waves I – IV 3” CD-R 2008 (Debut material from a well-known artist from Mare Frigoris, ambiental) HUN (5,-)

LASSE MARHAUG - The Quiet North digipack 2010 (Brand new harsh-noise recording from Norway's finest. Guitar, pedals and metal objects used with "Reign In Blood" style efficiency. A must release from the master of noise!) NOR (12,-)

LAURA WEIXELBAUM - Gebet zu der schwarzen Sonne 2011 CD-R (Mask of the Slave release) HUN (7,-)

LES REVERS SANGLANT - Un Combat Perdu D'Avance 2011 (Industrial, Modern Classical, Dark Ambient) FRA (10,-)

LES REVERS SANGLANT - Le Sang 2013 (Industrial, Modern Classical, Dark Ambient, the new album) FRA (10,-)

LETHAL DOSE 50 - 21st Century Awakening 2006 (L.D. 50 is the poison dose injected into the veins of persons sentenced to the death penalty) BEL (10,-)

LYSERGENE – Critical Mass 2008 UK (10,-)

LUSTMORD - Metavoid 2008 (Re-release of the LUSTMORD's critically acclaimed and ground-breaking dark ambient album "Metavoid".) USA (12,-)

MACRONYMPHA / IA-HA-CRAX - Split cassette 2017 (Mask Of The Slave release, C50 pink pro-cassette) USA/ROM (7,-)

MAEROR TRI - Multiple Personality Disorder 1993/2009 (Drone Ambient masterpiece, used only electric guitars and tons of processing devices) GER (12,-)

Majdanek Waltz - Hamlet's Childhood 2007 (New album of cult neo-folk project from Russia, decadent, nostalgic, gloomy and tragic. Luxury edition!) RUS (12,-)

MALACHI / BASTARD NOISE - The Immortals 2009 (doom-laden hardcore meets deep space sonic experimentation and power electronics, special pack) USA (10,-)

MAMA BAR - Bildnerei Die Geisteskranken Vol.1/Es Ist So LP 2010 (Wife of Kommissar Hjuler, PE, Noise, experimental, 300 copies on white vinyl!) GER (13,-)

MAMA BAR - Bildnerei Die Geisteskranken Vol.2/Ruhe LP 2010 (Wife of Kommissar Hjuler, PE, Noise, experimental, 300 copies on white vinyl!) GER (13,-)

MAURI - Breathless 2003 (Rhythmic Noise, electronic in special pack!) FRA (10,-)

MAURIZIO BIANCHI / SIEGMAR FRICKE - Stroma~Konkret 2006 (fusion of industrial noise and musique concrète, this exclusive collaboration unites forces of two legendary musicians, who were witnessed the roots of industrial music movement, lim to 500) ITA/GER (12,-)

MAURIZIO BIANCHI / M.D.T. - Genologic Technocide 2010 (Dramatic subterran soundscapes from the foundin father of the Italian Experimental music!) ITA (10,-)

MEGAPTERA - Staring Back at You digiCD 2006 (prominent and highly influential death industrial project.) USA (10,-)

MELEK-THA - Perfect World Eradication 2003 (Excellent Evil Ritual Industrial Musick.) FRA (9,-)

MERZBOW - Anicca 2008 (Another fine example of why Merzbow is the undisputed King of Japanese Noise!) JAP (12,-)
MERZBOW - Life Performance 2016 (best analogue material from the King of Japanese noise. Reissue of an extremely rare cassette from 1985) JAP (10,-)
MERZBOW Vs NORDVARGR - Partikel III 2013 digiCD 2013 (range from total noise barrages, to intelligent electronics, to subtle dark ambient pieces. Essential!) JAP/SWE (12,-)

MERZBOW & Z'EV - Spiral Right / Spiral Left 2010 (stunning collaborative release for Cold Spring from Japanese Noise king Merzbow and legendary elemental sound artist Z’EV. Dark Ambient Noise in a special textured card digisleeve) JAP/UK (12,-)

MERZBOW – Hanakisasage 2016 digiCD (A new album by Merzbow. The name “Hanakisasage” means very rare trees which exist only few in Japan. 2 tracks of noise ambient/rhythm recorded in Tokyo during 2014-2016. A 300-CD edition in a glossy full-colour Digipak) JAP (12,-)

MERZBOW • BALÁZS PÁNDI - Live At FAC251 2016 (The King of Japanese Noise, Merzbow, was joined on stage by Hungarian drummer) JAP/HUN (12,-)

MIEL NOIR - Der Honigflügel 2009 (project of D. Dimov (Svarrogh, Sturmpercht, Allerseelen, Saggitarius), piano, industrial, folk) RUS (10,-)

MIEL NOIR/B-MACHINA - Weiß CD-R 2008 (Melancholic, atmospheric industrial. Glossy high quality 3-folded hardpaper packing.) AUS/GER (8,-)

MINAMATA - Niigata 2007 (Re-release of the 3d tape of this legendary group, originally recorded in 1985, industrial & hardcore electronics) FRA (12,-)

MINAMATA - Cyclator CD+DVD 2009 (full-length audio-CD containing material recorded in 2002-2007 and a DVD offering the complete MINAMATA' performance recorded live on Saturday, April 21st 2007 in Belgium plus the video of this show. power electronics pioneer of the French industrial scene) FRA (16,-)

MIND & FLESH - Martyr Generation digi CD 2012 (a mix of dark & heavy analogue electronics and pounding rhythms with processed vocals) NOR (10,-)

MOISTURE - Essence Of A Spooky Horror Show CD-R 2008 (Minimalist experimental horror ambient, sick and harsh horror music!) USA (5,-)

MOLESTER - OBJECT LIBIDO CD-R 2008 (Songs about child abuse & molestation, Japanese harsh noise & power electronics) JAP (7,-)

MOLJEBKA PVLSE - Zojo digiCD 2010 (Minimal drone music, field recordings & sound-art.) SWE (9,-)

MONOPIUM - Mesmerized 2009 (Based on fascinations of dadaism, avantgarde, atmosphere of old Berlin cabarets and surrealism) POL (10,-)

MONTAGE / RULLA - Gray Comedy / Messin 2005 (Japanese/Finnish PE/Noise its best, composed by Koji Takagi & Tommi Keränen in special CD box) JAP/FIN (10,-)

MULTIPOINT INJECTOR - Disseminator pro CD-R 2008 (Extraterrestrial atmosphere, space-infused ambient, unconventional package) POL (8,-)

MUSEUM OF TRANSIENT LIGHTS - Dream A Little Dream digiCD 2005 (Experimental darkwave with elements of industrial ambient) ROM (10,-)

MZ. 412 - Infernal Affairs 2006/2011 digiCD (bombastic Industrial magnum opus, reissued with two extra tracks) SWE (12,-)

MZ. 412 - Domine Rex Inferum 2001/2011 digiCD (Reissue of MZ. 412s 2001 Satanic masterpiece! The inventors of Black Industrial take you on a misanthropic journey, now carefully remastered and reissued with two bonus tracks) SWE (12,-)

MZ. 412 - Hekatomb digiCD 2015 (Hekatomb is the manifestation of MZ. 412’s monumental performance @ Cold Spring’s 21st Anniversary at The Garage, London, March 2011, satanic, blackened ritual from the creators of Black Industrial) SWE (12,-)

N.STRAHL.N - Nachstücke 2009 (Industrial, Musique Concrete, Experimental, Ambient, lim to 300) GER (10,-) 

NAPALMED - Up to the ears in Tinnitus 2006 (oversized 3-panel sleeve with a plastic screw, best known noise/industrial projekt from CZ) CZ (12,-)

NARKOLEPTIK - "So Sweet, So Perverse" 2008 CD-R (7 EURO)

NARKOLEPTIK - Impuls Dominant CD-R 2006 (Nightmaristic industrial noise, with a heavy psychedelic effect!) ROM (7,-)

NEKRONOIZ / KENJI SIRATORI - Sacrifice Creature 2014 CD Digipack (Dark Ambient, Ambient, Experimental, electronic) FRA/JAP (10,-) 

NEON RAIN - We Are Meat / The Vultures Double digipack CD 2008 (Between drone and power electronics, through synth-pop to post-industrial martial anthems, great release, recommended!) FRA (15,-)

NEW RISEN THRONE / CRUEL HARVEST - Shadows over Humanity Split CD 2007 (dark ambient) ITA (12,-)

NICOLAS HORVATH - At The Mountains Of Madness digiCDr 2014 (Mysterious Lovecraftian ambient/noise.) FRA (7,-)

NICOLAS HORVATH - Twilight Amorphousness Of The Vague Abysses  digiCDr 2014 (Mysterious Lovecraftian ambient/noise.) FRA (7,-)
NICOLAS HORVATH - The Dreams In The Witch-House digiCDr 2014 (Mysterious Lovecraftian ambient/noise.) FRA (7,-)
Niko Skorpio - "Escape From Heaven" 2006 CD (12 EURO)

NO - Moongoon CD-R 2006 (Hand-numbered edition of 200 copies, experimental/industrial, the most obscure & extreme in its musical expression) GER (10,-)

NO DRUM NO MOOG - Documents Synthétiques LP 2014 (french prog and german krautrock alongside some pop and noise sensibilities) FRA (15,-)

NOJSENS - Transmisja pro CD-R 2009 (Debut album of experimental project NOJSENS released in collaboration with Beast Of Prey) POL (7,-)

NORDVARGR - Pyrrhula 2008 (Black Ambient / Doom / Droneworks were brought forth from the abyss) SWE (12,-)

NORDVARGR – The Secret Barbarous Names digiCD 2017 (Extended CD-version of 5-track digital EP, the master of power electronics, industrial) SWE (12,-) 

NYODENE D - Every Knee Shall Bow 2011 (death industrial / dark ambient / power electronics. Limited to 300.) USA (10,-)  

OBJEKT4 - Shades of Night 2007 (Industrial Death Ambient, Sabbathid Records Japan) SWE (10,-)

OBJEKT4 – Facility 77 tape 2003 (Great depressive industrial ambient music!) SWE (5,-)

OBJEKT4 – Extermination Processing Tower CD 2006 (Second album from this  unique dark ambient project) SWE (10,-)

OBJEKT4 – Her Face Among The Shadows CD 2006 (Beautiful, spherical soundscapes, moody atmosphere, excellently performed dark ambient/industrial) SWE (10,-)

OBJEKT/URIAN - Tonfragmente II 2004 (old-school industrial & Power-electronics at one and the same time original, melodic and powerful) GER (12,-)

OBLIVION ENSEMBLE - Seraphim Hallucino digiCD 2006 (A huge musical puzzle for the ears...A highly psychedelic ambient trip! 6-panel digi) USA (10,-)

OLD FORGOTTEN LANDS / ANCIENT TUNDRA – Equinox split CD-R 2009 (Essential nature/winter influenced dark ambient soundscapes) USA (5,-)

ONIROT - Deus ex machina 2010 (Deus Ex Machina delves into the dark heart of obscure contemporary cold ambience) ITA (12,-)

OUROBOROS - Opus Tartari digiCD 2011 (Latest album of Italian mystical & esoteric dark ambient project.) ITA (10,-)

PAIN JERK & COURTIS - Pachinko Blast Anarchy digiCD 2013 (4 tracks of expert sonic destruction, artwork by Y. Yoshida of Government Alpha) JAP (12,-)  

PARANOIA INDUCTA – Evil Angel digipack 2010 (dark ambient / dark & death industrial masterpiece) POL (12,-)

PARANOIA INDUCTA / KENJI SIRATORI - Black Paper 2007 (dark ambient/dark industrial, special package, Beast of Prey release) POL/JAP (10,-)

PENITENT - A Shapeless Beauty digiCD 2004 (Nice electronic/ambient.) NOR (10,-)

PERSONA - Ruïnes 2009 digipack (Brass & Military, Classical, Electronic, Dark Ambient, Industrial, Neo-Classical, Noise, Neofolk) SPA (12,-)

PHAENON - Submerged digiCD 2007 (Nearly 70 minutes of cosmical dark ambient and celestial heavY drones, 6 panel digi) USA (10,-)

PHRAGMENTS - The Burning World 2007 (Martial/Industrial/Neofolk/Majestic orchestrations, industrial machinery and noisy outbursts) SLO (10,-)

PHRAGMENTS & KORINTH - Mysteries of the Greylands digiCD 2009 (Orchestral dark ambient.) SLK (10,-)

PIMENTOLA – MM-MMV tape 2005 SWE (5,-)

PRAYING FOR OBLIVION - Turm Schweigen 2010 (Harsh Noise and Power Electronics, music from the decaying and dying cities, limited to 200!) USA (10,-)

PRAYING FOR OBLIVION + NAVA SPATIALA = Grid 2016 tape (Mask of the Slave release, limited to 60 copies!) USA/ROM (5,-)      

PRURIENT - The Black Post Society 2008 (Black Industrial / Power Noise from this highly respected US act!) USA (12,-)

PSYCHIC TV - Live At Thee Marquee 2013 (PSYCHIC TV’s complete, unheard show, recorded at the prestigious Marquee Club, London, 20th May 1986) UK (11,-)

PSYCHIC TV - Thee Fabulous Feast Ov Flowering Light 2013 (PSYCHIC TV in a unique line-up – a unique show, recorded 19th May 1985 at Hammersmith Palais, London) UK (11,-)

PSYCHIC TV - Hacienda 2013 (PSYCHIC TV, 5th November 1984, Manchester. This was PSYCHIC TV’s first show at NEW ORDER / FACTORY’s legendary HACIENDA club!) UK (11,-)

PSYCHIC TV - Ov Power 2012 (Live at Klecks Theatre, Hamburg, 16th September 1984. Originally issued as a vinyl bootleg in 1985 in an edition of 500 copies. Completely remastered and expanded. Psychic TV at their most Industrial.) UK (11,-)

P.FX68 - Fiction Alternative 2003 (Noise, Electro, Breakcore, Experimental, Industrial) FRA (10,-)

P.Miles Bryson - "Weight of the World, A Long Day's Tango" CD 2002 (10 EURO)

RACCOO-OO-OON - Raccoo-oo-oon digiCD 2008 (reeks of desperation and a feeling of going down with nothing to loose at all, Lo-Fi, Psychedelic Rock, Experimental, the last album) USA (12,-)

RAISON D’ETRE – Prospectus I tape 1993 SWE (5,-)

RAMLEH - Valediction 2009 (the first all new Ramleh album since 1997, and the first new power electronics recordings from the project for 25 years) UK (12,-)

RE-DRUM – “S” digiCD 2009 (sacral drone soundscapes, luxurious 6 pannel digi for fans of Robert Rich, Lustmord, Troum, Maeror Tri...) POL (12,-)

REFORMED FACTION - Until… digiCD 2009 (Excellent dark ambient from ex-members of Zoviet France.) UK (10,-)

REFUSE TO DIE - Collection Of Agnostic Flies 2008 (Neo cabaret/Industrial/Avant-garde, Industrial, Experimental) ISR (10,-)

Reptiljan - "The Hellbender Suite" 2005 CD (10 EURO)

RICHARD RAMIREZ - Start Again 2008 USA (10,-)

RLW & TITO - Mahlzeit 2008 (A hilarious collaboration of P16.D4-founder and Selektion-Labelmanager Ralf Wehowsky (RLW) with German-Dutch collective Trans Industrial Toy Orchestra, experimental, industrial) GER (12,-)

ROOM 8 - The Umbilical Code CD-R (9 tracks, 46 minutes of excellent industrial cold dark ambient!) UK (5,-)

Rose Rovine E Amanti - Early and Unreleased Songs CD-R 2007 (Experimental cabaret neo-folk, luxury edition.) ITA (8,-)

RXAXPXE - Of my own free will 2012 (Occult Power Electronics, Industrial, Noise for His glory! Edition of 300.) GER (10,-)

RUKKANOR - Deora 2007 (live percussions and synthetic beats, ethereal sounds and electromilitary marches, gregorian and muezzin chants) POL (12,-)

RUKKANOR - Despartica - Face One 2007 (19th and 20th Century poems "framed" in industrial rhythms with melancholic recitations and singing) POL (12,-)

RUKKANOR - Despartica - Face Two 2008 (industrial, EBM, synth-pop. 2nd part of the specific interpretation of 19th and 20th Century poetry) POL (12,-)

SAGNTID / VORNOFF – Life Eclipse split CD-R 2006 (Atmospheric, chilling, sometimes ambient, sometimes acoustic) SWE (4,-)

SALA DELLE COLONNE - Cronache 2007 (A Martial Industrial / Power-Electronics study of war in song...) ITA (10,-)

SALAKAPAKKA SOUND SYSTEM - Accident Worship CD-R 2014 (musique concrete, experimental electronics, drone, ambient, and noise) FIN (7,-)

SALAKAPAKKA SOUND SYSTEM - Barbed wire boogie tape 2015 (C-40 tape in blue shell. Limited edition of 50 copies) FIN (6,-)

SALAKAPAKKA SOUND SYSTEM - Atonality Appreciation Society tape 2015 (C-30. Limited edition of 25 copies (+ 1 test tape) FIN (6,-)

SANTAAGOSTINO - La morte marcia sui terreni K CD 2010 (Noises from beyond the grave, a mix of noise drone and glitch.) ITA (10,-)

SANTAAGOSTINO - Operazione Paura digiCD 2009 (Gloomy Soundscapes from Italy.) ITA (10,-)

SATORI - Live at the Cave 2009 (Live document from the long standing and highly appreciated English Dark Ambient / Industrial project Satori.) UK (10,-)

SCOTT MILLER / LEE CAMFIELD / MERZBOW - No Closure 2013 (Mixing elements of psychedelia, black metal, doom and industrial music, the three musicians created a spellbinding work of experimental art. A 44 minute long masterpiece of epic mind warping experimental composition.) USA/JAP (10,-)

SECTION 37 - The Kudos Of Serial Killing 2011 (Eclectic dark poetry Taking elements of Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails, Lustmord, etc.) UK (9,-)

SEEKER - Invocation of The Sleeper 2007 (an exclusive ritual to self discipline, mental focus and channeling of energies) LEB (12,-)

SEKTOR X - Rzeczywistosct CD-R 2009 (Power Electronics / Noise Dark Ambient. ltd. to 100 copies in special pack) POL (5,-)

SERVICE SPECIAL - Nord digi CD-R 2009 (rhythmic, darkly melodic synth, minimal electronics with haunting female & male vocals. K-branding projekt) FRA (7,-)

Shadow Theater - "Ein Splitter Glas" 7" Ep (5 EURO)

Shadow Theater - Live in Kaiserlautern CD-R / DVD-R 2008 (Noise/Power Electronics. Comes in jewelcase with black/white shadow theater style artwork.) GER (8,-)

SHEPHERDS - Loco Hills digiCD 2007 (the sound of a rolling southwestern road trip, Swirling strings, tape manipulations, fire and bone) USA (12,-)

SHIBALBA – Samsara digiCD 2015 (Dark Ambient, Experimental, electronic, 3-panel digipak, Acherontas side-project) GRE (12,-)  

SHIFT - Altamont Rising 2014 (brutal amalgamation of malicious vocals, drenched in heavy, claustrophobic death industrial and harsh noise) SWE (10,-)

SHIFT - Abandon 2017 (Swedish Death Industrial act SHIFT returns to more personal and ethereal domains on “Abandon”, Power Electronics) SWE (12,-)

Silence & Strength - "Opus Paracelsum" CD 2006 (10 EURO)

Silence & Strength - "Le Divin Cagliostro" CD 2006 (12 EURO)

SISSY SPACEK - Sepsis digipack 2010 (featuring the cream of LA: John Wiese, Mitchell Brown, Joey Karam (The Locust), Peter Kolovos, Rick Potts (LAFMS), Damion Romero, Corydon Ronnau and Shannon Walter (16 Bitch Pile-Up). One of the most streamlined and original Sissy Spacek recordings!) USA (12,-)  

SKULLFLOWER - Tribulation 2006 (Lo-Fi, Noise, Avantgarde, Experimental legend, full length album) UK (10,-)

SKULLFLOWER - Pure Imperial Reform 2008 (Abstract, Drone, Noise. Recorded live on an Antwerpen radio station) UK (10,-)

SKULLFLOWER - Fucked On A Pile Of Corpses 2011 (The most remorseless, brutal Skullflower ever! Alternating between granular lo-fi primitive rock and granular lo-fi primitive Power Electronics) UK (10,-)
SKULLFLOWER / UTARM - Split 2013 (deeply influential early UK pioneers of both noise rock and noise music in general meet relative newcomer, Norway's Utarm, for 5 pieces of extreme, beautiful, dark and wandering-in-the-woods noise. Highly recommended) UK/NOR (10,-)
SKULLFLOWER - The Spirals Of Great Harm 2XCD 2017 (The new sprawling double disc from black noise classicists Skullflower – referencing Inferno 17, Dante and Virgil’s spiralling descent into the abyss on demon Geryon. Full of harsh beauty and hymns for lost Albions, battle songs against the homogenisation of modern ‘lyfe’ – fuck the new estate!) UK (16,-)

SKULLWALL - Satanic Noise Wall cassette 2017 (Mask of the Slave Records, lim. to 50) GER (5,-)

SKULLWALL - Hail Satan CD-R 2017 (cd-r with black surface, digi-file sleeve, limited to 50 copies) GER (8,-)
SO I HAD TO SHOOT HIM – Alpha Males And Popular Girls CD (Powerviolence, swirling pop, metallic hyopnosy.) USA (9,-)

SOGLIA DEL DOLORE - 2984 2008 (one of the most influential Italian punk bands of the ’80s! the 1st full length album) ITA (10,-)

SPLINTERSKIN - Wayward SoulS 2009 (Isolationist, weird, hermetic autumnal folk accompanied by haunting vocals, violin, guitar.) GER (12,-)

SSRI - Rebis 2012 tape (Mask of the Slave) FIN (5,-)

SSRI - Robust cassette 2015 (Edition of 100, projekt of Pekka PT from Gelsomina, Sick Seed) FIN (5,-) 

STEEL HOOK PROSTHESES – The Empirics Guild 2013 digiCD (Noise, Power Electronics, Dark Ambient) USA (12,-) 

STEEL HOOK PROSTHESES – Atrocitizer 2008 digiCD (Industrial, Power Electronics, Noise, Packaged in a six-panel digipak) USA (12,-) 

STEEL HOOK PROSTHESES – Calm Morbidity 2016 A5 digiCD (Power Electronics, Dark Ambient, Noise, new album) USA (12,-) 

Stefan Fraunberger – “Safara” CD-R 2007 (8 EURO)

STREICHER – Annihilism 2015 digiCD (Streicher is one of the Industrial underground legends, Old Captain’s 2015 special 20th Anniversary re-issue edition of 200 copies in 4 panel matte Digipak) AUS (12,-)

STROM.EC – Divine Legions Beyond Psyche 2008 A5 digiCD (Industrial, Power Electronics, Comes in an 8-panel A5 DVD-Digipak. MASTERPIECE!) FIN (12,-) 

Sudden Infant - "Ear Wash" CD (12 EURO)

SUN RA | MERZBOW - Strange City digiCD 2016 (Strange City a Merzbow victory, but it couldn’t have happened without Sun Ra on his team) JAP (12,-)

SURMA – Allocutio digisleeveCD 2009 (Martial ambient sounds mixed with industrial elements and nostalgic old samples.) UKR (10,-)

SUTCLIFFE JÜGEND - Pigdaddy 2008 (this SJ's most original album yet, contains some of the most fucked up, histrionic vocals ever recorded!) UK (12,-)

SUTCLIFFE JUGEND - Blue Rabbit DIGIPACK 2012 (Dark Ambient, Abstract, Spoken Word, Experimental) UK (12,-)

SUTCLIFFE JUGEND - With Extreme Prejudice digiCD 2011 (“With Extreme Prejudice” finds Sutcliffe Jugend at the top of their game, essential!) UK (12,-)
SUTCLIFFE JUGEND - Offal 2016 (Post Industrial pioneers Sutcliffe Jugend take everything to a new level with the beautifully packaged album) UK (12,-)

SVART1 - Der Schnitter 2011 tape (Dark Ambient, Ritual, Experimental, Noise, PE, tape lim. to 60 copies, Mask of the Slave release) ITA (5,-) 

SVART1 - Ardat Lili 2014 (The 2nd chapter of "Satanische Helden". A combat music, an arab power electronics with special collaborations; Uncodified, LCB, TSIDMZ and Claudio PRC. Professional pressed CD in slim case, limited to 300 copies! Mask of the Slave release) ITA (10,-)
SVART1 - Belet Ili 2016 CD (Mask of the Slave release) ITA (10,-)
SVART1 - Ich verachte den Tod Ich lache mich zu 2017 cassette (Mask Of The Slave release, black cassette, hand-numbered, limited to 50 copies!) ITA (7,-)

T.O.M.B. – UAG digiCD (Industrial death worship, one of the most creepiest ever...) USA (10,-)

TAEDIUM VITAE - War!!! 2008 (War Industrial Anti-music) POL (10,-)

TAPHEPHOBIA - Access to the world of pain digiCD 2010 (Cinematic Ghostly Dark Ambient from the man behind Northaunt.) NOR (10,-)

TBC / DAS SYNtHETISCHE MISCHGEWEBE  - Split CD 2010 (Soundscapes, Field Recordings, Industrial, Noise, Power Electronics, Drones, Dark Ambient, 2 legendary artist/groups from the German industrial scene activ from the 80's!) GER (10,-)  

TEMPESTA NOIRE - 66°33' North digiCD 2002 (neofolk, ambiental, electronic, Modern Classical, Down tempo from Germany since 1991, the 3rd album) GER (10,-) 

TEMPLE OF TIERMES – Delirium Sadomaso 2013 tape (legendary Finnish PE/Noise, 1st time on tape, limited to 100 copies) FIN (6-,) 

TESTING VAULT - The Laughing Torso 2008 (abstract experimental, electronics) ITA (10,-)

TEXT OF LIGHT - Un Pranzo Favoloso / A Fabulous Lunch 2006 (Avantgarde, Experimental, electronic, rock) ITA (10,-)

THE BEL AM - Fresh Deadly Roses 1994 (Electronic, Rock, New Wave, Goth Rock a must for Death in June, KIRLIAN CAMERA fans) ITA (10,-)

THE FLUX COMPLEX - Lost Illusions digiCD 2004 (Electro-Dub & Industrial-Electronic with elements from ambient and experimental to noise.) NOR (10,-)

THE HOLY KISS - Shot Love On A Back Line 2006 (Dark and heavily blues tinted rock n roll somewhere between the early Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds stuff and Sixteen Horsepower) USA (10,-)

THE SOIL BLEEDS BLACK - Alchemie Digi CD 2005 (Medieval Neo-Folk! Second edition with bonus tracks) USA (12,-)

THE VOMIT ARSONIST - Go without DIGI CD (death industrial, noise & power electronics. 500 copies in a deluxe 6 panel digipack) USA (10,-)
THE VOMIT ARSONIST - Gone 2016 tape (Mask of the Slave release, hand numbered limited to 60 units) USA (5,-)
THE VOMIT ARSONIST – Only Red 2015 (Digipak. Industrial, Power Electronics) USA (12,-) 

THE VOMIT ARSONIST – An Occasion for Death 2013 (Comes in a six-panel Digipak. Industrial, Power Electronics) USA (12,-) 

THEOLOGIAN & STROM.EC – Hubrizine 2014 A5 digisleeveCD (Power Electronics, Dark Ambient, Experimental, Source material by Reinterpreted and re-engineered by Theologian, in celebration of a shared appreciation for the works of Philip K. Dick) USA/FIN (12,-) 

THUNDERWHEEL - Credo 2009 (Surrealistic Industrial Instrumental Romance, Chaos as Shelter, Agnivolok projekt) ISR (10,-)

TINA TORTURE - Stripped, Punishead and Fucked 2009 CD-R (Fresh blood from the Romanian power electronics, noise underground) ROM (7,-)

TONY WAKEFORD - Not All Of Me Will Die 2009 (New work from Tony Wakeford of Sol Invictus.) UK (12,-)

TOPOGRAFIA - Genius Loci digiCD 2010 (Deep ambient / Soundscapes / Field recordings / Deep Drones.) POL (10,-)

TOR LUNDVALL - Ghost Years 2010 (Founder of ghost ambient style. Retrospective CD featuring tracks from various compilations, etc.) USA (12,-)

XEDH + FLUTWACHT - Masked source tape 2011 (Collaboration C60 limited to 25 copies in plastic-bag, PE/Noise/Industrial/Etc) SPA/GER (5,-)

ULTRA MILKMAIDS - Live USA 02/03 2004 MCD (lim. 300 copies in printed coversleeve, Ambient/Electronica/Experimental, Multi National Disaster Records) FRA (10,-)

UR - "Four calls for locusts" 2008 CD-R Mask of the Slave release! (7 EURO)

UR – Trieb 2008 (Abstract, Drone, Ambient, Edition of 300 copies. Packaged in a foldover cover) ITA (10,-)
URNA - Devours me 2015 tape (Mask of the Slave release) ITA (5,-) 
UTON - COURTIS - Flokka Kur 2013 (Drone, Experimental, electronic) FIN/ARG (11,-)

VEILED ALLUSIONS - Visions of the World digiCD 2004 (70 minutes of minimal dark ambient with noise and industrial) NOR (10,-)

VENNT - Vennt 2008 (intersection of black metal, drone, doom and power electronics, bleak doom and buzzing misery, lim to 400 copies) USA (10,-)

Vladislav Buben - Vim CD-R 2008 (Very promising Belorussian experimental electronic ambient.) BEL (8,-)

Vladislav Buben - Prayers Of Steel - Prologue CD-R (Promising experimental electronic ambient.) BEL (8,-)

VON THRONSTAHL / THE DAYS OF THE TRUMPET CALL - Pessoa / Cioran DIGICD 2004/2010 (Neoclassic/Ambient/Martial) GER (12,-)

VARIOUS HOUSTON ARTISTS NOISE COMPILATION - Eleven Notes in Black CD 2009 (Mask of the Slave) USA (12,-)

VASILISK - Live Blood digiCD 2014 (Ambient, Experimental, Noise, Tribal legend from Japan, live album) JAP (12,-)

VASILISK - Acqua digiCD 1989/2014 (Tribal, Experimental, Ambient legend from Japan, reissue of the 3rd album, remastered) JAP (12,-)

VASILISK - Mkwaju digiCD 1988/2014 (Tribal, Experimental, Ambient legend from Japan, reissue of the 2nd album, remastered) JAP (12,-)

VASILISK - Whirling Derwishes digiCD 1987/2014 (Tribal, Experimental, Ambient legend from Japan, reissue of the 1st album, remastered) JAP (12,-)


V/A - Hate Tasting CD 2010 (MOLESTER, MUTANT APE, BARRIKAD, WEREWOLF JERUSALEM, FECALOVE, FEAR KONSTRUKTOR, CLIMAX DENIAL, MOURMANSK 150, COMFORTER, SPLINTER vs STALIN, Power Electronics / Harsh Noise ltd. to 300 copies in special pack) INT (10,-)


V/A ...where tattered clouds are stranding 2 CD - Tribute to Einar Jonsson 2008 (Bisclaveret, Cawatana, Objekt4, Hoarfrost, Artefactum, Rose Rovine, etc.) (16,-)


WARMER MILKS - Let Your Friends In 2007 (skate punk and black metal, street rock cum vomitorium, Folk Rock, Noise, Experimental) SWE (10,-)

WERKRAUM - Unsere Feuer brennen! 2004/2009 (A genius mixture of martial industrial, Neofolk, ambience and neo-classical!) GER (12,-)

WESTWIND - Tourmente I Double LP 2004 (double gatefold cover including black LP and a white LP + insert. Dark military music) FRA (20,-)

WESTWIND - Ravage 2xCD Digifile 2009 (Apocalypse is now, and this is the soundtrack to the collapse of civilisation. A must release!) FRA (15,-)

WESTWIND - Who Cares About the War... 2xDigiCD 2010 (Well-known crossover act merging neoclassical, martial, industrial, ambient and electronic.) FRA (15,-)

WET HAIR - Dream digiCD 2009 (4 long tracks of analog synth atmosphere and industrial trance punk, Melodic, dark, warm, cold, catchy confusing) USA (12,-)

WHITE HOSPITAL - Holocaust digiCD 1984/2014 (legendary, radical, Experimental, Industrial, Power Electronics, Tribal duo from Japan, contains the only one album + unreleased tracks and the "We Wish You Are Merry X'mas" 7" Ep too) JAP (12,-)

VILGOÆ / SECTOR SEKTOR – OdejdŸ 3" CD-R 2009 (Split of two polish extremal noise and power electronic projects, special packaging.) POL (7,-)

VILGOÆ – Ubytki CD-R 2009 (New VILGOÆ album is a 100% power electronics / noise music, special packaging.) POL (7,-)

WOLFSKIN - O Ajuntar das Sombras digiCD 2009 (A masterpiece of shadowy atmospheres and drifting currents) POR (10,-)

ZONE111 - Zone111 pro CD-R 2010 (Cold and ghostly post-apocalyptic industrial, new promising Polish project.) POL (6,-)

ZOS KIA / COIL - Transparent 1984/2017 (legendary album reissue in a 6-panel digipak with booklet containing unseen images) UK (12,-)


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